SocksChain: what kind of program is it, why is it needed and how to ensure its operation

What is SocksChain?

The issue of ensuring stable, safe and efficient work on the Internet is of interest to many modern users. Today there is a huge amount of malicious software. Virus attacks are becoming more aggressive and extraordinary every day, which does not allow us to provide reliable protection against them in the usual ways. This is becoming a serious problem not only for ordinary users, but also for professionals, those who are not just looking for informative information on the Internet, but work online. One of the most effective solutions in ensuring stable and secure work on the Internet is the use of mobile proxies. They do not allow attackers to scan your system in order to identify vulnerabilities and even simply will not allow you to be identified as an end user.

Now let's take a closer look at what you will get from connecting to the work of mobile proxies. Let's consider one of the most effective ways to ensure yourself complete anonymity of work using the SocksChain program, let's focus on the features of its work. Let's tell you where to buy mobile proxies to ensure the stable operation of this application.

A little bit about mobile proxies

Before proceeding to the SocksChain program, let's pay a little attention to what mobile proxies are and why they are needed by a modern user. If we do not go into complex technological solutions, then we can say that such servers are an intermediate link in the interaction between the user and the Internet. They will pass all the traffic through themselves, while replacing the real technical data of the personal device with their own. We are talking about IP address and geolocation. Thanks to this, it is provided:

  1. complete confidentiality of work on the Internet: it is impossible to identify a real user;
  2. the highest level of security: protection against any unauthorized access, including malicious software;
  3. circumventing regional blockages: you can access any sites, including those that are blocked at the legislative level;
  4. high connection speed, which is provided not only by high-speed communication channels, but also by data caching;
  5. the ability to work with multiple accounts at the same time, including using automated software without the risk of blocking.

That is, an additional connection to the work of mobile proxies will open up unlimited opportunities for you to act on the network, ensure stable and efficient operation. Now you can already move on to getting acquainted with the SocksChain program.

Features of SocksChain

The maximum level of protection against any unauthorized access to the network is provided by building a chain of proxy servers. This ensures multiple changes of the IP address, which makes it really impossible to identify a real user. That's why the program SocksChain from Ufasoft is used to build such a chain. With its help, you can connect a huge number of mobile proxies to work. The length of the chain is unlimited. But you still need to understand that the more proxies are connected to work, the lower the connection speed will be. Therefore, it is very important to find a balance between reliability, work safety and speed of interaction.

Among the features of the SocksChain program , we highlight:

  • The ability of the application to work as a classic SOCKS server, which provides for the translation of requests through a proxy chain. It is suitable even for working with client programs that in their basic execution do not support the SOCKS interaction protocol, but at the same time their operation involves the use of a single TCP connection such as HTTP, TELNET, IRC, etc. In this case, the program will hide your IP address and it will not be displayed in the server logs, as well as in the headers of emails going through email.
  • The use of the entire chain of proxy servers, which is provided by a special connection of the SocksChain program using a TCP connection. The software itself interacts only with the first server in this chain. And he, in turn, is already with the second, and the second is with the third, and so on. This sequence of work is also observed in the reverse process of data transmission. That is, it is not possible to track a real user in this entire chain.
  • The presence of its own database of proxy servers. Today SocksChain has 100 proxies already in the free version. But the problem is that they are short-lived, and after about a day they stop working. This option is quite suitable for ordinary users. But those who work on the Internet should think about another server option.

It remains only to determine which proxies will become a reliable solution for working with the SocksChain program.

Choosing a proxy to work with SocksChain

Only reliable proxies can provide the highest level of efficient, anonymous and completely secure work on the network through the SocksChain program. If at least one of the chain servers fails, then the entire chain will lose its functionality; it will simply stop working. Therefore, the quality and reliability of the server should always be a priority. This is the only way you will be able to see in practice all the advantages of such servers, which we talked about above. Don't want to risk buying questionable proxies? The option of constantly being in search of a new server does not appeal to you either? Then we recommend initially paying attention to mobile proxies from the MobileProxy service.Space.

What is the significance of such a product? Judge for yourself:

  1. mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space is at the application level of the OSI network model, allows you to work simultaneously with Socks5 (with TCP and UDP) and HTTP(S) protocols via parallel connected ports;
  2. support for authorization and remote DNS query, as well as the technology of building a chain of servers;
  3. providing each user with a personal dedicated channel with unlimited traffic;
  4. access to more than 800,000 IP addresses: constantly updated with new ones, expanding;
  5. automatic or forced IP address change: it is carried out by timer with an interval from 2 minutes to 1 hour (configured through the user's personal account) or by link (also through the personal account);
  6. rotation by geolocation, mobile network operator, which allows you to make individual settings quickly and easily;
  7. round-the-clock technical support service, which will quickly resolve any issues, will help with difficulties.

It remains only to personally use mobile proxies from MobileProxy.Space and the SocksChain program to make sure how effective, convenient and safe the work on the Internet can be.

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