Independent change of geo or operator on mobile proxies

If you need to change GEO or operator from purchased mobile proxies , this opportunity has just arrived. Now in the menu of each proxy the item `` Change equipment '' appeared. When you click on which you will see a form after filling in which the equipment will change.

You can change equipment once a day . It is possible to choose a GEO and an operator. It is imperative to write a comment on why you are changing equipment. After the change, your login details will change. The change operation takes place instantly.

You can select another GEO and / or another operator, each drop-down list indicates how much free equipment is available for change. It is imperative to indicate a comment in which to indicate the reason why you decided to change the proxy. If you do not select anything, then the replacement will take place with random equipment.

Click on the button "Change equipment" and you're done.

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