What to choose, VPN or mobile proxy: weighty arguments for the right decision

Why are mobile proxies better than VPN?

To preserve privacy when working on the Internet, to ensure high connection security is what most of today's users would like to get. But the problem is. That any of your actions on the network leave behind a so-called "digital footprint". It is possible to identify the IP address of your device, its geolocation and many other personal data using it. And here it is not necessary to talk about the anonymity of the work.

The modern IT technology market is well aware of this problem and has been working on its solution for a long time. Two technologies have received the greatest use among users: virtual private networks (VPN) and mobile proxies. Both the first and the second technology have their own fans and those who criticize their functionality and capabilities. Now let's take a closer look at what both options are, get acquainted with their features and advantages. Let's tell you which option will be optimal for everyday protection of Internet traffic, effective circumvention of regional locks, multiaccounting without the risk of being banned.

What is VPN and proxy: getting to know the concepts

Before you figure out which is better, VPN or mobile proxies, you need to understand what exactly is at stake. Let's start with the concepts:

    VPN, which is also a virtual private network, implemented as a software application for a browser, plug-in or operating system. Provides full data encryption in operation. It also transfers the payload, which is stored at the second or third level of the OSI network model.
  • Mobile proxies are a kind of intermediary between your device and an Internet resource, built on the technical equipment of cellular network operators. They pass all the traffic through themselves, substituting real user data for their own. It's about the IP address and location. Proxies can be applied to a single site, to a browser, and even to an operating system. Such servers forward the payload between the fourth and seventh levels of the OSI network model, inclusive.

Both VPN and proxy are designed to direct traffic through a specific server, while applying encryption methods to it. But proxies do this straightforwardly, without additional encapsulation of network packets. VPN mainly uses 256-bit encryption, which provides reliable data protection from theft. Here, changes are made to the routing tables in order for the network stack of the system to understand which server the traffic should be routed through.

TOP advantages of mobile proxies over VPN

If you decide to choose mobile proxies for safe and confidential work on the network, you will be able to personally see in practice the following advantages:

  • Higher flexibility and convenience in settings. We have already said that a proxy can be connected not only to the operating system and browser, but also to a specific site, while direct interaction with other resources will be preserved. Mobile servers allow you to easily and quickly change IP addresses, geolocation, and mobile network operator. Thanks to this, a reliable picture of the work of a real user is created, which will not cause any doubts among search engines, anti-fraud systems. Moreover, you can connect several servers at the same time, opening up unlimited possibilities for working with a large number of sites, accounts, etc.
  • Higher operating speed than VPN. Mobile proxies use high-speed connection channels of cellular network operators. They also have their own TCP buffers, data caching is used. All this ensures real performance. You will immediately feel how much the productivity of your work will increase.
  • The same working conditions for all users without exception. Mobile proxy technology does not imply granting any privileges to a selected category of persons. That is, if you do not have high rights in the system, it does not mean that you will remain somewhere on the margins and will be somewhat limited in your work.
  • Stability of work. Practice shows that the VPN connection can be interrupted at any time without warning the user about it in any way. That is, you may not even realize that you are working directly, without any protection. So you can quickly run into a ban without even knowing about it. This will never happen if you use mobile proxies in your work. Even if it happens that the server disappears (in the case of high-quality proxies, the probability of this is close to zero), you simply will not be able to go to the desired site and that's it.
  • No one will notice that you are working through an intermediary server, while VPN connection identifies even the DPI of the passive type. That is, the protection will remain, but the service will see that you are using VPN. It is not possible to identify the operation of mobile proxies. Your visit to the same site from different IP addresses will look to the search engine like the simultaneous work of different people who have nothing to do with each other.

For marketers, SMM and CEO specialists, arbitrators and many other people whose professional activities are closely connected with the Internet, the use of mobile proxies will be much more efficient and reliable than virtual private networks. The benefits will also be appreciated by ordinary users who are looking for a tool to bypass regional locks, ensure privacy and security of work on the Internet. It remains only to choose decent mobile proxies for yourself.

What requirements should high-quality mobile proxies meet?

The promising nature of the technology contributed to the growth of not only consumer demand, but also market offers. And it is quite difficult to navigate them, especially if you have not yet delved deeply into the specifics of technology. Experts have identified a number of criteria that reliable mobile proxies must meet. Here are the highlights:

  1. data integrity protection and encryption within each connection must be mandatory;
  2. proxies should be based only on reliable, standardized and time-tested protocols;
  3. guaranteed DPI resistance, including active samples;
  4. no multiplexing of a number of TCP connections within one, which will exclude the possibility of limiting the speed of several connections to the speed of one of them;
  5. availability of round-the-clock technical support, which will allow you to solve any work problems as quickly as possible.

It should be understood that free proxies are not the product that should be taken into consideration. They are not suitable for bypassing locks, nor for parsing data, nor for website promotion, social network promotion. Moreover, this is not even an option for regular surfing on the Internet. What will you get if you still choose them? Frequent malfunctions, low data transfer rate, lack of protection, high probability of getting banned. Don't want to risk it? Make a choice in favor of private paid servers. It remains only to find a solution that meets the described requirements and will provide you with stable, efficient work.

Where to buy reliable mobile proxies?

In order not to waste time searching for a suitable option, we recommend that you immediately pay attention to mobile proxies from the MobileProxy service.Space. Among the distinctive features of such a product, it is worth highlighting:

  • providing each user with a separate channel with unlimited traffic;
  • the ability to configure the IP address change both by timer in the interval from 2 minutes to 1 hour, and forcibly, by link from the personal account;
  • rotation by geolocation and cellular network operators: different countries of the world, regions are available;
  • simultaneous use of HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols due to connection via parallel ports.

Go by link to learn more about the features of mobile proxies, their functionality, as well as to get acquainted with the tariffs, take advantage of free 2-hour testing of the product.

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