Mobile proxy digest 05.2023

Mobile proxy digest 05.2023

Here's what's new with us lately:

Down with 407 error

Once in a five-year period, it happened that after changing equipment, a 407 error appeared when using a proxy. No more.

Proxy manager

Let's hurry up and install our proxy extension. Mobile proxy manager.

Useful information has become more accessible

We have moved the block with the latest articles to the main page. Read, learn, hello and prosper!

Bomb discounts

Time to get a tasty 20% discount coupon for reviewing our extension.

Time recalculation

We have made the recalculation of time when changing equipment to GEO with other tariffs much more accurate and correct

Don't forget the API

We have added to the change equipment function the ability to change to a counter device.

Optimized notifications

Don't miss the email notifications about the expiration of the proxy lease.

Stay with us, it will be even more interesting!

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