Monthly subscription to Telegram: what you need to know about it

Monthly Telegram subscription: what you need to know about it

Telegram – one of the most common and popular messengers among the consumer audience. To date, the number of people who use this tool in their daily work and normal communication has exceeded 700 million people. Most of them are quite satisfied with the basic functionality that this messenger provides. But still, for advanced users, this toolkit may not be enough. It is for this category that a paid subscription is provided, which implies wider functionality. Now let's get acquainted in more detail with the unique solutions that appeared in Telegram quite recently, but claim to be massively distributed and widely demanded. Let's show you how to provide the widest possible functionality of a premium account by additionally connecting a solution such as mobile proxies.

Telegram subscription functionality

If you are thinking about whether to connect a Telegram subscription or continue using the free version of the messenger, it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with a number of innovations that are designed to significantly expand your opportunities for work. We want to note right away that today a Telegram subscription costs about $5 per month of use. Such a decision can also be perceived as an investment in the development of a really good and useful messenger.

Voice recognition

Now, in order to decrypt the received voice message, you just need to click on the button next to it. This will open the text version of this message in front of you. The developers also offer the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the translation, which in the future will improve the quality of recognition. Many experts agree that today this function is one of the best. The fact is that it is far from always convenient for the user to listen to a voice message. In addition, such messages often contain a lot of water, as well as various distracting external noises.

All this can be avoided by decoding messages: it will contain the main essence of the question that the interlocutor was trying to convey to you. Today, this technology has already been tested in practice, but the conversion speed is still quite low. On average, it takes about 20 seconds to convert a ten-second message. The quality of the translation is somewhat lame, but still, it is possible to convey the essence of the messenger. It is highly likely that all identified inaccuracies will be corrected as quickly as possible, because the function will be finalized by specialists.

Fast loading

Now, thanks to Telegram subscription, you can download videos, photos and text documents at the fastest possible speed. In this case, no restrictions are provided. But still, you need to understand that the speed of downloading files will directly depend on the speed of the Internet from your provider.

Even more options for managing chats

So, the user can independently set the status of one of his working folders as "Default Folder". It is from it that the application will be launched. Also, thanks to this feature, you can automatically move a number of chats to the archive or turn off notifications about them through a special setting in the privacy block. With such simple actions, we will be able to put the perfect order in our feed, which will significantly increase the convenience and speed of subsequent work.

Minimum restrictions

By subscription, Telegram offers almost half as many restrictions for its users. Here are the highlights:

  • subscribe to channels up to 1000 subscriptions: you get access to any information that interests you;
  • you can create up to 20 folders, each of which can contain up to 200 chats;
  • pinning up to 10 chats in the main list: here you should add all the correspondence and news that will be most relevant to you, those that you use several times a day;
  • connecting a fourth account in the application: even more opportunities for active business development and personal communication, eliminating the negative consequences of all kinds of blocking;
  • save up to 10 favorite stickers;
  • Option to add a description in the "About Me" section: add additional captions to photos and videos.

All these features will be appreciated in practice by business representatives, as well as those who work on the Internet. Increasing all these limits will definitely benefit and intensify your actions in Telegram.

Presence of active video avatars

Your video avatars will be visible to all subscribers without exception. They will be played in all sections, including both a separate chat and the general list of chats. With such a novelty, users of Telegram subscriptions will be able to effectively stand out from the background of the general feed, which in itself will attract the attention of other people. This solution will be especially relevant for those who plan to develop their own business in Telegram.

Upload large files

Telegram subscription users will be able to upload up to 4 GB of photos, videos, text documentation and other files for free. Moreover, this limitation is relevant for each individual document. And you also get unlimited space in your own Telegram cloud storage. This moment allows you to use a premium subscription in this messenger also in order to get access to a large free data storage.

Turn off ads

Surely, many of you are aware that today there is paid advertising in Telegram. This is a completely official solution from the developers of the messenger, which in some cases causes quite a lot of inconvenience to ordinary users. But, if you connect a Telegram subscription, you can avoid the need to view advertising content, just disable it.

New subscriber icon

Users of Telegram subscriptions have probably already noticed that next to some of the contacts directly in the chat list, an asterisk icon appeared next to the name. These same faces will appear at the top of the chat panel, as well as in the list of group members. This category includes those who have made any contribution to the support of the messenger and thereby secured membership in the club of privileged users.

Adding new reactions

Those who use the Telegram subscription will be able to evaluate 10 new original reactions today. While it is difficult to say who will be interested in it, but in the process of subsequent work, this novelty will certainly be appreciated by many.

New app icons

For especially privileged categories of users, Telegram offers exclusive icons for the application, which can be installed directly on the main screen of the smartphone. At present, there are only three of them, but expansion is planned in the near future. You can change them yourself whenever you want.

We make working with Telegram subscription even more convenient

As you can see, the Telegram subscription provides many tools that allow you to intensify the work with the messenger, as well as make it more comfortable, individual and convenient for yourself. But still, you must understand that you will receive the widest possible opportunities for promoting your business only if you decide to connect several accounts to work at the same time. But the problem is that anti-fraud systems will automatically block all your personal pages, the number of which from one IP-address will exceed 4, as we have already mentioned above. But such indicators will not be enough for the most efficient and productive work on the network. What to do in this situation? Additionally, enable mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service.

In this case, you get:

  • personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic: no one but you will use it;
  • access to more than a million pool of IP addresses, which can be changed at any time convenient for you through a special link from your personal account. It is also possible to configure automatic address change by timer in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour;
  • simultaneous operation via HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which is provided by connecting to parallel ports;
  • higher Internet connection speed, which is provided by data caching and the use of high-speed communication channels;
  • the ability to change geolocation and mobile network operator in order to access resources from those regions that are currently blocked in your country.

With mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service, you provide yourself with maximum anonymity and security of networking, protection from any unauthorized access, effective bypass of regional blocking and more. Follow the link to learn more about mobile proxy functionality , current rates. A free two-hour test is also provided, which will allow you to make sure of its high functionality, practicality and convenience even before buying a product. We also suggest learning how to make money on mobile proxies. You will receive a stable income with minimal time and effort.

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