Advertising with bloggers: everything you need to know about it

Advertising with bloggers: everything you need to know about it

Advertising with bloggers — This is one of today’s popular advertising formats, which involves influencers promoting your company’s goods or services on their own online platforms. Its effectiveness and demand among business representatives today is quite high. According to the latest statistics, over 80% of companies operating in the market last year allocated a budget to launch an advertising campaign with bloggers. Moreover, every fifth business representative spent over 40% of the total advertising budget on this area. Such expenses indicate that we are dealing with a truly effective and advanced solution for today in the field of business promotion.

The company turns to a blogger in order to increase brand awareness or bring a new trademark to the market, improve its reputation, present a particular product or service in the most favorable light, and increase sales in general. And such bets almost always work out in practice. The fact is that all this advertising is aimed at an audience of influencers. These are the people who listen to the opinions of bloggers and consider them an authority. That is, the influencer has a fairly significant influence on his subscribers. And if he says that a certain product or service is great, then with a high degree of probability his subscribers will also want to purchase it.

Social networks such as VKontakte have become platforms for the active development of influencer marketing, Instagram, Telegram messenger, YouTube video hosting. These are the platforms that today bring together a huge number of audiences, and with it, correspondingly, opinion leaders. Now let’s look in more detail at which business representatives should use this advertising format, such as advertising with bloggers. Let us highlight a number of key advantages of such a solution. We'll tell you where to look for bloggers to launch your company, as well as how to check their reliability. The last point is very important, since it is the responsibility of the influencer that largely determines whether the launched advertising will have an effect and whether the investment will be worthwhile.

Who should order advertising from a blogger?

The company’s ever-increasing budget for attracting influencers to advertise goods or services — This in itself is an indicator of the reliability and effectiveness of such a solution. And it will be beneficial for many business representatives. The biggest winners from such a solution will be those companies that operate in niches with a wide target audience. These may include:

  • cosmetics, perfumes, beauty services;
  • clothing, accessories and fashion industry in general;
  • everyday goods;
  • electronics and household appliances;
  • cafes, restaurants, food delivery services;
  • mobile applications, games, services, courses and other online products;
  • products for children, for the home, etc.

The only one who should refuse the opportunity is the B2B segment of the market, working with specific products and with a fairly narrow audience. The fact is that it will be quite difficult for them to find a blogger working in this direction. As an example: you know an influencer who talks about ultrasound machines or some other medical equipment, special-purpose equipment, industrial machines, etc. That is why it is worth using other advertising tools, targeting them at a fairly narrow circle of consumer audiences. Here it will be more effective to launch advertising at specialized services, industry events, relevant exhibitions and professional conferences.

And yes, one more nuance: you should not turn to opinion leaders to promote products whose advertising is prohibited by the current Advertising Law. In this case we are talking about psychotropic and narcotic drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, as well as other products that carry potential harm to the human body.

All other business representatives can safely rely on influencers to advertise their products or services.

What will advertising with influencers give you as business representatives?

We can talk about the advantages of such a solution as launching advertising with bloggers for quite a long time, because this is a truly effective solution. Let's highlight several key aspects:

  1. Native product delivery. Bloggers — These are the ones who can present your product naturally and unobtrusively. That is, all this will not look like obvious advertising, which today already causes quite serious denial among many people. That is, if a blogger talks about how he ordered sushi over the weekend, how fast the delivery was and how delicious it turned out, this will not cause any denial from the audience. They are more likely to perceive this information as coverage of the blogger’s daily life. But at the same time, the name of the studio that provided the influencer with sushi will probably be etched in people’s memories. And who do you think they will turn to with their order if they decide to treat themselves to rolls? The answer here is obvious. What did we get in the end? Increasing brand awareness, increasing the number of orders.
  2. Attracting the most loyal audience. We have already said that people, by subscribing to this or that blogger, thereby agree with his authority. And this means that they will listen to his opinion and advice. That is, if you choose the right influencer, namely, find a person who works in the same market niche as you, then the effectiveness of the launched advertising will be very, very high. The most interesting thing is that even those people who understand that this is a clear advertisement listen to the opinions of their favorite bloggers. That is, the word of a blogger is very, very important for his subscribers.
  3. Rapply to advertising content. That is, you, as business representatives, will simply need to track the audience’s reaction after the release of advertising content in order to find out unbiased opinions from people about your products, services and the company as a whole. It is also important to understand that a negative reaction — This is also good, because this is a way to understand what exactly in goods or services people are not satisfied with, what they would like to see instead of what is offered. This is what will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your own work and draw appropriate conclusions.

Before moving on to selecting an opinion leader to launch your advertising campaign, it’s a good idea to figure out what formats bloggers can use to convey your information. Here you must understand that the advertising format itself and its cost will differ in each case. Therefore, it is important to find a balance that will be optimal for your business.

