Free and paid proxies: which option to choose for business promotion

Free and paid mobile proxies

Those people who are faced with the need for stable, efficient work on the Internet, who need to work simultaneously with multiple accounts in social networks, get access to any resources without restrictions are thinking about using mobile proxy servers. And there are 2 options here: free and paid proxies. Just want to note that, despite the material attractiveness of the first, the choice is still worth stopping at the second. The fact is that free proxies will not be able to meet your expectations in practice. Why? That's exactly the question we will find the answer to. And in parallel, we will tell you what advantages you can get from connecting to mobile proxies and tell you where they are buy with profit.

What advantages can you get from connecting to the work of mobile proxies

Mobile proxy servers are an additional link in the chain between the user and the Internet. They pass all traffic through themselves and at the same time substitute the actual IP address of the user's personal computer or other device, as well as its geographical location with their own technical data. They are based on the material resources of cellular network operators, that is, they use their addresses, communication channels. Connecting to the work of mobile proxies will provide:

  1. effective circumvention of regional locks established at the legislative level in a particular country: provided by the use of appropriate geolocation, allows access to any Internet resources;
  2. complete confidentiality of work on the Internet: it is impossible to identify a user without knowing his real IP address;
  3. reliable protection against any unauthorized access, including hacker attacks: the attacker does not see the end user;
  4. the possibility of simultaneous work with multiple accounts, as well as the application of specialized programs for autoposting to them;
  5. high connection and ping speed: it is connected not only with the use of high-speed communication channels, but also with data caching.

What advantages can you get from connecting to the work of mobile proxies

Mobile proxies will be useful to marketers, arbitrageurs, SEO and SMM specialists, bloggers, online store owners, as well as ordinary users who want to ensure their stability on the Internet without the risk of blocking and any regional restrictions. But once again we want to say that we do not recommend using free servers that can be found on the network today. You will understand why, after we have considered in detail the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Free proxy servers

The most significant and quite understandable advantage of free proxy servers is that you don't have to pay for them. From the word "quite". Yes, they will be quite a suitable option for ordinary users who, as an option, would like to visit a site blocked in their region. That is, those who face simple tasks do not chase the speed of their execution. Another advantage is the fact that it is allowed to connect several free servers to work, building them in chains, sequentially one after another. As a result, you will be able to increase the anonymity of work, but the connection speed will drop even more.

Well, now let's highlight the main disadvantages:

  1. the work will go very slowly, with constant failures, which is due to the use of a single server by a large number of people;
  2. free proxies are extremely rarely issued for long-term use: at any time they can simply disconnect or you will be asked to pay for subsequent use;
  3. there is no 100% guarantee of the security and anonymity of working on the network: they are only capable of caching data coming from the Internet, which means that you can become an easy target for intruders;
  4. questionable reliability: cases when free proxies are used by unscrupulous individuals in order to connect to your system and hack it to create another "server" without your knowledge, alas, are not uncommon;
  5. low reliability: most of the IP available on the Internet in free access, alas, is no longer active: you spend time searching, configuring, and as a result it turns out that the server is not working.

Another point on which I would like to dwell in a little more detail will interest those who plan to promote accounts in social networks, messengers through free proxies and using autoposting. The fact is that Instagram, Telegram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other sites have an extremely negative attitude to automated actions. They have formed a so-called "black list" of free IP addresses, they are constantly updating it. And as soon as the connection from such an address is noticed, the blocking will immediately follow. This means that, alas, free proxies are not suitable for promoting business in social networks and messengers, despite such an attractive moment as the lack of fees.

Paid mobile proxy servers

A completely different story is paid mobile proxies. This is a really reliable and stable working solution that can be easily configured for individual operating parameters of each user. They provide high anonymity and connection security, efficient caching. In more detail, we will consider the advantages of paid mobile proxies using the example of a product from the MobileProxy service.Space:

  • Providing each user with a personal channel. That is, only you will use it – no third-party connections. At the same time, traffic to the dedicated channel will be unlimited.
  • Access to a huge number of free IP addresses. Today, there are already more than 775,000 of them on the service. These are addresses with geolocation of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Asian countries, Europe, etc. Every day their number increases.
  • Simple, fast and convenient address change. It can be carried out automatically by timer. You set the frequency of the shift individually in your personal account, choosing any interval in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour. It is also possible to change automatically on request to API. To do this, you need to send a GET request via a link that will be located in the user's personal account after buying a proxy.
  • Simultaneous availability of HTTP(S) and Socks5- protocols. 2 parallel connected ports are provided at once.
  • The possibility of rotation by geolocation, as well as by the operator of the cellular network. Choose any regions, countries, discovering unlimited access to blocked resources.
  • Binding an IP address for work can go without authorization, which will save you from constantly entering a login and access password. It is enough to configure it once in your personal account.

The user chooses for himself the optimal period of time for the purchase of mobile proxies: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year. The package can be quickly extended if necessary. But right away we want to note that the longer the proxy purchase period, the cheaper the day of use will be. So, using the example of mobile proxies of Russia from GEO Moscow: a one-day package will cost you 490 rubles, and a one-year package will cost 19990 rubles. We do a simple mathematical calculation: 19990/365 = 55 rubles. As you can see, a day of use when buying a one-year package turns out to be almost 10 times cheaper. And then – draw conclusions yourself.

Are there any disadvantages of personal mobile proxies? Yes, there is and he is the only one – the presence of a subscription fee. But we have just told you how it can be minimized and ensure high efficiency and stability of work on the Internet without any restrictions.

We hope that now you understand why you should not use free servers and it is necessary to opt for paid mobile proxies. Moreover, you already know where to buy a functional product on the most favorable terms.

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