Tadadadam !!! Change the GEO without changing the details.

We have implemented a new addressing system for mobile proxies. Now you can change the GEO or operator and your details will not change a letter! There will be no more re-bindings of proxies to accounts in anti-detection browsers, there will be no more time wasted on entering new data into your software, you just change the hardware and work on.

New addresses look like domains mproxy.site for http proxies and bproxy.site for socks5 mobile proxies. And the port will be equal to the identifier, which will make the work even more convenient.

As before, host IP addresses, in case your software does not support domains, will be placed below the table.

Old details will continue to work as before ALWAYS! That is, we will not disable or change anything, just another new one will appear that does not need to be changed when changing equipment.

All this data is already available in your office. Klats .

And whoever does not have such mobile proxies, rather here .

IMPORTANT !!! This technology does not yet work with mobile proxies that have an IP address binding to work without authorization. For such proxies, the details remain the same.

Stay tuned! It will get even more interesting.

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