Brand Lift: measuring the effectiveness of YouTube advertising

Brand Lift: Measuring YouTube Ad Performance

YouTube — one of the most popular video hosting sites in the world. Recent studies conducted by the Newage marketing agency showed that they are used ten times more often than classic online cinemas. On average, in one week, each person views about 50 videos here. This study also showed that the coverage of the target audience with the help of video advertising was 72%. This opportunity is used today by many business representatives. But here it will not be enough to prepare and launch a commercial. It is also very important to evaluate its effectiveness correctly. And Brand Lift — will help you with this. survey of the target audience.

Now let's take a closer look at how this tool works. Let's talk about the nuances of its use. We will show you one of the simplest, most effective and easy-to-use ways to intensify the promotion of advertising campaigns on YouTube.

What is Brand Lift Research and how does it work

Brand Lift on YouTube channels — is a free video ad performance study developed by Google. It is quite simple to use:

  1. 10,000 users are selected from the YouTube target audience of your channel: 5,000 of those who have not seen your ad and 5,000 of those who are already familiar with it.
  2. Studies are conducted between 3 hours and 3 days after viewing.
  3. Users receive a mailing list asking them to answer a few questions. Alternatively, which online store’s video ads you’ve recently seen on the channel, which of the listed online stores are familiar to you, which of the sites you are considering buying, which store you are more likely to visit, etc.
  4. The results are evaluated by comparing the responses of people from the category of those who saw your ad and those who did not see it.

But we want to note right away that the effectiveness of Brand Lift will directly depend on the size of your target audience. We need to somehow collect 10,000 users. In addition, the number of questions that can be asked to them is often determined by the budget allocated for the study. That is, companies with low initial investments will not be able to fully use the Brand Lift, because the audience that they can cover will not be enough to complete a full and complex sample.

In the process of this study, several parameters are determined:

  • Ad Recall. Aimed at determining how well the commercial is remembered. In order to get an answer to this question, you need to ask a YouTube user the video of which company they saw recently.
  • Product Considerations. Determines the readiness of the target audience to choose a brand. Here it is important to ask the question of which of the sites a person would choose to make a particular purchase.
  • Brand Awareness. Allows you to evaluate the growth of brand awareness. In this case, users are asked which stores they know or have heard of before.
  • Purchase Intent. Allows you to check the readiness of the client to make a purchase. Here it is important to ask about which store the target audience would prefer for the next purchase.
  • Brand Favorability. Allows you to set which brand is preferred by the target audience. When performing such a study, the question is asked about which store's products would be used by this or that person.
  • Brand Interest. It involves sampling the behavioral factors of potential buyers for the last search query they entered.

YouTube video hosting offers multiple studies at the same time. Often, 2 parameters are selected and work is carried out on them for 7 days. The only exception — this is how video ads affect users' search queries (Brand Interest). In this case, the study lasts 14 days. But the duration of the study — this is not a key parameter, since most of the information is collected in the next 2-3 days.

These works can be performed for two advertising formats:

  1. TrueView In-Stream. These videos are embedded directly into the content itself. Users can disable them themselves after 5 seconds.
  2. Bumper Ads. Here, the duration of the video is limited to 6 seconds, but the user himself cannot close or skip it.

Ways to Optimize YouTube Video Ads with Brand Lift

The Brand Lift toolkit allows you to get information that will later help you optimize your hosted video ads YouTube . There are several solutions here:

  1. Bid adjustment.
  2. Maintaining a balance between the degree of engagement of the target audience and the overall reach.
  3. Increase brand awareness by connecting free views.
  4. Comparison of the cost and reach of the target audience on online services and television.
  5. Determine your own position in the ranking of competitors.
  6. Get more information to evaluate the effectiveness of the commercial.

Let's look at each of these points in more detail.

Bid Adjustment

When conducting research, Brand Lift takes into account the user's gender, age, device used to access YouTube, and demographics.

Brand Lift settings to account for

The information obtained will allow you to evaluate which particular user audience responds positively to the ads you run. This will help to adjust both the strategy itself and the budget, to maximize the return on investment.

Maintaining a balance between target audience engagement and overall reach

Several tools can be used to solve this problem:

  1. Set the frequency. The fact is that the more times a person sees your video, the better he will remember it. That is, you can not be limited to only one view. Practice confirms that one impression on average gives a 50% increase, while 2 or more — from 90%.
  2. Get remarketing lists. Here you need to collect a list of users who have already seen the video and offer them banners. This solution minimizes the cost of an advertising campaign. The only point: the design of the banner should be as close as possible to the design of the video, which will increase its recognition.
  3. Bid Bumper Ads for people who have already viewed your video. It's also a good way to save money. The fact is that the price of showing one video in the TrueView In-Stream format on average will be equal to the cost of 2-3 ad impressions in the Bumper Ads format.

