Developer or team required to implement browser extension

We need Javascript developers

We have an interesting task, we want to implement an extension for Chromium browsers to manage proxies. To implement it, we need developers or a team that is familiar with this kind of tasks. Development will be done in Javascript using HTML+CSS+IndexDB.

If you know how or know someone who knows how, write to mail to with the subject "Extension" and we will cooperate, please describe in a letter your experience with similar tasks and we will agree on long-term cooperation.

We have written a small TK which, in our opinion, reflects the essence:

Terms of Reference for the “Proxy Manager” Extension

Application analogs:

Extension requirements


  • The ability to install on the maximum available number of chromium browsers (chrome, yandex, firefox, opera, browsers on the chrominium antidetect engine?) 
  • Code documentation in Russian
  • Open source
  • Extension Tasks
  • Proxy management
  • Proxy settings in the browser
  • Download proxy from customer site

Extension Functions


  • Authorization (login pass) or specifying AIP Token from the site
  • The client uses the extension to manage its proxies (add, remove, edit, import, export, synchronize with the site)
  • Add proxies in the format (proxy type (http/s socks5), IP or address, port, login, password, link to change IP (if provided), list of addresses to which the proxy does not apply)
  • Remove proxies from the list with confirmation
  • Editing all added fields
  • Export the list of added proxies to a file on disk
  • Import from a previously imported file
  • Export list to website (API will be provided)
  • Import proxies purchased from the site (API will be provided)
  • Proxies from the list must connect to browser settings
  • 2 languages - Russian and English
  • Extension settings (language selection, default proxy, refresh current tab on profile change)

App styling

Similar to website - Bootstrap, fontawasomeicon

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