Setting up mobile proxies for VKAccountsManager quickly and correctly

VKAccountsManager and mobile proxies

VKAccountsManager – one of the best programs designed to automatically send messages and promote pages on the social network VKontakte. It attracts the attention of users in the first place with its free of charge. But, along with this, the program provides a huge number of opportunities for working with personal pages. In terms of functionality, it is not inferior to paid counterparts, and in some cases even surpasses them. For the most advanced users, a paid version is provided.

But in any case, work with VKAccountsManager should go through mobile proxies. This will ensure the highest possible productivity and safety of work. Now let us dwell in more detail on the possibility and advantages of the program. We will tell you why it is worth additionally connecting mobile proxies to work, where to buy them and how to set them up.

Features and benefits of VKAccountsManager

VKAccountsManager – a program that automates user actions when working with the social network VKontakte. It will take on boring and routine actions, increase the efficiency and speed of account promotion. Among the main features of the program, which can also be attributed to its advantages over analogues, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Multi-accounting. The program works in multi-threaded mode, simultaneously promoting a huge number of personal pages, using different accounts to solve different problems.
  2. Automatic generation of pages, their registration, activation, defrosting, cleaning, password change, filling in accounts, checking profiles.
  3. Creating groups, communities, promoting them, maintaining them, filling in information, inviting members, posting posts on their walls, deleting those who did not accept the invitation to friends, cleaning up irrelevant posts on the wall.
  4. Mass mailing of private messages to users, reposts, additions to friends. Posting posts on the wall, arranging comments, tags like "Like".
  5. Community mailing: private messages, reposts, likes, wall posts, comments, invitations to join the community, etc.
  6. Automatic work with captchas ruCaptcha, Antigate, as well as manual mode, CapMonster, xEvil.
  7. The presence of a built-in browser that allows you to instantly open any page through a Proxy account, UserAgent, Cookies.
  8. Introducing random changes to the text using curly braces with the ability to attach attachments, including those stored on a personal computer.
  9. Create a schedule to work on each task. The user only indicates what work and when to perform, and the program takes care of the rest. Formation of detailed statistics on the work, the task or on a specific account as a whole.
  10. The presence of built-in bots for working with services such as VTope, Ad-Social, Likest, TurboLiker, Snebes, FastFreeLikes, Biglike, Yoolike, Freelikes.

But, VKAccountsManager can only work stably through proxy servers.

What gives VKAccountsManager the use of mobile proxies and where to buy them?

Working in multi-threaded mode will definitely be noticed by social network bots. And the probability that your account will be blocked is close to 100%. And the only way to ensure stable operation of – hide the real technical data of your computer. Instead, use the IP address and geolocation of the proxy server. It is important to provide a separate server for each account. After that, your work with multiple pages will look like natural actions of different people to the social network, therefore it will not cause any suspicions, will not entail sanctions.

That is, connecting mobile proxies to the VKAccountsManager program guarantees:

  • efficiency of working with multiple accounts without the risk of a ban;
  • high level of protection against hacker attacks, unauthorized access;
  • secure personal data;
  • access to resources from anywhere in the world thanks to regional blocking bypass;
  • high speed of work.

The VKAccountsManager bot program for promoting pages on the social network VKontakte supports proxy servers that work on HTTPS connection protocols, as well as versions 4 and 5 SOCKS. It also allows you to use mobile proxies with the ability to rotate by geolocation, mobile operator. In the application, you can configure both global servers and local servers designed to solve one specific task. High-speed connection channels in combination with data caching provide the fastest possible interaction with the Internet.

Mobile proxies that meet all these requirements at a more than reasonable price can be purchased on the MobileProxy.Space service. The purchase period can vary, ranging from 1 day to up to 1 year with a quick renewal. But, please note: the longer the server purchase period, the cheaper the day of use will cost you. The service also offers round-the-clock technical support that can quickly solve any problems that users encounter in the workflow. Free mobile proxy – not the best option due to their low functionality, reliability and safety. When using them, the connection speed is significantly reduced, but the probability of a ban, on the contrary, increases significantly.

Now that you have reliable private mobile proxies, you can go to settings. Let's dwell in more detail on the settings of both global and local servers

Instructions for configuring global mobile proxies in VKAccountsManager

Perform the following steps in sequence:

  1. Run the program. Find the "Settings" menu (top line, left corner), go into it.
  2. In the new window that opens, in the top line we find "Global proxies", go to this option. Click on the "Add" button. The window below contains a lot of information about the features of using mobile proxies in the VKAccountsManager program. We get acquainted with them and tick off those points that will be useful for you in your future work. The most important points: how many IPs and from where to bind, to which accounts, limits and timeouts, the number of attempts to establish a connection, start.
  3. We set mobile proxies for working with the program. This can be done by specifying the appropriate IP addresses, ports, as well as logins and access passwords if authorization is used. Here we use a colon, a semicolon, or the @ sign as a separator. You can also insert a link to servers from the Internet (if you still decide to take a chance and use free, public servers). If you have previously generated a list of proxies and saved it on your computer, then you just need to specify the path to your file (*.txt) to the program.
  4. If the type of mobile proxy is not specified anywhere in advance, in the corresponding box from the drop-down list, select the appropriate type of protocol for each of the connected servers. Do you plan to use the same login and password for all proxies? Check the box next to "All proxies have one login and password".
  5. After completing all the settings, click on the "Add" button.

Everything. This completes the global mobile proxy settings for working with VKAccountsManager.

Instructions for configuring local mobile proxies in VKAccountsManager

This setting option is relevant if you want to connect a specific proxy server to work with a specific task. Here we perform actions in the following sequence:

  1. Open a specific task. We go in it to the tab "Local proxies" (penultimate option in the top horizontal menu). In the box next to the inscription "Instead of global proxies, use individual task proxies"; put a tick. Next, click on the "Add" button.
  2. In the new window that opens, you must enter the technical data of the proxy server. You can do this in the most convenient way for yourself: specify the IP address, port, login and password separated by a colon, semicolon or "@", insert a link or specify the path to the file (*.txt).
  3. Specify the protocols through which the interaction will be carried out. After all the settings, click on the "Add" button.

And so we repeat the steps for each of the tasks that you plan to solve using the VKAccountsManager program.

Everything. You can safely proceed to the promotion of your own accounts on the VKontakte social network without risks and other problems. With reliable mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space, you don't have to worry about

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