Best proxies for AdsPower antidetect browser

Best proxies for AdsPower antidetect browser

In the work of such specialists as SMM specialists, affiliates, marketers and all those who are faced with multi-accounting, bypassing regional blocking, it is impossible to do without additional software tools, in particular, anti-detect browsers. These are services that are able to generate unique digital fingerprints, which will be identified by the system as real, thereby hiding the real IP -address, type of your device and connection, its location, type of operating system used and many other parameters.

The modern market offers users a fairly large selection of such tools. But today we would like to focus on such an anti-detect browser as AdsPower. It is built on the Chromium engine. Most of the classic browsers also work on it, which wants the interface to be quite familiar and convenient to work with. Now let's get acquainted in more detail with its functionality, tell you why you need to additionally connect a proxy to work and tell you where to find a decent solution and how to make the settings correctly. But, first things first.

A little about the AdsPower anti-detect browser

The AdsPower anti-detect browser was released to the market only in 2020, but this did not prevent it from quickly breaking into the TOP of the best products for multi-accounting. It was created by specialists from Hong Kong, but today it already has a Russian-language version, which sets it apart from many analogues. And there is also technical support with communication in Russian. Only a few anti-detect browsers can boast of this option. This extension works stably with any traffic sources, including Google Ads and Facebook, which are quite problematic in this regard. But these are just a few highlights. AdsPower also boasts a lot of "goodies" that will make the work of specialists as simple, convenient and functional as possible. These are the possibilities:

  • The user receives not fictitious, but real browser fingerprints, to which anti-fraud systems will not have any comments. The fingerprint can be configured both manually and entrusted with this work to the program. Moreover, AdsPower has unique solutions for working with different platforms: Google Ads, Amazon, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Telegram, Instagram, etc.
  • Easy and quick addition of profiles. They can be formed either one at a time or connected all at once, in a package, using a pre-created document with the relevant information.
  • The ability to work in a team. The AdsPower functionality allows you to set up roles for each participant (administrator, manager, regular user), giving each of them certain access rights. So, the possibilities of the administrator will be unlimited. The manager is one step lower and can only control the work of ordinary users. That is, he will see both his own accounts and those maintained by each of his subordinates.
  • Easy, fast and convenient profile management. You can copy them, set access rights for everyone, form them into groups according to different criteria. Thanks to this solution, you can simultaneously log in to all accounts belonging to the same group, as well as delete all profiles from it with one click.
  • Availability of statistics from Ads Manager. We note right away that this is not a full-fledged tool for tracking traffic arbitrage, but still, in the first approximation, the functionality is quite good.
  • Support for the most popular types of proxy protocols HTTP, HTTPS, Socks5. You can use the built-in intermediary servers (provided for a fee), as well as connect your own. The latest – more reliable in operation. Inside the extension, the ability to configure the server by IP range is implemented.

The main advantages of AdsPower over competitors

If we talk about the competitive advantages of AdsPower, then I would especially like to highlight the following points:

  1. Workflow automation. A trainable RPA robot is provided. That is, you set it up, and then it automatically performs the tasks you face. So you can create templates for warming up profiles, create an imitation of the actions of a real user in arranging likes, adding to friends, watching videos on YouTube, adding to a group. The robot will even be able to simulate manual text entry. If the list does not contain the task that you would like to automate, then use the "Create process" option; and make the appropriate settings.
  2. The ability to distribute proxies among other team members. You can buy a server directly from the AdsPower website or connect your own private proxies.
  3. Open source code allows the user to customize the program to his own wishes and preferences.
  4. The presence of a built-in extension store. You can install additional software without leaving the admin panel of the browser extension.

A few words about the proxy for the AdsPower anti-detect browser

We already know that the anti-detect browser creates virtual digital fingerprints of the user and replaces them with the real technical parameters of the user device. This ensures anonymity and security of work, effective bypass of regional blocking, the ability to simultaneously work with multiple accounts without the risk of a ban. And in many respects this is the merit of the proxy server. Its task is to pass traffic and replace the geolocation and IP address. Thanks to this, the system will see that all profiles are being processed from different computers, that is, it will not notice anything suspicious.

We have already said that you can buy a proxy directly in the anti-detect browser. But will such an option be reliable, attractive in price? A more efficient, convenient and inexpensive solution – mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service (detailed information can be found here). Among their functionality, we highlight:

  • a huge pool of IP addresses from different countries and regions, which is constantly updated and replenished;
  • providing each client with a personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic;
  • the ability to set up an automatic change of address by a timer with an interval of 2 minutes to 1 hour, or use a forced change of IP using a link;
  • simultaneous work using HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which are connected via parallel ports;
  • rotation by geolocation, network operator.

There is also a 24/7 technical support service. Tariffs are more than loyal and affordable for every user.

AdsPower mobile proxies

Sequence of steps for setting up a proxy in AdsPower

Now that you have reliable personal mobile proxies at your disposal, you can go directly to the settings:

  • Launch the AdsPower anti-detect browser. Directly in the settings window, go to the "Single Import" tab.
  • In the "My proxies" tab, in the "Proxy" block; specify the technical data of the proxy server. Here you need to write down the IP address, mobile proxy port, select the type of connection protocol. Please note that the proxy host and port are written on the same line, and a colon is used as a separator between the parameters. If you have not disabled authorization in your personal account on the MobileProxy.Space service, you will need to enter your login and access password.

AdsPower proxy technical parameters

  • After filling in the relevant information, next to this block you will see the "Check proxy" button. We click on it. If you entered the technical data correctly, you will see a green message "Connection test passed". Click on the "OK" button, saving the settings.
  • In the center of the working window we see the "Open" button. Click on it to start working with the AdsPower anti-detect browser.

Everything. This completes the settings. You can safely start multi-accounting without fear of blocking and bans.

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