Mobile proxies and Russian law

Mobile proxies and the law of the Russian Federation

It is impossible to imagine the life of a modern person without the Internet. The World Wide Web accompanies us everywhere: at work, at home, on vacation. Modern technologies allow access to resources from different regions, countries of the world. But most providers, sites or specialized services can track the user's search history, see the sites he visits. And some resources are blocked for visitors from certain regions.

There are many more nuances that modern Internet users face. But they can be solved quickly and efficiently if mobile proxies are used. With their help, you can register a huge number of accounts, wind up likes, do mass mailing, and ensure complete anonymity of the network. And all this without the risk of running into a ban. But how are mobile proxies and the law of the Russian Federation coordinated? Can a law-abiding person use them? Where can I find a reliable service provider?

Is there a law of the Russian Federation that regulates the use of mobile proxies?

Let's say right away that officially in the Russian Federation there is no law that would determine the features of the use of mobile proxies. But still there are a number of legislative acts indicating the possibility of using and providing such products. So, one of the mandatory requirements – a corresponding license from the service provider. Services that work without it will be identified by the relevant authorities, and their work – be blocked. As a result, ordinary users who would like to expand their Internet experience suffer.

As for the users themselves. Again, the laws of the Russian Federation do not consider the use of mobile proxies themselves an offense. It doesn’t matter if you use a real IP address in Russia (in the case of stationary proxies) or GEO, a mobile operator from any country in the world (mobile version ). Main – no illegal actions on the part of users. In particular, it is forbidden to use mobile proxies for hacker attacks.

For what tasks does the law of the Russian Federation allow the use of mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies are used very actively today. And we are talking not only about ordinary users who want to gain access to any, including blocked Internet resources, while maintaining their anonymity and security of work. The laws of the Russian Federation do not prohibit the use of mobile proxies and business representatives. And they are useful for solving various problems:

  • Competitor analysis. You can quickly and easily collect information that is useful for promoting your own brand.
  • Testing new sites, mobile applications. See how your product works through the eyes of regular users.
  • Fight against counterfeit products. Sellers of fakes mainly close access to their sites from those countries where the official representative of the brand is located. With mobile proxies, you can easily identify the intruder and be able to take appropriate measures within the framework of the laws of the Russian Federation.
  • Collection of content from information portals. Do not be afraid of anti-bot systems, blocking.
  • Optimization of marketing policy. Perform search information, monitor the effectiveness of the promotion of an advertising company in a particular country.

The best mobile proxies that fit into the laws of the Russian Federation

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