Which proxies are better?

Today we will compare server proxies and mobile proxies with you, who is better, more convenient, cheaper?

What are server proxies?

Server (Datacenter) proxies & ndash; the most common type. When used, IP addresses are issued by cloud service providers. These addresses are not connected in any way with the ISPs of the home Internet. & Nbsp; Server proxies are used to hide the real IP address or bypass content blocking based on geodata, as well as to encrypt traffic, or avoid blocking in connection with the use of services. For example, you use a lot of accounts on the service Avito or

Mobile proxies

Basically, mobile proxies & ndash; the same as the standard ones, with the only difference that the connection to the network is via a cellular operator. Those. standard proxies allow the user to get anonymity, and dynamic mobile proxies show that he went online through a mobile operator. This is especially true for social networks, which the majority of users visit via mobile devices. And if we talk about Instagram, then there is practically no access from desktop devices.
The main feature of this decision and the argument in favor of buy a mobile proxy : shark IP addresses; the cellular business is rarely used as a proxy. They have very few proxy addresses & ndash; for several million subscribers, there are, at best, several thousand. Therefore, blocking such IPs for social networks is unprofitable & ndash; blocking sanctions would affect not only those using dynamic mobile proxies, but also users of regular proxy servers. Moreover, in the first place it is them that they will touch & ndash; people who are innocent at all will be blocked. Therefore, social networks do not work with IP addresses belonging to key mobile operators. And even if the sanctions are applied in isolated cases, the trust in the IP addresses of the cellular operator is restored quickly. Enough buy a cheap proxy and build it correctly, and you can reduce the number of bans associated with the use of suspicious IPs to almost zero.

How mobile proxies work

As a rule, this is a mobile farm based on phones, modems or SIM banks. How to organize our mobile proxies based on simple phones with 4G support we have already written earlier.

Pros and cons of server proxies

Server proxies are easy to use and capable of solving their main task - & ndash; disguise the real IP address and open access to the blocked content. It is important to understand that in the case of server proxies, the IP addresses are issued not by the home Internet provider, but by the hosting providers. Many modern web resources restrict connectivity from server IP addresses, as they are often used by all sorts of bots. The main disadvantage is the static nature of the ip address, that is, you buy 1 ip for the duration of the lease. If services provide the ability to rotate IP addresses, but server proxies are pretty easy to burn because they do not belong to real Internet providers.

Pros of Mobile Proxies

Firstly, since you use ip addresses assigned to mobile operators, any service will recognize you as a reliable subscriber using a smartphone and trust you accordingly. Secondly, you get access immediately to the entire pool of ip addresses issued by the operator in the region where the farm is present. That is, you do not have 1 ip address, but several thousand.

When looking at the price of mobile proxies, it is important to understand one very important thing, you buy access to more than one ip address, as is the case with server proxies. You buy access to the whole pool of IP addresses of mobile operators. At the moment we provide access to 5000 addresses for our clients, and each of them is at your disposal. That is, the monthly cost of one ip address is currently 49 kopecks. Therefore buying mobile proxies you will definitely win from us.

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