Configuring ProxyDroid to work with mobile proxies

ProxyDroid is an application that can help you install proxy (HTTP / socks4 / socks5) on your android devices.


1. Supports HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS4 / SOCKS5 proxy
2. Support basic / NTLM / NTLMv2 authentication methods
3. Individual proxy for only one or several applications
4. Support for multiple profiles
5. BIND setting for SSID / mobile Wi-Fi network in (2G / 3G)
6. Widgets to quickly enable / disable proxy
7. Low battery and memory consumption
8. Bypass custom IP address
9. DNS proxy for the guys behind the firewall that prohibits to allow external addresses
10. PAC file support (basic support only, thanks to Rhino)


Device ROOT required.

Configuring ProxyDroid

Download and install from the app store Google Play . After installation, launch and specify in the settings the data provided after buying a proxy .

Fill in the Address and Port

Scroll down and mark the checkbox `` Enable authorization '', after that the fields for specifying the login and password become available. This data is also taken from the column of the same name in the section my proxies .

You can work!

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