We are looking for the kindest support operator!

We are looking for the kindest support operator!

We need your help, we can’t do it without you.

We have opened a vacancy for the kindest and most responsive technical support operator.

What is the job?

  • It is necessary to communicate with clients and help them solve their problems.
  • You must be online.

Wishes for the candidate:

  • It is very important that you have a strongly developed sense of empathy
  • Desire to help
  • Loud Russian language
  • English will also come in handy (but who are we kidding, there is Google Translate)
  • Calluses on fingertips
  • An irrepressible sense of humor and hellish sarcasm
  • A frantic desire to improve everything
  • It is advisable that you love dogs

If this is about you, write to m@mobileproxy.space with the subject "Support Operator". If you know such a person, bring him, and if we work together, we will add money to your balance for 1 month of renting a mobile proxy.

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