Advertising formats that bloggers can use

Today there are 11 formats for advertising business through bloggers:

  1. Direct mention. This is the simplest solution, which will also cost you very little. It assumes that the blogger simply publishes a post, Reels, or story about your products, services, and company as a whole. This is done in order to attract the attention of a wide audience. In practice, this option will work great if you need to convey information about promotional offers, especially those that are limited in time.
  2. Content support. This is quite an expensive, but at the same time effective solution, which involves attracting an opinion leader to directly create content for the company’s profile on a social network. It turns out that the brand will publish this material on its page, but the blogger will repost it. Today, such a content support format as takeover is in high demand. It is assumed that the blogger completely takes over the work with your page on the social network for several days, posting posts there, conducting live broadcasts, answering questions from the audience.
  3. Integration. This advertising format is highly naive, as the blogger unobtrusively adds your information to his daily content. As an option, for example, a blogger broadcasts his morning broadcast from the kitchen, while brewing coffee of your brand.
  4. Guest material. It is assumed that in this case the company creates its own content, but asks the blogger to post it on its own site. What kind of content it will be is determined as you communicate with the blogger. This can be either one thematic post or a fairly large expert article that reveals a product or service as broadly and diversely as possible.
  5. Review. Here it is assumed that you, as a business representative, send your product to a blogger and ask him to unpack it, clearly demonstrate it to users, highlight its characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, show what it can be like in operation, and provide a number of recommendations that can simplify subsequent use. Alternatively, young mothers will probably be interested in unpacking an educational toy for babies. Those who are interested in electronics — getting to know a smartphone that has recently appeared on the market, etc.
  6. Event. This is a format of cooperation in which you, as a business representative, invite a blogger to your events. He, in turn, publishes stories or posts from this event, launches a live broadcast, conveying to his audience information about where he is, what is happening around him.
  7. Collaboration. This is an advertising format in which you, as a brand and opinion leader, create a completely new unique product. That is, you here act as the direct manufacturer, while the blogger — this is already the face of your advertising. Most often, such solutions are found in the market of clothing, cosmetics, food, etc.
  8. Ambassadorship. This is the case when a blogger turns into an official representative of your brand. In this case, a long-term cooperation agreement is signed. The influencer takes an active part in promoting both a single product and all brand products, telling his subscribers about his own impressions, identified advantages or disadvantages. Most often, such solutions today can be seen in such areas as the sale of jewelry, perfumes, and luxury cosmetics.
  9. Special project. It involves the launch of joint games, competitions, challenges, and marathons. It is designed for a certain period of time, often several days. Allows you to increase brand awareness and improve audience loyalty to the products and services offered. Often there is some benefit for the audience here.
  10. Stream/live broadcast. Conducted jointly with business representatives and bloggers in real time. As part of such communication, various topics are discussed, including the goods or services provided.
  11. Which option should you choose for yourself? Here you need to proceed from what goal you set when launching advertising, what budget you are willing to allocate for it, whether you are counting on a quick sale or are committed to a fairly long-term perspective.

Now you are at the stage when you can move on to directly searching for bloggers.

Where can I find a blogger to advertise a product?

Now the matter remains small — find a blogger who will advertise your product or services. And there are several solutions:

  1. Use of specialized services and exchanges. There are more than enough options here. Among the most popular are such platforms. One of the most significant advantages of such a solution is that on such services you can not only find a blogger working in your topic, but also check the statistics of his account, immediately see what audience is subscribed to him, etc. We will look at examples of such services below in more detail.
  2. Manual search. This process is quite lengthy and labor-intensive, but you can choose a truly more than worthy option for yourself. So, in this case, you can use direct search in the browser, monitor social networks, pay attention to keywords and hashtags relevant to your brand, use geotags, subscriptions of people from the target audience.
  3. Contact advertising and marketing agencies. The solution is quite reliable and effective, because in this case you get rid of the need to look for a suitable contractor yourself. But you should understand that you will also need to pay for the services of these agencies, which in itself will increase the advertising budget and require significant material investments from you. Often large companies with a fairly significant level of income resort to such services.

Regardless of which option you choose, you need to be very careful not to run into unscrupulous bloggers. Cases such as business accounts available in subscribers, inactive profiles, comments of the same type, excessively high engagement rates — this is something that may indicate that the audience is being cheated. And this is what you want to avoid.

Now we will give a number of additional recommendations that will help you choose the right blogger to advertise your products for large services without any risks and in the shortest possible time.

