Configuring AviTool to work with mobile proxies



  • Batch placement of ads with auto-solving security pictures (CAPTCHA)
  • Batch edit, renew, pick up, shutdown, remove ads
  • Fully automatic renewal of your ads
  • Automatic registration of accounts and mailboxes
  • Keeping ads in top positions
  • Registration of accounts for virtual sim cards without number confirmation
  • Setting up forwarding from virtual SIM cards and mailboxes to your main contacts
  • Quick correspondence with clients without visiting the site
  • Collecting statistics on your ads
  • Parser for unloading ads from any sections of the site to Excel
  • Scheduler for easy scheduled work
  • IP spoofing both through a proxy and without using a proxy
  • Quickly import and export ads from / to Excel and XML
  • Integration with Yandex.Market and any of your product database
  • Randomizer for generating multiple ad variations from one
  • Automatic uniqueization of ad texts and photos
  • Work with all available cities and headings
  • Multicity and Multi-Account for quick placement in different cities and accounts
  • Utilities for ad propagation and proxy checking - included
  • Built-in tools for extra ban protection and more


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Mobile proxies for Avito

The most reliable proxies for working with Avito have been and remain mobile proxies. They can be used both for working with ads and for Avito parsing.

You can use one proxy for all accounts, but remember to change the IP address before working with each account, and in case of a ban, be sure to change the IP.

According to the documentation: The type of proxies used is HTTP (S), the protocol is IPv4. Proxies without a password are specified in the following format: `` 80 '' (without quotes); password-protected, respectively, in the following: mylogin: mypassword@ 80 (without quotes). Please note that is the IP of the proxy server, 80 is the port, mylogin is the proxy login, mypassword is the proxy password. These values ​​should be replaced with your own. & Nbsp;

You can get these data in the section "My proxies" after purchasing it, you can upload this data in the desired format using bulk operations.

There is also an important point in the settings described like this:

  • Mode of operation & rarr; If proxy errors occur, ignore them and continue working. If this option is enabled, then in case of an error, the program will try to continue working with this ad (possibly from your real IP). If the option is disabled, then in case of errors of access through a proxy, the work on the ad will be stopped. In this case, an error means either the proxy server is unavailable, or the received IP address does not match the specified proxy address.

It is better not to let the program ignore errors, so as not to run into a ban.

Using mobile proxies for parsing Avito

Proxy access credentials are specified in the same format.

Where to buy mobile proxies for Avito?

There are many services providing similar services on the Internet, but buying mobile proxies we provide you with the most responsive support, the most favorable rates, the ability to change the ip address by reference, only private mobile proxies in one hand. And most importantly, you can take mobile proxy test for 2 hours after registration.

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