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What is the difference between mobile proxies and conventional proxies?

To understand how blocking mechanisms work, you should first understand how standard proxies work. They use the IP addresses of hosting providers or cloud services, which, by definition, cannot be owned by an individual. This means that such activity simply cannot be shown by a real user. This IP becomes the reason for blocking.

Algorithms identify the address used and apply specific actions: block or downgrade the level of trust to the account.

How does mobile IP blocking work? The cellular operator allocates addresses to users from its own pool, having at its disposal a limited number of IPv4 addresses. It turns out that several million users share only a couple of hundred IPs, distributed among all devices using NAT.

Therefore, if the algorithm blocks the IP address of the cellular operator, then this action is reflected in ordinary users working under the same IP. And the loss of the target audience is highly undesirable for social networks or large portals.