Efficient work with KeyAssort through mobile proxies: step-by-step setup

KeyAssort and mobile proxies

KeyAssort Program – a specialized parser designed for clustering and structuring the semantic core. The benefits of using this application in practice will be appreciated by all those who specialize in SEO-promotion of Internet resources. With its help, you can automate some of the routine processes, improve the quality and speed of work performed. Let's get acquainted in more detail with the program itself, its capabilities, tell you why KeyAssort needs mobile proxies, how to set them up and where to buy them.

KeyAssort Features

Before proceeding to a detailed acquaintance with the program, let's dwell on such points as clustering and query structuring, on why they play such an important role in SEO website promotion.

Thus, clustering involves the automatic grouping of key queries into thematic clusters, similar to the results of search results. It allows you to study the niche in detail, to see what requests should be placed on a particular page of the site. When grouping, transliteration, synonyms, words that are close in spelling are taken into account. As a result, the semantic directions for building a logical site structure become clear, and the speed of collecting semantics increases several times. Structuring, on the other hand, is a logical distribution of groups of key queries into separate categories. The structure of categories is built without restrictions on the level of nesting.

KeyAssort implements three clustering algorithms (Hard, Middle and Soft), which are suitable for working with both information and commercial resources. It provides for work with marker phrases, the ability to collect data from 5-50 sites from the top of search results, automatic cleaning of search engine results from third-party information that is not related to the product being promoted. The specialist will be able to bring the grouping already manually, having sufficient developments performed without his participation.

Using KeyAssort you can:

  • automatically get a ready-made site structure that is correct from the point of view of search engines;
  • to form semantic loads and directions;
  • quickly find the information you need on the web;
  • automatically solve captchas;
  • perform clustering, query structuring, highlight niche leaders.

The program will save a lot of time and money, get rid of the routine, and quickly be able to process large amounts of data. It will become an indispensable assistant in the work of an SEO specialist, webmaster, contextologist, SEO studio, online store.

Why do you need to connect mobile proxies to KeyAssort

The KeyAssort program has to run in multi-threaded mode to perform large-scale information gathering work. This means that multiple requests will be sent from your PC. Search bots will quickly notice that they are all coming from the same IP address and immediately block it. Forever and ever. The only way to avoid this is – connection to the work of mobile proxies. The server will pass all traffic through itself, automatically replacing the real technical data of the user's PC with its own. Such a solution will provide:

  • stable operation in multi-threaded mode without the risk of a ban;
  • bypass regional blocking: when parsing, sites from any corner of the world are used;
  • PC protection from any unauthorized access;
  • preservation of absolute anonymity of the network;
  • High speed internet connection.

You just need to correctly connect the proxy to the KeyAssort program.

Step by step configuration of mobile proxies in KeyAssort

The advantages of the KeyAssort program also include a simple and convenient interface. This will not only ensure comfortable work, but also allow you to set up mobile proxies in a few minutes. We perform actions in the following sequence:

  1. Run the KeyAssort program. Go to the "Program Settings" option. Select the "Proxy" tab in the vertical left menu.
    KeyAssort program settings
  2. In the window that opens, check the box with the inscription "Use proxy". Next, click on the "Add from clipboard" button. A new window opens, in which you need to enter the technical data of the proxy server. We are talking about the IP address and port of the mobile proxy. If authentication is required, then the username and password for accessing the server must also be indicated. All data is separated by a colon. The parameters of each new server are entered in the same format on a new line.
    KeyAssort use proxy
  3. Checking the performance of a mobile proxy with a specific search engine. To do this, click on the "Check in" button. and choose the appropriate option. Also, users are given the opportunity to remove proxies, turn them off for a while and turn them on again. Each of these actions has its own buttons.
    KeyAssort check proxy
    KeyAssort proxy editing< /li>
  4. For more efficient operation, it is recommended to set the parameters of the mobile proxy. We are talking about the time to wait for a response from the server (indicated in milliseconds), exclusion of the proxy from work when a certain number of captchas are reached, return of the mobile proxy to work after a specified number of minutes. Just set your parameters in each of the boxes and click on the "Save" button below.
    KeyAssort save proxy

Everything. Setup completed. You can get to work.

Where to buy reliable mobile proxies for KeyAssort

It remains to solve one very important issue: to buy suitable proxies for working in KeyAssort. It is to buy, because free servers from free access – not an option. Anyone can use them, which significantly reduces the speed of work, the level of security, and significantly increases the risk of blocking. If they are banned, you will have to look for another option, do the settings again, the result may be the same – lock.

Don't want to take risks? Do you want to ensure stable and efficient work? Then pay attention to private mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space server. In this case, you get a dedicated high-speed channel with unlimited traffic for work. The server will support HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols. At a cost, such proxies will be more than affordable. You can purchase them for any period of time and renew as needed. All technical issues are quickly resolved through round-the-clock technical support. Use a reliable product and see its benefits for yourself.

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