We independently check the blogger for cheating

The very fact that you contact an opinion leader to advertise your products or services indicates that you expect certain results from this cooperation. Often, this is an increase in sales and, accordingly, your income. But at the same time, you also understand that these services will not be free. If your choice stops at top influencers, the cost of their services will be quite high. And the problem here is that you will have to pay him a fee not after the advertising works and you receive income, but directly during the provision of services. What happens if you make a mistake in your choice and your blogger has gathered his audience in a not very honest way? What if he doesn’t have any live subscriptions? There is only one result here — all the money you allocated for advertising will be wasted.

To prevent this from happening, bloggers are checked for cheating even before the advertising campaign is launched. This is the simplest and most effective way to save both money and your own nerves. Moreover, these works are not as difficult and impossible as they might seem at first glance. Today, in the age of digital technology, you have a huge number of special tools at your disposal that will help you analyze your followers in just an hour.

These works are aimed at analyzing in detail the activities of a particular blogger whom you initially chose for subsequent cooperation, as well as his target audience. If you are completely satisfied with the results of the verification, you can safely offer this person to advertise your product or services. If the results turn out to be negative, you move on to the next candidate and do all the work again.

Among the most important parameters that you should pay attention to in the process of selecting a suitable candidate — This is the ratio of the number of subscribers and the number of likes or comments posted under posts. The closer this indicator is to 1, the higher the audience involvement will be. But besides, such a high indicator should alert you and make you think about whether this blogger used bots to get likes and comments. The process of identifying unscrupulous influencers is also complicated by the fact that today cheating of subscribers can be easily disguised, at least for bots. A living person can easily notice cheating if he scrolls through these very comments: the presence of faceless phrases should alert you.

But doing all this work manually will require a lot of time and effort from you. Therefore, in some cases, a more effective and convenient solution would be to use automated services for checking bloggers.

TOP-10 tools for checking influencers

Now we will present 10 tools that will automatically check bloggers for cheating, and will also help analyze the advertising that is currently used on social networks. Yes we are talking about:

  1. LabelUp. A special platform created for cooperation between brands and bloggers both on social networks and on video hosting YouTube. On this platform, you can find a blogger that is suitable for you, and a blogger can find someone who will need his services in advertising.
  2. TrendHERO. This service automatically collects statistics from Instagram profiles. Provides detailed analytics and step-by-step reports for each of the blogger accounts you decide to work with.
  3. HypeAuditor. This analytics service is designed specifically for Instagram. It is capable of checking opinion leaders and detecting the fact of cheating subscribers. If you choose him, you can easily choose the influencer who has a fairly large and interested audience.
  4. Fakelikeinfo. A service that, in the shortest possible time, will check an Instagram blogger for cheating in just a few minutes, and you will know how many fake subscribers this or that influencer has.
  5. Epicstars. A good solution for those who plan to work with social networks and YouTube. Here, customers are looking for performers, and vice versa.
  6. Popsters. Using this platform, you can check the effectiveness of your advertising strategy. You will be able to see how many subscribers your company has attracted, and you will be able to compare your own indicators with the figures shown by your competitors.
  7. Yoloco. Using this tool, you can check the quality of followers of a particular Instagram blogger. Here the analysis is performed simultaneously according to several parameters that you configure yourself.
  8. Picalytics. This service is designed to track and evaluate the behavior of the target audience on Instagram. Here there is a fairly large number of filters for checking certain parameters of commercial profiles. Also, using this service, you can check how effective the advertising campaign launched by your competitors is.
  9. BINOQL. This service works exclusively with Instagram and allows you to select a blogger working in a particular niche. Provides a detailed report on the activity of the blogger himself and his subscribers.
  10. GetBlogger. Selects suitable opinion leaders for cooperation quite carefully and quickly. With its help, you can easily select a contractor for your business.

To summarize

As you can see, the process of selecting a suitable blogger to advertise your products or services — this is not as simple a process as it might seem at first glance. But you must go this route if you want to get maximum efficiency from your launched campaign, as well as recoup and increase your investment. Approach your choice as carefully and comprehensively as possible to avoid a number of mistakes.

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that when working with the services that we discussed above, it is recommended to additionally use mobile proxies and, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space service. Such a solution will be convenient and effective not only at the stage of launching an advertising campaign, but also subsequently, including when monitoring efficiency, when promoting your own accounts on social networks or instant messengers. The fact is that mobile proxies will ensure that your real IP-address and geolocation are replaced with their own technical parameters, thereby providing you with a high level of confidentiality and security when working on the network. You will also have the opportunity to change your GEO directly in the workflow, thereby bypassing regional blocking and gaining access to resources that are currently closed to your region.

Follow the link to learn more about the functionality mobile proxy capabilities from the MobileProxy.Space service, current tariffs. You also have the opportunity to test the product for free for 2 hours, making sure that you have made the right and informed choice.

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