By the way, if you are interested, you can read how to build commercial.

Increasing brand awareness by connecting free views

If you work in the In-Stream format, then you probably know that you are charged only for those impressions to which the user reacted: he followed the link to the video, watched at least 30 seconds. But don't react too negatively to users skipping ads. This does not mean that they did not see her and did not remember. It turns out that if a user watched your video for 20 seconds, then you will not pay for such viewing. But Brand Lift will still take these numbers into its study, as they have a direct impact on the recognition and memorability of information.

Brand Lift increase in video recall through free impressions

The picture clearly shows how impressive the increase in video memorability for free impressions will be and how significant the increase in paid viewing will be.

Comparison of cost and reach of the target audience on online services and TV

Brand Lift has tools in its arsenal that can translate your advertising campaign performance into the TRP and GRP metrics that are used today to analyze TV ads. So, GRP takes into account the overall rating of advertising, the total rating of all advertising outlets without exception. Displayed as a percentage of the total audience. The TRP metric is the same GRP, but focused on a specific target audience. Here the contrast is triggered in comparison with the entire potential audience. Displayed as a percentage of the number of the target group present in the total audience.

Thanks to these techniques, you will be able to analyze how much it costs you to reach your target audience in online spaces, in the same YouTube, and on television. As practice shows, the effectiveness of advertising on online video hosting sites is often much higher than on television. And this is quite understandable, because more and more people are switching to Internet browsing, including searching for the necessary information, watching video content.

Determining your own position in the ranking of competitors

The Brand Lift survey reports will also include graphs showing how responses were distributed in your experimental group. Thanks to this information, you will be able to find out how far you have escaped from your closest competitors, or vice versa, are your competitors ahead of you and by how much. But there is one nuance that must be taken into account without fail. The fact is that when building a graph, Brand Lift takes into account only those of your customers who have definitely seen the ad. And this means that your performance will be approximately 2 times higher than the results of competitors.

To get the most reliable figure, you need to subtract from the total indicators those that you received as a result of a recently launched advertising campaign.

Get more information to evaluate the effectiveness of the commercial

When determining these parameters, both click-through and video-view conversions are taken into account. based on the information received, a clear picture is formed in terms of such an indicator as the number of representatives of the target audience reached and conversions. Based on them, you can evaluate the effectiveness of targeted advertising. But, when performing these works, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • These works should be carried out no earlier than 1-2 or even 3 weeks after the Advertising campaign is completed. The fact is that most of the — delayed.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of video ads, conversion— this is not the main indicator. It gives a clear picture in the case of work to promote simple goods or services. Those that do not require a long weighing and decision-making from the target audience. As an example, it can be an online delivery of food, medicines. Otherwise, the — this is just an additional tool for general reference.
  • Before launching an advertising campaign, you need to create a remarketing list and add an option such as "Everyone who watched the video" to the search campaign. This will be especially relevant in the process of researching the recognition of the brand itself. Thanks to this, you can at least roughly understand how many targeted requests were the result of users watching your commercial.

Summing up

So why do brand research? The fact is that they allow you to compare your advertising on YouTube video hosting with the classic solution— TV ads. With a sufficiently large set of parameters, you can evaluate the effectiveness of a running campaign and make appropriate adjustments to it.

Here are some solutions to how you can use the results of Brand Lift:

  • Improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaign by adjusting your bids
  • increase awareness of your brand or product through free views;
  • monitor all levels of target audience engagement in order to maintain a constant balance with reach;
  • Evaluate the position of your brand in comparison with the closest competitors;
  • Compare the cost of the same online and TV ad campaign.

But in many ways, the effectiveness of advertising for a company on YouTube will depend on how massive it will be, how many representatives of the target audience it can reach. And here it is important to intensify your actions as much as possible, as well as remove all kinds of restrictions and potential risks, including blocking from the video hosting itself or the search engine. And mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service will help you with this.

Once you connect them to work, all your interaction with the Internet will be conducted through an intermediary server. That is, you get the opportunity to change your IP address and geolocation, including directly in the workflow. Today, you will have at your disposal over a million real addresses that belong to cellular network operators. You can change them either automatically by setting the timer in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour, or by force using a link from your personal account. Also, in the workflow, it will be possible to choose the optimal location for yourself and the operator of cellular networks.

Click on for more details on the features mobile proxy capabilities, current tariffs. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of a completely free two-hour testing before purchasing the product. We also want to draw your attention to the fact that MobileProxy.Space offers many additional online services that anyone can use. So, as an option, you can use a service such as anticloaking.

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