How to check if a proxy is working with a free online proxy checker from

Free online service for checking the functionality of proxy servers. Analysis of each proxy for availability, type and country. Ability to check anonymous (individual) proxies with login and password authorization. Proxy checker can only check HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies.

Find out your ip address

In what format should I add proxies to the proxy checker?

  • If you have public proxies (without login and password), then — IP:PORT
  • If you have private proxies (with login and password authorization), then — ADDRESS:PORT:LOGIN:PASSWORD
  • A new line for each proxy

PS: If you bought proxies from us, they are private!

Proxy checking features

Using our proxy checker, the client receives comprehensive information about any paid or free proxy server on the network. The check is performed at the highest possible speed, HTTP protocols are tested. The client receives reliable information about the availability of the resource, the level of anonymity and security.

If you need to quickly test a large number of servers, using an online checker is the most suitable option. To do this, just enter the IP address of the resource in the appropriate field and activate the check. At the output, the client receives the following data:

  • response time from the server, by the value of ping you can determine the speed of the system;
  • level of anonymity and confidentiality, security of personal data.

The advantage of using our proxy checker is to save time on getting a reliable result of checking a large number of resources. After testing is completed, the user can choose the appropriate server without the risk of making a mistake.