Change ip using mobile proxies from

Change ip using mobile proxy from

Good afternoon everyone. Today we will proxy phone and pc with our favorite mobile proxies from

After purchasing or activating the test, we go into my proxies and observe the following picture:

After purchasing or activating a test

What is what?

What is what?

  1. Host for http protocol
  2. Port for http protocol
  3. Host for socks protocol
  4. Port for socks protocol
  5. Login
  6. Password
  7. Link to change IP

We figured it out, let's move on to practice

Let's start with iphone

Let's start with iphone


Go to wifi settings

Go to wifi settings

Enter our connection details

Enter our connection details

I deliberately changed the login and password for ease of entry on the phone.




Checking the addresses on the detection service and in the checker< /p>

We check the addresses on the detection service and in the checker, everything is as it should be, the addresses are the same, now I'm a Pole ;)

Moving to android, same wi-fi settings

Going to android

The only difference is that there is no built-in authorization, and after saving wifi will show us:

after saving wifi

It doesn't matter, go to the browser and see:

Don't worry, go to the browser and see< /p>

Enter, check

Entering, checking

It works. Also, in order not to enter a login and password at all, you can use the ip binding.

Let's move on to PC proxying

The first will be the anti-browser using the example of incogniton

Often the proxy entry window in Antique looks like this:

The first one will be anti-browser using incogniton as an example

What and where to enter:

1.Select the http or socks protocol - This will determine which details to enter.

2. Proxy server in this case "address:port" from our table depending on the selected protocol.

Select http or socks protocol

If everything is entered correctly, when you click on the "check proxy server" button

The field will turn green.

What if it's not antique?

Let's consider the option on the example of windows 10. There are no fields for login and password.

What if it's not antique?

As in this example, the method can be in another program or on the phone.

Go to My Proxies - Operations - Binding ip

IP binding

For convenience, your current ip is already written here.

After applying the settings, you no longer need a login and password to connect to the proxy, but only for those ips that you specify yourself.

!Sometimes the host and port are required in a numerical value, for this, these are indicated at the bottom of the proxy table

Proxies are listed at the bottom of the table

The details from My proxies - Operations - Direct details also decide some moments.

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Antique can be downloaded

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