Creating a unique brand logo using neural networks

We create a unique brand logo using neural networks

Bright and memorable logo — this is something that will become a harmonious complement to the idea of your brand and will make the company, as well as the goods it produces and the services it provides, more recognizable. That is, with its help you can stand out among competitors and the huge variety of offers on the market. But, creating a logo — This is a very important and responsible moment, since we have to create a truly unique, but at the same time attractive product that would evoke extremely positive emotions in the audience.

Now let's take a closer look at what a logo is and what it can be. Let's highlight a number of key aspects that should be present in any high-quality logo. We will also introduce you to the eight best neural networks today, with the help of which you can easily and simply create a unique solution for your brand. If you wish, we also suggest that you get acquainted with TOP neural networks for writing program code. So, first things first.

What you need to know to create a good logo

Logo — This is a kind of symbol of the company, its unique display in the form of an emblem, word, sign. You can see it on the products that the company produces, on its advertising products. This is what the consumer audience will subsequently associate with your brand. If we highlight a number of key tasks that are assigned to the logo, then it is worth noting:

  • effectively stands out from competitors;
  • providing assistance in protecting copyrights for certain goods or services;
  • substantial assistance in promoting products on the market and increasing their awareness;
  • displays the mission and key values of the company.

This idea can be put into practice using different types of logos.

Main types of logos

Today there are 5 main categories of logos:

  1. Text. Often this is 1, maximum 2-3 words that most accurately and concisely describe the company itself. Here the main emphasis is on the font and color combination. Basically, one word is expressed most clearly, while the other 1-2 simply complement it. A similar solution today can be seen in the logos of such companies as Netflix, Google, Canon, Nokia, Subway, Panasonic, Casio. Even though there is no deep description or image here, they are easy to recognize. And this is exactly what the company needs to promote it in the market.
  2. Calligraphic. This is also a kind of text logo, but with the difference that the emphasis is not on the word itself, but on its spelling. The emphasis is on the visual perception of the word. That is, it is calligraphy that makes a word or phrase truly recognizable, gives it individuality and uniqueness. Today, similar solutions have been implemented by such brands as Carlsberg, Ray-Ban, Cadbury, Esquire.
  3. Abbreviations. Mostly such logos are used by companies that contain several words in their name. Often, such abbreviations, consisting of the first letters of the name, are also used in business correspondence and company documents. Here, the emphasis is also on writing, in particular on font and color. It is also important to pay attention to the very nature of the company. If this is a business brand, then the font should be as solid and presentable as possible. In some other cases, funny and even humorous fonts will give good results. logos in the form of abbreviations are widely used by various TV channels, for example NTV, STS. This logo is also used by the Russian Railways — Russian Railways
  4. Graphic. They have become quite widespread in practice. They are a kind of abstract images or symbols, including some characters, people, etc. Thus, brands such as Apple have their own unique graphic logos Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Nike, Airbnb, Puma, as well as millions of other companies. So, for example, Dodo Pizza, Nestle, Colonel Sanders made their characters their logo. That is, graphic symbols reflect the brand itself no worse than phrases or abbreviations.
  5. Combined. Basically, it combines an image and a word or abbreviation. Such logos are also widely used by modern businesses. The most prominent representatives here include KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, etc.

Yes, it’s good to talk about brands that have already won their place in the market. Those whose names, and with them the logos themselves, have become truly recognizable. But how can companies that are just starting their steps in the market create such a solution? Here you should show all your skill and imagination. But at the same time, it is very important to adhere to the key rules for creating successful logos.

TOP principles for creating successful logos

To ensure that the process of creating a logo for your company is as simple and effective as possible, and that the resulting result fully satisfies you and is guaranteed to attract the attention of the target audience, it is important to adhere to a number of key principles when developing it. There are only 5 key recommendations:

