Zen platform: features, advantages, nuances of work

Zen Platform: features, advantages, nuances of work

Zen — a common platform for posting content, working on the basis of a recommendation algorithm. Initially it was called Yandex Zen and, accordingly, belonged to this corporation. But today it was bought out by the VK holding and all that remains from the name is the word Zen. If you go to the main page of the resource, you will see a news feed, exchange rates, a weather widget, and a search option. Below is the publication feed itself. If you want to use Zen from mobile devices, you can download the appropriate version of the software through Google Play or the App Store. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that there will no longer be widgets from Yandex here.

Thanks to the recommendation algorithm, the feed automatically adjusts to user interests. This is achieved by using machine learning technology. That is, initially the algorithm checks which sites a person has previously visited, what queries he has entered, and what materials he has studied. Next, users with similar behavioral factors are found, and their interests are analyzed, including which publications they directly studied on the site. As a result, a feed is created for a new visitor, which will best suit his interests and needs.

This allows us to say with confidence that Zen — a technologically advanced platform that is in demand among the user audience. This means that she has every chance of becoming an assistant in the development of your business. Let's get acquainted with its features in more detail.

Possible content options for publication on Zen

Any registered user can publish their materials on the site. The following types of content are allowed here:

  • Article. These can be materials without any restrictions on the number of characters. A full layout is provided here, which involves adding subheadings, lists, adding italics, and bold lines. The article can also be supplemented with pictures, videos, advertising banners, and gifs. If you make any edits or additions while creating an article, they will all be saved in your personal account. You can go there to make modifications.
  • Narratives. These are a kind of posts reminiscent of stories on Instagram. But over time they will not disappear from the feed. Moreover, Zen adds the most interesting solutions to a separate page, which allows you to significantly increase the reach of your user audience. Here the volume of published material is limited to 4096 characters. Along with text, you can add pictures, videos, gifs, links to the company website, voting forms and the products themselves. The maximum allowed number of slides — 12. You can also tag your account and other users in posts, as a result of which the text will contain an active link to a particular page. Here you can use auto-posting, comment settings and access for a certain category of users.
  • Video content. You can upload videos to Zen that last from 5 seconds to 4 hours. But here, a lot depends on the recording format. So, if you post vertical videos similar to reels, clips from Tik-Tok, VKontakte, then the duration of the video will be no more than 2 minutes.

We should immediately note that it is prohibited to publish on the site any content related to gambling, goods and services prohibited by law. Also, you cannot post borrowed and duplicated materials, clickbait, obviously fake information.

If the user audience identifies such material, they have the right to complain. Zen has a special form for this. As a result, the site can block individual material or the entire channel. And often without the right of restoration.

Why should you choose Zen for work?

Business representatives should choose the Zen site for a number of quite compelling reasons:

  1. The ability to post different content options to attract the attention of the audience. Moreover, you can combine different materials with each other, which will significantly diversify your feed and attract the attention of as many user audiences as possible.
  2. You don’t need to have any special knowledge or skills to run a channel on Zen. After the first acquaintance, you will understand how to work here and what settings should be made.
  3. Stable source of traffic. Statistics show that millions of people visit this site every day. You can be sure that your target audience will definitely be found here. By adding links to your resources to your published materials, you can get a good influx of potential buyers.
  4. The ability to use the channel as an element of the company’s website promotion strategy. Here you can publish materials containing external links to your resources.
  5. Organization of communication with the user audience. Provided by adding comments. Moreover, not only channel subscribers, but also any visitor can do this. All you have to do is respond to them, providing feedback.
  6. Ability to use different types of feeds: main, subscriptions, video feeds, interesting. Each option has its own nuances, but in any case they are selected based on the individual interests of users. This allows people to quickly find the most relevant content for themselves, which increases their satisfaction.
  7. The presence of an author’s account for tracking statistics, including the dynamics of subscriptions, audience coverage, engagement indicators, user reactions.

Why should business representatives use Zen?

Zen — This is the platform that will help your business develop and advance. Here you can run your own advertising and get good coverage of your target audience. Moreover, Zen has a monetization program that allows authors to earn money from content. If you show yourself well, if your material is interesting to the audience, then advertising blocks will be added to the publication, which will become a source of profit.

That is, both business representatives and content creators will benefit from working with Zen. The only thing is that you need to organize the most stable and functional work with this platform. And mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service can provide significant assistance here. They will ensure reliable replacement of the IP-address and geolocation of your device with their own technical parameters, which will ultimately allow:

  • ensure a high level of confidentiality on the Internet and reliable protection from any unauthorized access, including hacker attacks;
  • bypass any regional restrictions established at the legislative level thanks to well-chosen geolocation;
  • set up the most convenient work for yourself: change the IP-address using a timer or forcefully using a link from your personal account;
  • conduct simultaneous work with an unlimited number of channels, personal accounts, both on Zen and social networks, without fear of running into a ban;
  • get maximum coverage with minimal time and effort, which is ensured by using programs that automate actions on the network.

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