Offer agreement for provision of access to the Internet

Individual entrepreneur Mikhail Yurievich Zaitsev, hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”, whose details are specified in paragraph 9 of this Agreement, on the one hand, and the client of the site, hereinafter referred to as " The "Subscriber", on the other hand, collectively referred to as the "Parties", have entered into this Agreement as follows:

    1. Subscriber – user of communication services with whom this Agreement has been concluded with a unique identification code.
    2. Subscriber line – a communication line connecting the user (terminal) equipment to the communication node of the data transmission network.
    3. Malware – software that purposefully leads to a violation of the legal rights of the subscriber and (or) user, including the collection, processing or transmission of information from the subscriber terminal without the consent of the subscriber and (or) user, or to the deterioration of the operating parameters of the subscriber terminal or communication network;
    4. Operator – party providing communication services.
    5. User (terminal) equipment – equipment (personal computer, router, etc.) used by the Subscriber to connect to an Internet communication center using a Subscriber Line.
    6. Tariff plan – a set of price conditions under which the Operator offers to use one or more communication services.
    7. Spam – a telematic electronic message intended for an indefinite number of persons, delivered to the subscriber and (or) user without their prior consent and not allowing the sender of this message to be determined, including due to the indication of a non-existent or falsified sender's address;
    8. Services – communication services provided monthly by the Operator to the Subscriber under this Agreement.
    1. Under this Agreement, the Operator undertakes to provide the Subscriber with services for providing access to the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the Network) in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Rules for the provision of services, and the Subscriber undertakes to pay for them.
    2. The operator provides services on the basis of License No. 186885 dated 04/08/2021 for the provision of communication services.
    3. All information relating to Subscribers and the services provided in accordance with this agreement, including the Rules for the provision of services and Tariffs (tariff plans), is published on the official website of the Operator –;
    1. The operator undertakes:
    2. Provide services to the Subscriber in accordance with legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, with the Rules for the provision of services, the license and this agreement;
    3. Provide the Subscriber with data to set up a connection to the Operator’s network;
    4. Ensure that the Subscriber can receive services daily, around the clock, without interruptions, with the exception of breaks for repairs and scheduled maintenance;
    5. Notify the Subscriber by publishing on the official website of the Operator about scheduled maintenance and repair work at least 24 (twenty-four) hours in advance, indicating their duration;
    6. Provide technical support services to subscribers.
    7. The operator has the right:
      1. Temporarily suspend the provision of services to the Subscriber in cases of violation of the terms of this Agreement;
      2. Restrict individual actions of the subscriber and (or) user if such actions pose a threat to the normal functioning of the communication network.
    8. The subscriber has the right:
      1. To provide services under this Agreement in accordance with the terms of the Agreement;
      2. To receive complete information about the status of his personal account, about all payments transferred by him under the specified Agreement;
      3. To receive full information about the causes and time of elimination of possible accidents or technical problems, in connection with which the services under this Agreement were not provided or were provided incompletely, as well as for the appropriate recalculation of the amounts payable for services in a given period.
    9. The subscriber undertakes:
      1. Comply with the terms of this Agreement, the Rules for the provision of services and other requirements of the Operator published on the official website of the Operator;
      2. Make timely payments for the services provided in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;
    10. The subscriber is prohibited from:
      1. Use of third party identification data;
      2. Distribution of information on the Internet that offends the honor and dignity of other subscribers and computer network personnel;
      3. Distribution of advertising or commercial content on the Internet, not carried out in accordance with the established rules for the distribution of commercial information;
      4. Copyright violation of information presented on the Internet;
      5. Intentionally causing harm to others;
      6. Interference with the actions of other Subscribers or service personnel (in particular, unauthorized access to computers and information sources);
      7. Carrying out actions aimed at destroying or interfering with the operation of hardware and software of the Operator’s network equipment or other subscribers by deliberately sending computer viruses or in any other way.
    1. The cost of services provided by the Operator is calculated on the basis of the current Tariffs (tariff plans) of the Operator published on the official website of the Operator.
    2. After receiving the first prepayment, the Operator opens a personal account for the Subscriber. As services are provided, funds are debited from the Subscriber's personal account. The subscriber himself exercises control over the state of his personal account. Information about the status of the Subscriber's personal account is available on the official website of the Operator. As necessary, the Subscriber replenishes his personal account. The date of payment is the date of depositing funds into the Operator's cash desk or the date of depositing funds to the payment agent.
    3. The Operator undertakes to provide the Subscriber with services in an amount equal to the amount deposited into the personal account.
    4. If a negative balance is reached on the personal account, the Operator has the right to suspend the provision of services to the Subscriber. The resumption of the provision of services is carried out within 24 hours from the date of provision of documents confirming the liquidation of debt for payment for these services.
    5. During the entire term of the Agreement, the services provided by the Operator will be considered provided and accepted monthly in the absence of written objections (claims) from the Subscriber.
    6. The Operator reserves the right to change Tariffs (tariff plans), conditions and terms of payment for the Operator's services.
    1. In the event of force majeure circumstances, which include natural disasters, accidents, fires, riots, strikes, military actions, illegal actions of third parties, the entry into force of legislative acts, government regulations and orders of state bodies that directly or indirectly prohibit the types of activities specified in this agreement that prevent the Parties from carrying out their functions under this agreement, and other circumstances beyond the control of the Parties, they are released from liability for failure to fulfill their obligations if, within 10 (ten) days from the occurrence of such circumstances and if there is a connection, the party affected by their influence will bring to the attention of the other party the news of what happened, and will also make every effort to eliminate the consequences of force majeure as quickly as possible. 5.2. The party that has suffered losses due to force majeure may require from the party subject to force majeure documentary evidence of the scale of the events that occurred, as well as their impact on the subject of this Agreement.
    1. All other conditions not provided for in this Agreement are governed by current legislation.
    2. For failure to fulfill or improper fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement, the Parties bear property liability in accordance with current legislation.
    3. The Operator is not responsible for the content of information transmitted and received by the Subscriber from the Network, except in the case of the Operator’s own information.
    4. The Subscriber undertakes to use the Operator’s services only in a legal manner and not to transfer responsibility for damage of any kind incurred by the Subscriber or a third party during the Subscriber’s use of the Operator’s services.
    1. The agreement comes into force upon the client’s registration on the operator’s website and is concluded for an indefinite period.
    2. The Agreement remains in force in case of changes in the details of the Parties, changes in the constituent documents of the Operator, including, but not limited to, changes in the owner, legal form, etc.
    3. The Agreement may be terminated at any time by agreement of the Parties.
    4. The subscriber has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract at any time, subject to payment of the expenses incurred by the Operator for the provision of communication services to him. The Subscriber is obliged to notify the Operator in writing of termination of the Agreement at least 10 calendar days in advance. In this case, the unused balance of funds is returned to the Subscriber.
    5. In cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, or in case of violation by the Subscriber of the requirements established by the contract, as well as in the case provided for in clause 4.8. of this Agreement, the telecom operator has the right to suspend the provision of services until the violation is eliminated.
    6. If the Subscriber does not eliminate the violation within 6 months from the date of receipt of the Operator’s written notice of the intention to suspend the provision of services, the Operator has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.
    7. If it is technically impossible for the Operator to fulfill the obligations specified in clause 2.1, the Agreement is terminated and the unused balance of funds is returned to the Subscriber.
    8. All disputes and disagreements are resolved through negotiations. If disagreements and disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations, they are resolved in accordance with current legislation in court.