Mobile proxies in traffic arbitration

Why do affiliates need proxies

Multi-accounts in social networks means working through special browsers & mdash; Indigo or Aezakmi. They are equipped with security systems and can hide the configuration of your hardware, but you can be detected at the network / proxy level. To secure your accounts at this level, you must use a proxy.

Bypass bans . When working with ad systems, problems can arise. For example, blocking accounts for advertising prohibited goods or services. Creation of many accounts and more. Using a proxy server will allow you to bypass any ban and visit the desired website.

Bypass anti-fraud system . With large volumes of work with Facebook and Google Ads, without a proxy, nowhere & mdash; after two or three blocking of accounts with one IP-address, the next blocking will occur even faster. To avoid this, you need to buy 1 IP address for 1 account. Of course, you can save money and use 1 proxy for 2-3 accounts, but it is not recommended.

Special software . If you need to parse large amounts of data, then most likely you will need to work with KeyCollector and also stock up on a proxy. The same goes for other parsers. & Nbsp;

Anonymity . If you want to hide your internet activity & mdash; take care of anonymity. Proxies reliably hide data about you, not only when visiting social networks and surfing the Internet. This will also include work with trading platforms such as Avito, Yula and others.

How to set up a proxy for traffic arbitration

If we are talking about using proxies for arbitration, then we can talk about not one or even 10 proxy servers. Accordingly, an important criterion when using a proxy in arbitration & mdash; it is easy to operate. For convenient control, it is better to use special programs or browser extensions. Or set up proxies in a separate program. Here is a list of instructions to help you set up a proxy:

Benefits of our service

  • Instant availability, took a proxy and you can work, no expectations and settings
  • Free test for 2 hours, during which you can test whether our proxies are suitable for you
  • Unlimited traffic without limits, download as much as you like
  • The private channel guarantees only your use, no one will take it to download the pornhub archive.
  • Change IP (API) - immediately after the purchase you will be given a link, by opening which you can change the IP address at any time when it is required
  • Speed: 3-30Mb
  • HTTP and SOCKS5 - we support the latest technologies
  • More than 5000 IP addresses

Where to buy mobile proxies?

Buy mobile proxy with Russian IP-addresses you you can on our website . We provide you with access to a huge pool of IP addresses (about 5000) mobile operators and the ability to change them at your request through the API link. After the purchase, you will receive the access details and you can immediately start working. And one more thing, we have here Affiliate Program . We pay 16% of all user payments you refer. The money is automatically transferred to your internal account and is reflected in history . Register and earn money by attracting users to the service!

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