Mobile Proxies for Twitter: an easy way to avoid blocking

Mobile proxies for Twitter: an easy way to avoid blocking

Twitter is a social network, or you can say it is a news feed of a company or a single person. Today it has over 1.3 billion subscribers, of which about half a billion are active, and about 150 million post daily. A feature of Twitter is the ability to publish only short posts, such as headlines, no long sheets of reasoning. But this is more than enough to attract attention, to convey to the target audience some information, a message. In just 3.5 minutes of being on the social network, users will learn a lot of interesting and useful things for them. So why not use the platform's capabilities to promote your own business. Moreover, you can easily and quickly convey information about your products, services, and brand.

Now let's take a closer look at why Twitter can become an effective tool for promoting your business. Let's talk about the opportunities for promotion that autoposting provides. Let's tell you how to avoid being banned when using automated applications when working with Twitter using mobile proxies. Let's say where to rent a server on the most favorable terms. But, about everything in order.

Twitter Features for Business Promotion

The effectiveness of business promotion when working with the social network Twitter is largely due to its distinctive features, namely:

  • The virality of messages. Literally any post here can go viral, be forwarded, commented on, post again. The main task here is to create a message that would attract everyone's attention.
  • No claims to the original source. It is impossible to find out on Twitter who was the first. No sanctions, no blocking for posting information from other social networks in your feed. As a source, you can use your own videos from Youtube, photos from Instagram, etc. That is, you can post what you find interesting and useful.
  • Conciseness of posts. There are only a few people who want to read long sheets of messages, trying to find the essence of what was said and get important information for themselves. «A lot of letters» – it's not for Twitter. Everything is brief here, but concise and clear.
  • Constant struggle with fakes. The social network carefully monitors the posted posts, identifies fake pages, comments. This increases the level of trust in the feed.

What else can I say about Twitter? Is it really used by 90% of world leaders? The fact that about 70% of all global companies have their own pages on this social network? The fact that Twitter will allow you to easily and simply form your own unique style, handwriting on the network? Subscribers here consist of people who are primary sources, that is, those who create and post information, those who post it, bring it to end users and these very users who want to be aware of events. It is the latter that is your target audience. It remains only to convey the relevant information to her. And there is no better solution than autoposting for this.

What you can get with autoposting on Twitter

We have already found out that Twitter is an excellent platform that will allow you to convey information about your products or services to the maximum number of representatives of the target audience. But in order for your idea to justify itself, it is necessary to have more than one account on the social network. In theory, the more of them there are, the more people will see your posts and will be able to follow the corresponding links. It's just hard to imagine how much time it will take to complete these boring and routine tasks.

This is where autoposting comes to the rescue – automatic placement of an unlimited number of posts. This is done with the help of specialized software. You tell the application exactly what content and at what time you want to place on a particular account, and all other work, including the placement of hashtags, will be performed automatically by the software. With the help of autoposting, you will maintain "life" on your pages, keep them constantly active, putting a minimum of your own efforts to this. The free time can be spent on the development of a subsequent development strategy.

Using autoposting on Twitter, you can easily and simply solve three key promotion tasks:

  • The highest possible level of automation of maintaining pages in the social network. You can periodically allocate several hours of time to prepare a package of posts for a week or even a month. Then it remains only to tell the program when they need to be placed and that's it. You can not look into accounts for a month at all.
  • Simultaneous work with a large number of accounts. Twitter users can simultaneously run personal and business blogs, and their number may be different, and the information may differ. Autoposting will help not to get confused in the pages: everything will be placed where it is necessary and when it is necessary. It will also be useful for SMM specialists, for those who attract customers from social networks. And if there are several projects at work at the same time, then it is very easy to get confused even in the logins and passwords themselves.
  • Strict adherence to the approved content plan. To get the maximum effect from the promotion on Twitter, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive plan and clearly follow it. Chaotic actions, sudden emotional impulses are not something that can play into your hands. We need a clear plan for a long period of time, a schedule of publications and the posts themselves. Autoposting will help you clearly follow the developed strategy. And the result will not take long to wait.

That's just Twitter, as well as other social networks, reacts extremely negatively to any automated actions and multiaccounting. But there is a way to avoid sanctions – additionally connect mobile proxies to work. What is it about?

How can I avoid Twitter blockages using mobile proxies?

Social network bots constantly monitor users, monitor the materials they post, and their activity. They easily identify work from a single IP address with multiple accounts, the use of automated software. And as soon as this happens, they will immediately block your pages. Forever, that is, without the right of restoration.

But this will not happen if you connect mobile proxies to work. The server will pass through all incoming and outgoing data streams, while changing real user data to its own technical information. That is, bots will not see either multiaccounting or autoposting, which means they will not apply any sanctions. For them, your automated work will look as if it is actions from different people, with different IP addresses, geolocation.

It remains only to choose decent mobile proxies. But that's not a problem. After all, there is a MobileProxy service.Space, which will provide you with a server for rent on the most favorable terms. You get:

  1. personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic;
  2. automatic change of the IP address by timer with a frequency from 2 minutes to 1 hour, or forcibly, via a GET request;
  3. access to more than 800,000 address pool: constantly expanding, new regions, countries appear;
  4. simultaneous operation over HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols: connection via parallel ports is implemented;
  5. the possibility of rotation by GEO, cellular network operator, adjusting the parameters to the features of the upcoming work.

Rent a mobile proxy in MobileProxy.You can stay for any period of time, starting from 1 day and up to 1 year, quickly and easily extending them. Any questions and difficulties in the work are instantly solved by the technical support service of the service. And we can also say about such mobile proxies that they are optimally suited for autoposting on Twitter. Try it and see for yourself.

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