Effective VKontakte promotion using autoposting

VKontakte autoposting with mobile proxies

Marketers who plan to bring a new brand or product to the market, to give a new start to the development of an existing business, often choose the VKontakte t social network as a platform for promotion. Today it has the highest coverage rate of the target audience: 72% of registered users log into their accounts weekly, and about 50% - daily. And this despite the fact that the total audience of the social network VKontakte today is over 100 million people. The built-in tools of the platform allow you to take into account the geographical location of users, gender, age (under 18, 18-20 years, 21 years and older), marital status, interests when promoting the product. All this opens up a lot of opportunities for account promotion, which will positively affect the efficiency of business development.

You will get the maximum result if you use several pages. Yes, there is serious, largely routine and similar work to be done, but the result is worth it. And it will manifest itself in the near future from the moment the project is launched. But the modern IT technology market allows account holders to significantly simplify their daily work, increase the speed of solving tasks, and minimize their own participation in them. We are talking about such a product as autoposting. What does it represent? Why do I have to additionally connect mobile proxies to work? Where can I buy a reliable server for working with the VKontakte social network? We will find answers to these questions.

What problems will autoposting in the VKontakte social network help solve

Promotion on the VKontakte social network involves attracting traffic to the company's website, blog. But such work requires a lot of time and effort to perform routine tasks. The hours that you could spend searching for new ideas, developing a long-term strategy, preparing interesting and informative content, you have to spend on boring messing with hashtags. Autoposting is designed to solve this problem. This is a program that contains a full range of tools for planning automated publications.

Among the main functionality and undoubted advantages of autoposting, we highlight:

  1. significant savings in time and physical effort: you will only need to prepare the relevant content, and the program itself will take care of its placement;
  2. the ability to set the regularity of publications, which is relevant not only for subscribers, but also for the social network itself: the material will be published when you set it in the program;
  3. full autonomy of operation: autoposting will be active even if the Internet disappears, the lights turn off or another unforeseen event occurs;
  4. the widest possible coverage of the target audience: you can simultaneously work with different pages, attracting even more representatives of the target audience to your site;
  5. no omissions: you make a publication plan in advance, prescribe a structure, and the program will not forget anything, unlike a person.

That is, thanks to autoposting, you do not have to manually publish posts. You will take over the intellectual work of planning and preparing content, but the program will perform routine and mechanical tasks independently, without your participation at all.

Which categories of users will benefit from using autoposting?

Massively automatic posting is used in practice by marketers, SMM specialists, especially those who simultaneously work with different personal profiles of the customer. Thanks to the automation of actions, the time for performing a certain amount of work will be significantly reduced. It will be enough to devote a couple of hours of time to preparing content for the pages and set up automatic placement, so that you don't look at profiles at all for a couple of weeks afterwards.

Autoposting will also be useful directly to business owners. Those who independently promote their products, services, and brand. Online entrepreneurs, representatives of network marketing, infobusiness, bloggers, administrators of various communities will all find a lot of useful and even irreplaceable tools in autoposting in their daily work.

A few words about the work of autoposting

The program for autoposting works according to a simple algorithm:

  • You select a service designed to automate actions to work with the VKontakte social network. You connect to it all those accounts that you have to work with.
  • Prepare the material of the post: pictures, videos, text accompaniment.
  • Set the required placement date. It can be either today or in a day or two, or even a month.
  • Strictly at the set time, the program independently publishes a post in accordance with all the requirements of VKontakte.
And the most remarkable thing is that the social network will not even guess that the post was posted by a program, and not by an ordinary person. But there is one BUT, which we will talk about below.

Additional features of autoposting in relation to the VKontakte social network

The functionality of specialized programs is not limited to the automatic placement of posts. There are many tools provided here, using which you can increase the effectiveness of the promotion of a product, brand, service on the VKontakte social network, save yourself from boring, routine and the same type of work. Of the additional features of autoposting , we will highlight:

  1. the presence of a preview option that allows you to see how a new post will look on the page even before it is posted;
  2. come up with various content options in advance that attract the attention of the target audience: surveys, contests, videos, questionnaires, etc.;
  3. placement of products from VKontakte online stores;
  4. work on reposts from other accounts, both yours and third-party;
  5. automatic placement of watermarks on video and photo material in order to unify and brand it;
  6. simultaneous placement of content not only in different VKontakte accounts, but also in other social networks.

And everything would be just fine if it weren't for the BUT we talked about above. The point is that the bots of social networks and VKontakte, in particular, did not treat any automated actions on the site so negatively. These include, of course, autoposting. If such actions are identified (and this will definitely happen when using the appropriate programs, simultaneously working with multiple accounts from the same IP address), then the social network will instantly block you. What kind of promotion can we talk about then?

But, the modern market offers consumers a solution to this problem, in particular, mobile proxy servers.

Advantages of joint work of autoposting and mobile proxy servers

The mobile proxy server will become an intermediary between you and the VKontakte social network. It will pass all traffic through itself, while substituting real technical data (IP addresses and geolocation) for its own parameters. This ensures anonymity and security of work on the network. Those who have this network blocked at the legislative level will be able to get access to VKontakte. And if we talk specifically about business promotion in this community, then mobile proxies will allow you to use autoposting without the slightest risk of getting blocked.

But we must understand that exceptionally reliable and high-quality servers are capable of providing all this. Free proxies that can be found freely available on the Internet are not an option due to their very low reliability. The fact is that they can be used by a large number of people at the same time, which leads to a decrease in speed and efficiency of work, increases the likelihood of getting blocked. Mobile proxies from the MobileProxy service will allow you to avoid these unpleasant consequences and ensure stable and efficient work with VKontakte autoposting.Space. They are guaranteed to ensure the security of your accounts and communities, protect them from blocking due to the reliable concealment of the real IP address and geolocation.

Making a choice in favor of private mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space, you get:

  • Personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic. No one else will use it – only you.
  • High-speed operation, minimum ping time. It is provided by the operation of mobile proxies on high-speed communication channels of cellular network operators, as well as data caching.
  • Access to a huge pool of IP addresses (today it is already over 700,000 addresses and the figure continues to grow) and the ability to change them by timer or on request via a link from your personal account. The time of the automatic shift can be adjusted individually from 2 minutes to 1 hour.
  • The possibility of changing geolocation and mobile network operator in the workflow.
  • Simultaneous operation over HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which are connected via parallel ports.
  • Round-the-clock technical support, providing a quick solution to any issues that arise.

Use free 2-hour testing of mobile proxies and make sure personally that this is exactly the product you were looking for for VKontakte auto-blogging.

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