Token Sale, Coinlist and mobile proxies: connection, benefits of sharing

Coinlist and mobile proxies

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, want to make good money on it with minimal initial investment, then it's time to get acquainted with what the Token Sale and Coinlist are. It is also important to understand how it all works, why multi-accounting is needed here, how to ensure its stable and efficient operation. Let's consider all these points in more detail.

Introducing Token Sale

Good earnings on cryptocurrency with minimal initial investment – reality for those who take advantage of the Token Sale. By itself, the token sale represents the process of buying and selling tokens between different users, companies. This is done on special platforms. The most popular among them – Coinlist and Binacle.

A little about how it works. The company has created a new cryptographic currency, but it does not have the financial capacity to fully launch it on the market and further develop it. And this is where Token Sale comes to the rescue. The creator offers tokens to potential buyers on the most favorable terms, and the funds received from them are invested in the development of their digital currency. Such a decision is quite risky, primarily for the consumer. If the project goes ahead, shows itself on the market, you can get a VERY good profit. A good example is here – Bitcoin. What profit would you get today if you bought a couple of hundred, otherwise you would have thousands of these tokens at the start, approximately 1 dollar each? The reverse side of the coin – the project was closed, did not receive mass implementation. Then all the invested funds were gone.

There are several stages of the token sale:

  1. Private sale. The very first stage at which a new digital currency is offered to a very narrow circle of investors. There are no public auctions here. Most often, this stage is observed even in the process of developing a cryptocurrency, that is, when there is no finished product yet.
  2. Presale, also known as Pre-ICO or pre-sale. At this stage, there is already a ready-made digital currency and it becomes available to everyone. Moreover, it can be purchased with the maximum benefit, that is, much lower than at official auctions. This is a kind of advertising campaign before the launch of a new product on the market, attracting everyone's attention to it.
  3. Public sale. There is already massively collecting money to finance a new project. Often there is a minimum deposit amount. A group of major investors is already forming here. Additionally, at the public sale stage, several types of Token Sale are provided:
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Includes everything that will provide trading in digital currency in the process of selling it. Assumes project financing at the token development stage.
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). This is already the initial offer of the crypto on the exchange, which regulates the conditions of trading.
  • Initial DEX Offering (IDO). This type of token sale is similar to IEO, but the main difference is that the trading rules are regulated by the decentralized crypto exchange DEX upon prior agreement with the product developer.
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO). Assumes financing of a ready-made project launched on the market.

Now that you are already familiar with what a Token Sale is, let's move on to a more detailed acquaintance with the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinlist.

Introducing Coinlist – a specialized platform designed for investing in blockchain projects. It is from her that all projects involving the release of a new cryptographic currency to the market come. It represents a kind of intermediary between token producing companies and those who would like to purchase them. The same market principles apply here: the greater the demand for a certain type of cryptocurrency, the higher its cost will be. And initially, even at the start of sales, its price will be the lowest possible. And as soon as this token gets on the cryptocurrency exchanges, its value will increase significantly. That is, if you manage to purchase a digital currency on the Coinlist platform, then you can get a good profit from selling it on the exchange as soon as it officially gets there.

From the functionality of Coinlist, we can distinguish:

  • Exchange of certain tokens.
  • Participate in token sales (IDOs) that offer instant listing on the DEX of the exchange.

The platform is in high demand among many giants of the cryptocurrency market. So, its permanent members are Polychain, FBG Capital, Libertus Capital, CoinFund, Electric Capital, and the budget – tens of millions of dollars in 1 round.

That is, using the Coinlist platform, large traders and individuals will be able to buy a new digital currency, invest in its development. And the probability of making a good profit here is quite high. So how to move from theory to practice?

Why does Coinlist need multi-accounting?

To gain access to the token sale on the Coinlist site, the user needs to register. There is a kind of queue here. And often the number of coins for its participants is very limited. That is, your entry into this queue will not guarantee the success of purchasing the desired amount of digital currency on the most favorable terms. But what happens if the number of your positions in this queue is significantly greater than one? The answer is unequivocal – you can get a lot more tokens in one purchase. It remains to understand how to do it? The simplest solution – multi-accounting.

Multi-accounting implies the presence of a potential buyer of cryptographic currency of several accounts on the same trading platform, in particular on Coinlist. With it, you can take several places in the general queue and get the desired number of digital coins. Moreover, some Token Sale involve a random drawing of a certain amount of a new cryptocurrency among the participants in this queue. And again, the more positions you have in this list, the higher the chance of winning.

One more thing to stop – the use of automated software systems when working with Coinlist, that is, botting. And here you also need more than one account. Yes, you can exchange, buy and sell tokens on Coinlist in quite the usual way: manually, spending time and effort on this. But why do this if there is specialized software that will take care of all this work?

And now one significant "BUT": the platform reacts extremely negatively to both multi-accounting and botting. She will instantly block all pages as soon as she notices such actions. Can this be prevented? Yes, if you connect mobile proxies to work.

What mobile proxies can provide?

Mobile proxies – this is an intermediary between the user and the Internet, which replaces the real technical data of your computer or other device with an IP address from a huge pool owned by cellular network operators. As a result of these actions, complete anonymity and security of work on the Internet and with cryptocurrency platforms, in particular, is ensured. Moreover, mobile proxies will allow you to bypass numerous blockings, including regional ones, as well as, what is most relevant in this case – allow you to simultaneously work with multiple accounts, including the use of automated software products. This means that you should not be afraid of any blocking from the Coinlist site.

MobileProxy.Space service offers reliable functional mobile proxies at a bargain price. The user receives a personal channel with unlimited traffic and the ability to change the IP address by timer (automatically) or by force, upon request from the personal account. It also provides simultaneous work on the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols via parallel connected ports, country rotation, geolocation and network operator.

All questions that you may have while working with mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space can be solved with the help of a competent round-the-clock technical support service.

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