Proxy for AllBestBets: solution advantages and settings

How to set up mobile proxies in AllBestBets

Resource AllBestBets – a professional solution for finding betting surebets. It also provides the possibility of finding middles and division by comparing odds of different betting services. Today, users of the service get the opportunity to easily analyze indicators for more than 20 sports. The functionality of AllBestBets will be appreciated by every user who plans to make a profit from bets. The online service collects data with the offers of the most popular betting companies (over a hundred positions). You will only need to familiarize yourself with them, choose the best option, place a bet and get a good profit at the end of the competition. But there are a number of nuances here, which the use of mobile proxies will help to solve. But, first things first.

Why work with AllBestBets through mobile proxies?

Anonymity and security of interaction between the user and the resource – one of the prerequisites for obtaining a stable income from surebets. Your blocking, even on a couple of bookmaker sites, will not allow you to fully evaluate the picture of events, navigate the current odds, which will either lead to a decrease or a complete loss of income. Moreover, if at the time of your blocking at one or another betting site you have money that has not been withdrawn, you will simply lose it.

Agree, the phenomenon is by no means pleasant. You can eliminate the possibility of a ban, increase the stability and efficiency of working with the AllBestBets service and bookmakers, in particular, by using some intermediary between you and the online resource – server proxy. When traffic passes through it, the real IP address will be automatically replaced by the IP proxy that is used in the work. The geolocation also changes. As a result:

  • The Internet resource cannot identify a real user and apply any sanctions against him;
  • you can register a large number of accounts;
  • access to resources blocked in your country, region is provided;
  • the speed of interaction increases;
  • a high level of security is provided.

And this means that you have unlimited opportunities for making money on bets and more.

Setting up mobile proxies to work with AllBestBets correctly

To connect a proxy to the AllBestBets platform, you need to use the Arb Helper plugin. This is a proprietary arb service development that allows you to instantly switch to the resources of betting organizations. This plugin is freely available on the Internet. It must be downloaded, installed on your personal computer or gadget and synchronized with the AllBestBets resource.

This completes the preparatory work, you can go directly to the settings:

  1. Go to Arb Helper in the "Plugin Settings" section. Click on the "Change" option next to it.
    Resource AllBestBets – a professional solution for finding betting surebets. It also provides the possibility of finding middles and division by comparing...
  2. In the block "BC settings" you need to select all those betting resources with which you plan to work and indicate key data in the appropriate boxes. This is the type of protocol by which the interaction will be performed (selected from the drop-down box labeled "Direct"), IP address and via ":" proxy port. When all the data is entered, we agree with the changes made by clicking the "OK" button.
    Why work with AllBestBets through mobile proxies?
  3. The bookmaker you need was not in the list of the "Settings betting shop" block? Go to the adjacent tab "General settings", then – "Proxy Settings". Here we select the desired bookmaker and enter the relevant data, click "Save". Please note: this manipulation will be possible only with those bookmakers that are saved in your personal account on the AllBestBets website (section "Bookmakers").
    Setting up mobile proxies to work with AllBestBets correctly

If necessary, you can use up to 3 proxies at the same time. In this case, information on the type of protocol, IP addresses and ports is set separately for each server. Don't forget to click "Save".

This completes the settings. Mobile proxies will be automatically enabled every time you enter the AllBestBets website and related bookmakers.

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