Inexpensive mobile proxies

What is the cost of mobile proxies?

First of all, mobile proxy rental price is based on the tariff of the mobile operator. Now each operator on the market has tariffs with unlimited Internet, or conditionally unlimited Internet, thanks for returning it! The minimum cost starts from 290 rubles per month, and depends on the impudence of the operator, discounts, and the region. In the regions, by the way, tariffs are lower than in the capitals. The maximum price will be limited to 500 rubles, no more expensive

The next item is equipment, if we take into account creating a mobile farm based on phones , then prices jump a lot, from 2,000 rubles to where imagination is enough. But remember that the phone must be equipped with a good modem, must be flashed, unlocked, etc. And most importantly, it should work quickly with changing the mode to flight and vice versa if we use 4G, and turning off / on data transmission if it is 3G. If modems are used, then the whistles cost from 2300, again they must be flashed if they are locked under the operator. And the most serious option is SIM-banks (50,000 - ....), here the cost will tell you more Aliexpress , but you will need equipment with modems, and not just a radio module for calls and SMS, this is the most expensive option in terms of initial costs, but advantageous in terms of the cost of one slot.

The next item of expenses is the Internet itself to the proxy server, it all depends on the location of the server, but if the service providing mobile proxies is nimble, then it has a home Internet connection, and there you can find tariffs for 300 rubles a month. If the Server is in the office, then the tariffs for the Internet for enterprises are completely obscene, and here it must be borne in mind that this Internet should be faster than the mobile one, because 4G gives you 100 Mbit / s, and you have 2 Mbit / s connected to the server, then everything will work at the speed of the weakest link.

Further, the server itself, this is at least any computer, the beauty is that it is absolutely not picky about resources, grandmother's calculator will do, the main thing is that he knows what the Internet is. Its cost is difficult to estimate, but let it be 10,000 rubles.

Now work on the initial setup of all this equipment, server setup, firmware of modems, phones. Plug in all the wires and test everything. It is important to take into account that operators make sure that tariffs with cheap Internet do not distribute it, so there must be software for replacing TTL - this is enough so as not to run into a SIM card ban. Everybody except Megaphone is guilty of such control. Let such a specialist with similar qualifications cost 1000 rubles per hour, and it will take him all 3 hours.

Equipment depreciation is also an important article, but the service life of the equipment is difficult to calculate, since it depends on the loads under which the equipment operates, but it will be taken into account that when the equipment warranty expires, it has already outlived its usefulness. And this is usually a year. That is, a modem, phone or SIM-bank slot should pay off within a year.

And most importantly, this is the maintenance of mobile proxies, the equipment went out, replenish the balance, the server hung, the service fell, answer user questions, technical support for use, let the same specialist do this, and will invest 20 hours a month in this.

These figures are very average and give a rounded idea of ​​pricing, and you, dear friend, can of course organize everything cheaper or more expensive.

How and where to buy inexpensive mobile proxies?

When looking at the price of mobile proxies, it is important to understand one very important thing, you buy access to more than one ip address, as is the case with server proxies. You buy access to the whole pool of IP addresses of mobile operators. At the moment we provide access to 5000 addresses for our clients, and each of them is at your disposal. That is, the monthly cost of one ip address is currently 49 kopecks. Therefore, buying mobile proxies from us you will definitely win.

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