  1. Uniqueness. It’s probably not worth saying that your logo should be one and only and not overlap with any other product on the market. You need to come up with a solution that will allow you to effectively stand out from your competitors and attract the attention of as many representatives of the target audience as possible. By and large, no one forbids using such elements, taking a copy and slightly modifying it. But in this case, you must understand that such a decision may cause a controversial reaction from representatives of other businesses, which ultimately may even lead to lawsuits.
  2. Associative thinking. In this case, we are talking about creating a logo that, on an intuitive level, will be associated by the audience with your company, its key ideas, goods or services provided. This is a solution that works great in practice.
  3. The content has a kind of zest, a unique, hidden meaning. In this case, we are talking about adding some detail to the logo that no one except the authors even knows about. That is, no one will be able to isolate it, understand where it came from and what it is associated with. This will be an additional opportunity for you to intrigue the audience, and then tell the very story of the appearance of this element. Believe me, in the future, as soon as a person sees this very highlight, he will immediately remember your company.
  4. Simplicity, quick memorability. As practice shows, complex logos containing a large number of different details and complex color combinations are remembered much worse than a fairly simple and laconic solution. The fact is that a quick glance at complex pictures will not be enough to remember them and develop an association in the mind. Therefore, experts recommend relying on the simplest, but at the same time original solutions. Such that a person could instantly remember.
  5. Convenience of subsequent use. When creating logos, you must understand that in the future it will become the basis of your advertising campaign. You will also use it when developing brand merch. That is, it should be such that it can be easily applied to any printed product, be it a cup, pen, diary, as well as to various advertising attributes such as flash drives, bags, T-shirts.

Now that you understand the role a logo plays in the subsequent promotion of your brand on the market, and also know what parameters it must meet, you can proceed to the immediate creation of an individual solution. And here modern neural networks will provide you with tangible help.

TOP 8 neural networks for generating logos

Using modern neural networks, you can create a truly unique logo for your own company without the help of designers. Even the same designers will be able to use these services in order to get the desired result with minimal time and effort. Literally a few minutes – and before you are various variations of logos. Then you just have to choose the option that seems the most attractive, high-quality and reflects the essence of your brand. Thus, the following neural networks have proven to be the most popular and well-proven in creating graphic content:

  1. LogoAi.
  2. Free Logo Design.
  4. Turbologo.
  5. Brandmark.
  6. Nikolai Ironov.
  7. Bing.
  8. Kandinsky

Now let's look at each of these solutions in more detail and highlight their key aspects. We'll tell you what nuances you should pay attention to when using them. The information provided will help you quickly navigate the variety of available solutions, as well as select the one that will be the most effective and convenient in practice for you.


LogoAi — is an artificial intelligence based logo maker. In its work it uses the data specified by the user. In particular, we are talking about the name of the project, the slogan. That is, you can also simply describe what you would like to see in your logo.

We would like to note right away that the development itself is free, but you will still need to make a one-time purchase in order to freely download graphic content; the price of such a package starts at $29 and depends on the functional content of a particular package. There is also an additional discount for regular customers. Each time after purchase, a promotional code for a 40% discount is provided. That is, in the future you will be able to use this neural network with more than tangible material benefits. Such a solution will be especially convenient for designers and all those who work with graphic content at a professional level.

Additional functionality of this neural network also includes the ability to adjust the image directly to your brand. To solve this problem, you can additionally specify:

  • the scope of your brand, namely the industry to which it belongs;
  • color palette of your brand;
  • font style used.

This is all that will allow you to get a logo that best matches both your idea and the main idea of your brand. You will also have the opportunity to edit all received logo variations directly within the service, including using the adjustment options proposed by the neural network itself. This means that it will definitely evoke associations among your audience and increase recognition.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design — another logo generator that creates an image based on built-in ready-made templates. In principle, anyone can create their own template, but without the help of artificial intelligence. In this case, the neural network will open a completely blank field for you to set the necessary settings and edits. This means that both novice designers and professionals who know what settings need to be set in order to get the desired result will be able to use this service.

By price. In principle, the network allows you to download logos for free, but only with a fairly low resolution. If you are interested in pictures with a size of 5000x5000 pixels or more, then you will need to pay to download them. Today the tariff is $44.99. You can deposit all funds in pink or subscribe for more convenient and stable work.

