Autoposting at Avito and Yula sites: why is it needed and how to organize it correctly

Autoposting on Avito and Yule with mobile proxies

Avito and Yula are among the largest bulletin boards in Russia today. Every day they are replenished with hundreds of thousands of new offers with a variety of services and goods. This is very good for the end customer, because he is guaranteed to be able to find the product he needs and on suitable terms. But among suppliers of goods and services, all this automatically increases the level of competition. The one whose ads will be at the top of the output will undoubtedly win. They are the ones who get the maximum coverage of the target audience, the number of views, calls, purchases and, of course, profits increases.

Now let's focus in more detail on what advantages can be obtained when promoting goods and services on the sites Avito and Yula. Let's tell you what autoposting is, why and who needs it. We will tell you how to ensure the stability of work using automatic promotion services without blocking and other sanctions. So, about everything in order.

Advantages of promoting goods and services on Avito and Yula bulletin boards

If you decide to promote your products or services on the Avito and Yula bulletin boards, you will receive:

  1. The record figure of the DRR is the ratio of expenses spent on advertising and income received from this advertising: reaches 90%. The result makes itself felt already in the first month after the launch of the campaign.
  2. Despite the huge number of ads and quite high competition on the sites, few people know that it is possible to engage in professional promotion here. This means that the effectiveness of promotion will be high.
  3. Minimal advertising costs. In comparison with similar programs launched on social networks, you will spend 10-15 times less here. And the amount saved is your profit.
  4. High percentage of leads. Here people are really looking for a product or service. And if they find it, they buy it. Average statistics: about 85% of all those who were interested in it place an order.
  5. Avito and Yula can be accessed by the results of search results in the browser. Your ad will be displayed at the very top.
  6. The optimal solution for product promotion with a transaction cycle of 1 second and up to 1-2 months. This is the sale of furniture, office equipment, services of plumbers, craftsmen, installation of air conditioners, etc.
  7. Insignificant investments at the launch stage in comparison with similar actions in social networks.
  8. The ability to automate the promotion process. You will be able to activate a large number of ads at the same time, use bots to communicate with potential buyers, etc.

The last point is autoposting - mass submission of ads with minimal waste of time and effort. Let's get acquainted with its features in more detail.

What is autoposting on Avito and Yule

Autoposting on Yule and Avito is an effective, convenient and profitable solution for owners of various businesses, entrepreneurs and all those who are forced to post dozens or even hundreds of ads a day. To do all this manually is very difficult and costly in terms of time and effort. And why do all this if this process can be automated. This offer will be especially interesting for aspiring entrepreneurs: those who cannot afford to hire a staff of people to perform these works, but are forced to do everything on their own. Specialized software will take over the mass placement of ads on the sites, and you will be able to do more intelligent and necessary work.

Using autoposting when working with Avito and Yula provides business owners with a lot of unique opportunities. With the help of the program, you can:

  • to test the demand for a new product before putting it on the market, to assess the feasibility of such a solution;
  • ensure a stable flow of new customers automatically, that is, without wasting time and effort;
  • attract new leads to projects;
  • to ensure decent profitability of the business due to mass production;
  • to save yourself from boring, similar mechanical work, paying attention to solving tasks that are not subject to automation;
  • become a sales leader in a narrow niche of goods by filling it with your product and literally displacing competitors from it;

Minimal time and effort spent on placing ads on Avito and Yula bulletin boards, increasing sales and revenue is what you get from using autoposting.

Who should use automatic posting on Avito and Yula sites?

Automatic placement of ads, communication with potential buyers of goods and services, as well as other tasks that autoposting is designed to solve on Avito and Yula bulletin boards will be appreciated by many users in practice:

  1. those who specialize in retail and wholesale trade;
  2. online stores;
  3. specialists whose professional activity consists in attracting clients;
  4. business representatives who are engaged in testing consumer niches.

It would be useful to use autoposting and ordinary people. Those who would like to sell a car, an apartment, a house, expensive household appliances, electronics as quickly as possible and at a good price. Moreover, the services that will be used for automatic work with bulletin boards can also be used for business promotion in social networks, messengers. This means that with their help you will achieve maximum efficiency of promotion and will be able to bring your brand, product or service to a new level in a short time.

But, despite the more than significant and weighty advantages, when using autoposting, you may encounter one rather serious problem – ban. The fact is that authorized bulletin boards, which are Yula and Avito, react extremely negatively to the use of automated promotion services. And if they notice such actions, and this will happen with a 99.9% probability, then they will simply block all your ads. And then you will have to start all the work again. To prevent this from happening, all automated actions must be carried out through mobile proxies. What exactly is it about and where to find such a product?

Mobile proxies, autoposting, Avito and Yula: we determine the pattern

Mobile proxies are an additional link between the user and the Internet in general, namely Avito and Yula sites in particular. All traffic will pass through such a server. At the same time, the real IP address and geolocation will be replaced with proxy technical data. Mobile services use the capabilities of cellular networks of different operators. Access to a huge number of addresses is provided, which will constantly change. Due to this, it is not possible to identify the real user. And it will also be impossible to notice the use of autoposting. In addition, the use of mobile proxies guarantees anonymity and security of work on the network, bypassing regional locks, faster connection.

That is, by connecting mobile proxies to work, you will open unlimited possibilities for using autoposting when working with Avito and Yula bulletin boards. The main task here is to choose the right service provider. But that's not a problem. We advise you to immediately contact the MobileProxy service.Space. For quite reasonable money, you get a multifunctional product endowed with the following features:

  • Each user is provided with a personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic. You also have access to more than 770,000 IP addresses.
  • You can change the IP address automatically, that is, by timer. The interval is configured individually through the personal account from the range of 2 minutes – 1 hour. You can also forcibly change the address from the link.
  • Opportunity change geolocation and mobile network operator as soon as you need it.
  • Simultaneous operation via parallel connected ports via HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols

Thanks to the round-the-clock technical support service, you will receive competent advice and assistance as soon as it becomes necessary. In the effectiveness and reliability of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy service.You will be able to make sure of Space even before buying the product. To do this, use the free 2-hour testing.

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