Why are mobile proxies more profitable?

Proxy types

There are the following types of proxies:

  • Residential proxies
  • Proxy data centers
  • Mobile proxies

Residential proxies

Residential proxies are proxies through which the Internet of home / office wi-fi routers is transmitted (that is, the Internet that is transmitted through the cable to the room, and then the router is connected to this cable and distributes wi-fi to the apartment / office ). This internet is considered to be of the highest quality. Because it is very difficult to get a lot of home Internet IP addresses. Just imagine, for only 10 IP addresses, you need to lay 10 cables in one room, conclude 10 contracts with Internet providers, and also make a huge hole in the wall in order to lay the cable from the vestibule into the room. That is, on an industrial scale, this type of traffic is very difficult to get. Therefore, it is considered the most trusted, that is, reliable in terms of advertising platforms and other platforms on which you work.

That is why residential proxies are one of the most expensive: from $ 10 to $ 30 for 1 GB. And, as a rule, residential proxies for sale are not obtained in a very legal way: users install free extensions on the Google Chrome browser, agree to the `` Terms of Service '', which says, that their computer's traffic will periodically be used. If users knew that they were being `` stolen '' traffic, it is unlikely that they would use these extensions.

Data center proxies

Data center proxies are proxies through which traffic is transmitted from the servers of hosting companies. The principle of operation is this: the company that sells proxy data centers has rented a huge pool of IP addresses. Each individual IP is then sold to buyers.

These proxies have advantages: low price: $ 1-3 / month, fast speed, BUT pools of IP addresses of data centers are in all SCAM databases and black lists, and if you go to the site with IP addresses of the data center, then the site (resource / advertising platform) will see that the user is visiting his site from an IP address from the pool of data center addresses, and will immediately understand that the user is using a proxy, which means that he is replacing his real location and real IP. Trust (Trust) to such users / bots immediately decreases and there is a great chance of getting banned.

These proxies were very popular several years ago, but now accounts are quickly banned for using them. Using these proxies is highly discouraged.

Mobile proxies

Basically, mobile proxies & ndash; the same as the standard ones, with the only difference that the connection to the network is via a cellular operator. Those. standard proxies allow the user to get anonymity, and dynamic mobile proxies show that he went online through a mobile operator. This is especially true for social networks, which the majority of users visit via mobile devices. And if we talk about Instagram, then there is practically no access from desktop devices.
The main feature of this decision and the argument in favor of buy a mobile proxy : shark IP addresses; the cellular business is rarely used as a proxy. They have very few proxy addresses & ndash; for several million subscribers, there are, at best, several thousand. Therefore, blocking such IPs for social networks is unprofitable & ndash; blocking sanctions would affect not only those using dynamic mobile proxies, but also users of regular proxy servers. Moreover, in the first place it is them that they will touch & ndash; people who are innocent at all will be blocked. Therefore, social networks do not work with IP addresses belonging to key mobile operators. And even if the sanctions are applied in isolated cases, the trust in the IP addresses of the cellular operator is restored quickly. Enough buy a cheap proxy and build it correctly, and you can reduce the number of bans associated with the use of suspicious IPs to almost zero.

Why are mobile proxies more profitable than others?

  • Increased level of trust from services
  • Access to all ip addresses of the pool, and we also have the ability to change GEO and operator.
  • Change IP address by link (API) or timer
  • Completely unlimited traffic
  • HTTP and SOCKS5 protocol support
  • Ability to use one proxy for multiple accounts
  • Support for HTTP and SOC protocolsKS5
  • Binding IP address
  • Configurable timer for changing ip address
  • Access to 354 897 IP addresses

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