This neural network is quite simple and convenient to use. To start using it, you need:

  • indicate the name of your company or project;
  • select from the proposed options the business category to which your company belongs;
  • read the proposed templates and choose from them the one that, in your opinion, will best reflect your wishes and the idea that you took as a basis;
  • make adjustments to the resulting logo directly on the service using the built-in editor;
  • download the finished result to your computer or any other device.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that copyright in this case will apply to the entire logo as a whole, and not to its individual element. That is, this means that if you see a similar solution from other business representatives, then your copyrights will not be violated. That is, exclusively the entire logo is protected.

Another extremely popular neural network for generating logos today. Many experts note its similarity with the options discussed above. Moreover, they claim that it combines the functions of LogoAi and Free Logo Design. That is, with its help you can create logos, focusing on your own preferences, as well as use ready-made templates with the ability to subsequently customize them for yourself.

The process of creating logos for this neural network is absolutely free, but in order to download a ready-made solution in high enough quality from approximately 4096x4096 pixels, you will need to pay. The price in this case starts from 1290 rubles. Payment is charged only once.

Among the advantages of this neural network, experts highlight more accurate logo generation in comparison with the same LogoAi. Well, here it’s very important not to skip steps and do all the work as correctly as possible. In particular, you will:

  • select the category your business belongs to;
  • check out the possible style options and choose the most suitable solutions for yourself;
  • customize the color palette;
  • enter the name of your company, including a slogan, if you have one;
  • start the process of generating an image and choose from the proposed options the one that best suits your wishes (here the system will offer you quite a lot of solutions and you will need to select at least 3 of the ones you like best, and then adjust them to your style and idea ).

Next, all that remains is to make final adjustments to the appropriate option in the built-in editor. After that, we make a payment and download the finished logo to your device.


This neural network is not much different from the options discussed above. It also allows you to create and edit logos based on a set of built-in templates.

The process of creating a logo is free, but for downloading, as with most of the neural networks we are considering, you will have to pay. So, a one-time download will cost you 790 rubles today, and a multiple-time download starts from 1190 rubles. You choose which option is most suitable for you.

The process of working with this neural network will look like this:

  • write down the name of the company, its slogan (do you have one);
  • color palette can be customized, again at will;
  • decide on suitable icons or skip this item if it is not relevant to you;
  • select the logo you like from the proposed options and edit it in the built-in editor;
  • pay for the download and download the logo to your computer.

One of the features of this neural network is that it offers users the choice of 3 ready-made color palettes. All the options that we discussed above are not endowed with such functionality, although they do provide tools that allow you to adjust the resulting image to the overall style of the brand. And also, even at the editing stage, developers will be offered several options for placing the logo, allowing them to clearly see how harmonious and impressive the finished result will look.


This neural network is in high demand among many graphic content developers due to its increased ease of use, as well as the provision of sufficiently high-quality and professional material. Suitable for both professionals and beginners.

As in other options, working with the neural network itself is free. But as soon as you want to download the finished product, the system will ask you to make a one-time deposit of $25 or more, depending on the selected package.

Among the points that favorably distinguish this neural network from the analogues given above, it is worth highlighting:

  1. When setting the parameters of the future logo, you will be asked not only to select a direction and enter the company name, but also to set a number of key queries, on the basis of which the image will be generated. Thanks to this, the process of a long search for a suitable template among a huge variety of options for icons and logos is eliminated in order to ultimately get something that matches your idea. Moreover, the neural network itself will select the most suitable font and icon for you.
  2. You will be able to open all the logos that you see in the list in order to see how it will look directly on the packaging of your product or on merch. Thanks to this visibility, you can make a faster choice.
  3. Availability of a separate field for editing the result. In principle, any of the neural networks we described allows you to edit a logo. But Brandmark additionally provides a fairly large section with ideas. This is an option for those who seem to be satisfied with the finished result, but want to correct something in it, add something, make it more individual, but do not clearly understand what exactly it should be. Here you can play around with different color variations, fonts, layouts, and icons to fit your logo shape. Using these tools, you can bring the generated image to perfection.

Nikolai Ironov

This service — this is the result of the work of Artemy Lebedev Studio. When creating it, we used many years of experience of specialists in working with artificial intelligence. Here the logo is generated based on the customer’s detailed text description.

Nikolai Ironov Data — This is the only option in our selection that requires payment directly for development. The minimum tariff package here starts from 14,900 rubles. But for this money you will already be able to download the resulting graphic content.

