A function that allows you to get the contents of the page from IP addresses of different countries.

What does a site from different countries look like?

Anti-cloaking interface

There is a great feature available via API we called it Anti-hacking.This command allows you to see the contents of the page using different GEO, the team creates a task to check the page from the specified countries. If you do not specify country IDs, the page will be requested from all available countries. In response, you will receive the task ID and after completion you will be able to get the page content by this id.

And recently she has a web interface for those who do not want to dive into the world of development and API. Will greet Anti-hacking.

When working with the function, you will be required to select a list of countries from which you will need to request the specified URL and click START.


After the work is completed, a link to download the results will appear in the table/ In the ZIP archive you will find a JSON file containing the country IDs and the address contents received from this country.

The feature is in beta testing and is currently completely free.

How to work with this API function?

curl --request POST \
     --url https://mobileproxy.space/api.html?command=see_the_url_from_different_IPs \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer 7fce6eec93dce76dc3d696c1acfc02cc' \
     --data 'url={url}&id_country={id_country}'

This is what a CURL request looks like for working with this API function. Unlike other API functions, this should be a POST request, where there is one mandatory url parameter - which should contain the address of the page for verification. the id_country parameter is optional, and if it is not specified, the request will be from all available countries. The list of available countries can be obtained by another command from the API.

In response to this request, you will receive a json response containing

status : ok,

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