Antik Browser and mobile proxies

In order to get started, you need:

  1. Install Antik Browser, launch and register
    Install Antik Browser, launch and register
  2. Go to, register.
    Antik Browser registering
  3. Next, replenish the balance.
    Antik Browser top up balance

After you have replenished the balance, select the desired proxy. The site has a fairly large selection of GEOs for mobile proxies, also payment is made for a period of time, traffic — unlimited. After purchasing the desired proxy, we go to the “My proxies” tab.

Antik Browser go to My Proxies

Here we see all the data from our proxy: protocol, login, password, address, port and a link to change the IP-address.

Antik Browser all data from our proxy

Go to the Antik application, log in and go to the “Proxy” tab, click “Create”.

Antik Browser go to the “Proxy” tab

And enter the data from the proxy In Antique, the supported proxy recording formats are indicated, in our case the data looks like this: .

Antik Browser check if proxy is working

As we can see, the proxy is working.

If you want to use the SOCKS5 protocol — at the beginning of the proxy you need to add socks5:// As a result, the proxy will look like this: socks5://

Antik Browser uses SOCKS5 protocol

The proxy protocol has changed, so everything is done correctly.

You can also add a link to change the IP-address, to get it, you need to click on the "Link to change IP" button; and you will have links.

Antik Browser adding link to change IP address

To add this link to our proxy, we need to use the following — login:password:ip::port[], i.e. square brackets are added after the proxy.

As a result, our proxy will look like this:[] Paste it into Antique, you will see the “Change IP” button.< /p>

Antik Browser final proxy view

We have entered all the data, it remains to import our proxy, for this we click “Import proxy”.

 Antik Browser нажимаем “Импорт прокси”

Also, if you whant, you can set a name for your proxy, for this you need to hover over the area with the proxy, and click on "Change proxy".


And in the “Proxy Name” set the desired name, you can also change the data from your proxy here.

Antik Browser name givenCongratulations, we've added proxy in antique! Successful work and good profit!

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