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Mobile proxies for Zengram

Promotion of accounts in social networks is an effective marketing tool. It allows you to attract the target audience to the pages with minimal time and effort, bring information about your goods and services to the masses, quickly bring new products and brands to the market. Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki – millions of users visit these social networks every day. And if at least a small part of them are interested in your products, then a good income is guaranteed.

But in order to ensure stable promotion of goods, services, brand, it will be necessary to involve far from a single page in the work. And here you will have to do a lot of the same type, routine and boring work that requires a lot of time and effort. This process can be automated by connecting special applications to work, in particular Zengram. This is a fairly new product in the software market. And this is not a disadvantage, but an advantage – it has already taken into account and corrected all the errors that were previously identified in similar services. That is, stability, convenience and efficiency are guaranteed. Let's get acquainted with Zengram, its functionality and features of the service in more detail.

Zengram functionality

The Zengram service is designed specifically for automating actions in social networks, collecting a target audience using flexible targeting parameters. It also provides improved interaction with subscribers using likes, comments via auto-direct. Among the main functionality of the service , we highlight:

  1. fast and convenient masslaying, massfollowing, comments liking, posting comments, unsubscribing;
  2. targeting by key queries, location, subscribers of your competitors, hashtags, list of personal pages, number of subscribers, etc.;
  3. automatic mailing to yandex.direct for new subscribers;
  4. automatic cleaning of accounts from commercial pages, bots in just one click;
  5. simple, fast authorization, well-thought-out and user-friendly interface;
  6. the ability to manage all accounts from one cabinet, connect any number of profiles;
  7. automatic generation of a daily report that will be sent to the linked email, conducting analytics on activity, level of engagement, monitoring the activity of competitors;
  8. advanced features for finding attractions, interacting with geotocs;
  9. fast professional technical support.

There is also a Pro mode in Zengram, which will allow you to configure filters with high accuracy to search for "live" users. This service is ready to provide a lot of opportunities for bloggers and interesting, informative posts will quickly find their audience. Software developers do not stop there: they are constantly expanding the functionality, working on increasing the flexibility of settings.

Highlights of working with Zengram

In order to ensure stable and convenient operation of the Zerngram service, to adjust it to the features of your own work, you need to perform a number of settings:

  • Setting up filters.
  • Setting up actions.
  • Setting up lock protection
  • Setting up additional functions.

Filter settings

The basic version of the service provides three filters: by location, by competitors, by hashtags. Everything is configured very quickly and simply, does not require any special knowledge, skills. So, if we talk about geolocation settings, then the program provides three options:

  • Just enter the desired location in the column "Enter the city" or select the appropriate option from the drop-down list.
  • From the proposed list, you can choose not one city, but entire regions for maximum coverage of the target audience. To do this, press the "Enter city" button and switch to the "Enter region" button.
  • Connect certain geotags from the suggested list. Just click on the ones you want to connect to the settings. All settings are made in the left part of the working window with the map image.
Additionally, Zengram allows you to set search criteria, in particular, you can sort male and female accounts separately, filter the number of subscriptions and subscribers, discard those that have gained few subscriptions over a certain period of time, commercial pages.

Configuring actions

At this stage, you need to configure the actions that you want to automate using the Zengram service. We are talking about:

  1. independent placement of likes: responsibly for all users, recent actions of subscribers, etc.;
  2. automatic subscription or unsubscription, as an option from competitors' accounts, to those who subscribed to you or from those who unsubscribed from your page: there are quite a lot of options for settings;
  3. self-prescribing comments by the program in order to revive communication, develop the audience.

You will be required to simply tick the appropriate boxes. After completing all the settings, the program will be able to automatically select the appropriate audience and interact with it without your participation.

Setting up lock protection

The actions of the Zengram program, like any other application that automates actions in social networks, may cause sanctions. The fact is that their bots carefully monitor the actions of users. And if it turns out that multiple accounts are being worked with from one IP address, if automated actions are identified, then the corresponding pages will be immediately blocked, and without the possibility of re-recovery. And then all your work will come down to «no». The easiest way to avoid this is – connect mobile proxies to work, in particular from the MobileProxy service.Space.

Such a solution will ensure the substitution of your real technical data for the parameters of the mobile server. As a result, social network bots will see that different users are working with accounts, including from different parts of the world. That is, your actions, including automated ones, will look quite logical and natural for social networks, which means that no sanctions will be applied to them.

Among the features of mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space is worth highlighting the possibility of automatic or forced IP address change, rotation by geolocation, cellular network operator, simultaneous operation over HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols. You can learn more about their functionality here https://mobileproxy.space/user.html ?buyproxy. The proxy connection to the Zengram service is performed in just a couple of minutes and can be performed independently. In the settings, you will only need to specify the proxy address and port. All – lock protection is provided.

Configuring additional functions

Zengram allows you to automate a number of additional actions:

  1. Auto-direct. Automatic mailing of short posts, filters, settings of about 20 ready-made templates, up to 500 SIMV, is provided.
  2. The parser. It is able to automatically select and sort user pages by different criteria. Alternatively, it can be a collection of subscribers from competitors' pages, databases on hashtags, geometrics, and key queries. The finished database can be filtered by the number of subscribers, the number of subscriptions, and gender. There is also a separation of accounts into commercial and personal. As a result, a text document is generated with the users' contact details (provided that they were specified in the profile settings).
  3. Account optimization. You can set up automatic removal of bots, users who are added to you for commercial purposes, intruders. The program itself will point to questionable profiles, and you will only have to click on the button and delete them.
  4. Clean tape. A unique development of Zengram, which allows you to hide stories and publications of people who have subscribed to your pages during massfollowing. Thanks to this, the posts of only those users that you added yourself will be displayed.

All this allows us to say with confidence that Zengram is one of the most effective, easy-to-use tools for promoting pages in social networks. Use it and see for yourself. And do not forget to connect mobile proxies to work, because this is the only way to avoid blocking by social network bots.

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