Among the functional capabilities of this neural network, we highlight:

  • selection of unusual fonts and colors in accordance with the overall design of your brand;
  • displaying a logo on a photo on certain media, which will allow you to see in advance how it will look on a particular product;
  • wide possibilities for editing generated material;
  • the ability to create not only the logo itself, but also a business card for your brand;
  • providing an additional legend for each logo: you can use it when developing a presentation for clients;
  • creation of branded templates for any other online representation of your brand on the network, including instant messengers, social networks, website, etc.

The tool will be easy to use for both beginners and professionals, providing quite interesting, yet original, laconic solutions.


We would like to immediately note that this is one of the few neural networks in our selection that will be absolutely free for users both at the stage of creating a logo and during its subsequent downloading. It is a chatbot developed by Microsoft Corporation. But let’s immediately make a reservation that access to this service is closed in Russia. We will talk about how to bypass such restrictions below. Along with generating images, the functionality of this neural network also includes writing text content and displaying search query results. This means that it will be useful to many specialists in their work.

To create a logo using Bing, you need:

  1. Start the neural network chat and start a dialogue with it.
  2. The neural network itself can offer several ideas for your logo if you send it a request like this: “Give me some ideas for creating a coffee shop logo.”
  3. Request the creation of the logo itself. Here you can already use the ideas that the neural network provided you with at the previous stage. So, for example, you can write: “I liked the image of a steaming cup of coffee, add to it the brand’s signature colors – green and brown, as well as the name of the Coffee-Like coffee shop.” Please note: we provide recommendations only. The process of communicating with a neural network can be completely individual.
  4. We make adjustments to the proposed options. Here you can, for example, adjust the color palette by choosing the most suitable shades for yourself, add a background, remove the inscription or change its font. That is, at this stage you bring your logo to perfection.
  5. All you have to do is download the finished result to your computer.

In principle, there is nothing difficult in working with this neural network, the main thing is to learn how to communicate with it as correctly as possible. This way you can receive answers that best suit your needs.


The neural network created by Sberbank is also free to use. Its functionality includes generating images based on a text request. One of the most significant advantages of this neural network is that it perfectly understands Russian-language formulations, while most of the solutions we described above work exclusively with English-language content. If you manage to correctly explain your idea to the network, it will help you generate a pretty good logo.

Here you will need to directly specify the input data for the neural network in one field. It is optimal to use the following script: object + description of the object + additional elements that should be present in the picture + placement + effect. Next, you need to select one of the proposed styles, as well as the size of the picture. Let us note once again that the more accurately you set the parameters, the more detailed and high-quality results you will get.

This neural network works through a Telegram bot, which makes it as convenient and easy to use as possible. You can also upload your own picture here and ask for a variation of it.

To summarize

As you can see, there are a lot of options for creating original and individual logos. And which neural network will you choose? this is an individual matter. So, if free use is your priority, then you should choose the Bing or Kandinsky 2.2 neural networks. Free Logo Design is also a good option, because when downloading images with not particularly high resolution, it will not charge you a fee. Almost all of the neural networks we have presented do not require special skills to operate, but at the same time they allow you to create truly high-quality and unique products.

The last point that I would like to draw your attention to is the convenience and stability of working with these services, as well as with the network as a whole. We are talking about connecting mobile proxies to work, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space service. With their help you can:

  • effectively bypass any regional restrictions and gain access to sites, services, platforms from any country in the world;
  • guarantee yourself an unsurpassed level of confidentiality when working on the Internet, as well as reliable protection from any unauthorized access, including hacker attacks;
  • engage in multi-accounting, data parsing, and use many other services that automate your actions online without the risk of running into a ban or any other restrictions from the system.

Follow the link to learn more about the features and mobile proxy capabilities, current tariffs. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that payment depends on the region, as well as on the period of time you purchase the server for. So, a day of use with an annual package will cost you 10 times less than a daily package. There is also a fairly large selection of built-in services at your disposal. Completely free of charge, you can check your Internet speed, determine your IP-address, port availability, etc.

You will also have a 24-hour technical support service at your service, which will instantly respond to user requests, solving any difficulties that may arise.

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