Errors in the work of the proxy server: causes and solutions

Proxy errors

Stable, efficient and secure interaction with resources on the – one of the main requirements of modern Internet users. And for this purpose, mobile proxies are often connected to work. This is a kind of intermediary that can replace your real IP addresses and location, by which you could be identified on the network as an end user, with their own technical parameters.

Thanks to mobile proxies, absolute anonymity of browsing the Internet, reliable protection against hacker attacks and any other unauthorized access is ensured. And with their help, you can effectively bypass regional blocking, gaining access to those resources that are currently blocked in your region, work simultaneously with multiple accounts, including using automated software to promote them.

We can talk about the advantages of mobile proxies indefinitely, because they really increase the efficiency and security of working on the Internet. And just imagine how negative emotions you will experience from the fact that at one not very pleasant moment, when instead of launching the page you need, your browser will display a message: “There was a problem on the proxy server.” Users of any browsers, including the most popular ones, can encounter such errors: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Yandex.Browser. And now what i can do? Work stops, deadlines are on fire.

But that's no reason to panic. You need to clearly understand why your browser gave such an error and what to do to fix it as quickly as possible and with minimal consequences. Let's dwell on these points in more detail.

The main causes of errors in the operation of proxy servers

The work of a proxy server, like any other software, is based on certain settings that are responsible for the overall configuration of the system. It is with their help that special access to the Internet is provided (it differs from the standard one, as a variant – corporate network with restrictions). That is, they have a direct impact on the operation of the corresponding software. Therefore, the appearance of an error when starting the browser should make you think first of all about the presence of problems with the software.

Along with software malfunctions, experts also identify a number of other problems that can disable the proxy from working:

  1. Using software that conflicts with the basic settings of your mobile proxies. As an option – it can even be a shared port.
  2. Installation on the PC of extensions, programs that are incompatible with each other. This is especially true for self-updating software. There is a possibility that it is their update that can cause a failure.
  3. Additional connection to VPN servers. Virtual private networks often carry a serious potential threat. They can become a source of a virus, malicious software. And already it can adjust the Internet access settings at its own discretion, directing you not to the desired site, but to where the developer of this software would like it.
  4. Blocked by firewall or antivirus.
  5. Enable low-quality mobile proxies to work.

It is not uncommon for problems with proxy servers to occur on those browsers that are based on the same platform. But, despite this, the error can be displayed in different ways. But anyway, both Chrome and Opera and Firefox and Yandex.Browser will inform users that "No internet connection", and also provide a list of possible causes and ways to eliminate them, by type:

  1. There is a problem with the proxy server or the address is incorrect.
  2. Try the following: ask your system administrator for help, check the proxy server address, run diagnostics on your operating system, etc.

Now it remains to determine what to do with this and how to fix the error?

Fix proxy server failures yourself

Reset proxy server properties – a fairly simple, but at the same time effective procedure, which in more than 90% of cases is able to fix the problem. And it is noteworthy that absolutely any user will be able to complete it on their own, regardless of their level of PC use. But, if we are talking about the operation of a large corporate network, which has differentiation in access levels, then such work should still be performed by system administrators.

In many ways, the features of the upcoming work depend on which operating system is installed on your computer. Consider the most popular – Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Reset proxy settings in Windows 10

Here all the work will be done in the proxy settings menu. We perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the main working window of the operating system by clicking on the "Win" button. Click on the "Start" button and select the "Options" function here. This will take us to the system settings tab.
  2. In the "Windows Settings" block you will see 11 tabs. Find "Network and Internet" (the last one in the top row) and go into it.
  3. Opens a new window with a vertical menu on the left side of the screen. Here we are interested in the lowest tab – "Proxy Server". Click on it.
  4. In the "Automatic proxy server configuration" block; we translate the sliders near the inscriptions "Detect parameters automatically"; and "Use setup script" from active to inactive. At the same time, the word “Off” should appear next to the slider, and the blue backlight should also disappear. We perform similar actions in the "Manual proxy settings" block. – the slider next to the inscription "Use a proxy server"; move to the "Off" position.

That's it, the settings have been reset. It remains only to restart the operating system and check the browser loading. The problem should be gone.

Reset proxy settings in Windows 7

To perform a factory reset on the Windows 7 operating system, follow these steps:

  1. Directly in the search bar (magnifying glass image), we write the phrase "Browser Options". So you will be automatically redirected to the control panel, where all the properties of your browser are collected. Go to this tab.
  2. Opens a new Internet Properties window with 7 tabs. We are interested in "Connections". We go into it.
  3. We go down to the block "Configuring local network settings". In it we find the "Network Settings" button, click on it.
  4. A new window "Configure LAN settings" opens. Here we remove the checkmarks in the boxes next to the inscriptions "Auto-detect settings", "Use automatic configuration script", "Use a proxy server for local connections". Click on the "OK" button.
  5. The last window closes, leaving you with the Internet Properties window active. Here we also click on the "OK" button.

Everything. We reboot the system and check if the parameters have been reset. Checking the browser.

How to minimize problems when using a proxy server

The guarantee of stable, efficient and long-term operation of the – quality private proxies. Public products that are widely available on the Internet today will give you more trouble than good. The fact is that they – public. That is, a sufficiently large number of people will use them at the same time. This affects the anonymity and security of the connection, reduces the speed.

Don't want to take risks? Make a choice in favor of mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. For a very reasonable price, you will get at your disposal a personal dedicated channel and access to more than 700 thousand IP address pool. That is, only you will use it. Also, in your personal account on each service, you can independently set up or a timer to automatically change the – choose any interval between 2 minutes and 1 hour. Or you can use a special request that will allow you to change the IP forcibly, that is, when the need arises. Also, the functional features of the mobile proxy from MobileProxy.Space include simultaneous operation via HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols (connected simultaneously via parallel ports). If you want, then through the same personal account you can configure access to a proxy without permanent authorization. And at any time you can change the GEO, country, network operator.

All these features greatly simplify the work with mobile proxies and increase its comfort. And the reliability of the product itself and the supplier allows you to be sure of stable and efficient operation. What's more, our 24/7 technical support service will quickly resolve any issues you may have.

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