Expanding the Mobile Proxy Affiliate Program

We have expanded the capabilities of the affiliate program designed to earn money by attracting traffic to the site. If you know how to work with traffic, you have your own channel in a telegram, a group in a social network, a thread on a forum, or you can attract, in any other way, people who need mobile proxies, then this is news for you. & Nbsp;

From now on, you can spend the funds received from attracting customers not only on buying a proxy inside the service, but also display it on your card.

It's simple:

  1. Go to the section Affiliate Program .
  2. Fill out the application and wait for its approval.

In order to be able to withdraw earned funds using an affiliate program, you need to submit an application in which you specify:

  • how do you plan to attract traffic, what tools do you plan to use;
  • your telegram;
  • card number;

Stay tuned for more fun

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