TOP neural networks for writing code

TOP neural networks for writing code

Today, artificial intelligence and neural networks, in particular, can be safely called the topic of the day. Around them there are a lot of disputes, discussions, numerous tests are carried out. Some believe that their capabilities are extremely wide and capable of replacing human work in many areas. Others agree that the neural network and even the same chat ChatGPT perform poorly even elementary basic level tasks. But differences of opinion — this is just an excuse for a more thorough analysis of the work of artificial intelligence in certain conditions. If it turns out that the neural network can perform the routine work that you face on a daily basis, then why not use it, speeding up the execution of tasks, saving your own time and energy.

We will devote this review to acquaintance with neural networks designed for writing program code according to a description in natural language. Let's get acquainted with the most popular and proven solutions, their features, nuances of use. We will show you how to organize the most functional and diverse work on the network without the risk of getting banned or running into other sanctions from search engines and not only.

GitHub Copilot

This neural network — this is a development from the creators of the GitHub library, which can fully take on the duties of a companion programmer. By using it in practice, you, as a software developer, can significantly increase the efficiency of your work activities. At work, GitHub Copilot is able to generate code directly in the editor, using your comments and requests as a specification. The tool implements strings and feature sets. And this means that it will be enough for you to simply describe what you want to get in the end. Next, the neural network itself will generate the code you need. But you can spend the time saved with a clear conscience on solving more global problems.

GitHub Copilot is also notable for its ability to write code that includes repeating patterns. The neural network itself recognizes these patterns, offering optimal code blocks for them. And it is also capable of generating text content. The software developer can additionally request text support for his code and the neural network will offer several text scripts, from which you can choose the most suitable option for yourself. Another feature here — translation of program code into other programming languages, as well as detection of errors and their correction in codes with vulnerabilities.


This neural network uses a special search engine from Sourcegraph, as well as a combination of Large Language Models (LLM) in its work to create program code. The training material uses codes provided by the software developer himself, as well as information from GitHub and StackOverflow. This neural network will independently draw data from open source code, as well as all those questions that are asked by programmers. And this means that as you use it, its suggestions will become more accurate and professional, which will ultimately significantly improve the quality of the finished software.

Unlike other products that we are talking about in this review, Cody differs in that it is geared towards finding documentation and contextual code snippets. Thanks to this, in the end we get the most useful and accurate answers that programmers can use in their future work. This is what will allow you to increase the efficiency of your own work and minimize the waste of time and effort on solving routine tasks.


Tabnine — is software that uses artificial intelligence in its work and is capable of learning on open-source coding patterns. This neural network is able to offer you options to complete lines of program code, or even entire blocks, which can minimize development time and increase its final quality. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, there will no longer be errors associated with the human factor. But with routine and monotonous work, the risk of making a mistake by a real person is significantly solved.

Moreover, the program is able to adapt to the individual style of the programmer. The neural network is constantly in the learning process. This allows it to improve its own recommendations, to select solutions for users that will be the most optimal in a particular situation. Tabnine features include auto-completion of lines, natural language code generation based on comments, and a set of ready-made functions for faster and more convenient work.

Code Whisperer

Code Whisperer – a neural network capable of generating code based on developer comments. With its help, you can create a new project from scratch, complete the work on the project, check the finished product, and the new product. Among the advantages of this solution, experts highlight increased reliability in operation. There is a built-in mechanism that automatically determines the safety of the code. The program itself scans it, revealing possible vulnerabilities, and also compares the parameters from the Open Worldwide Application Security Project. If it turns out that there is still a problem, the neural network will process it and offer options for fixing errors.

The functionality of this neural network, in addition to what we have already noted above, includes automatic translation of program code into various programming languages. This greatly simplifies the process of developing a software product, and also significantly expands the stack of technologies that a programmer can use in his work.

CodeT5 and CodeT5+

CodeT5 and CodeT5+ applications — these are neural networks that have been trained on impressive amounts of code stored in the GitHub library. User comments are also used here, which significantly improves the accuracy of code generation and its quality.

Neural network data has the following functionality:

  • generating program code using natural language description;
  • a simpler description of code comments, which significantly increases the convenience of working on a software product in a team (provided by using a natural code description language);
  • auto-completion of all functions, which involves substituting the necessary arguments with built-in tools, as well as writing the function body based on the given name.

If we talk about the advantages of this neural network, then it is worth highlighting the possibility of local application separately. That is, all the data and algorithms that are used by the system when writing program code will be saved directly on the developer's PC, which will positively affect the safety of work.


Documatic — an AI-based application capable of generating documentation based on code changes, taking into account daily, weekly and even monthly adjustments. Thanks to this, the developer gets access to the most up-to-date information about the changes made.

This neural network is also capable of:

  • identify vulnerabilities in program code;
  • create a dependency map directly in the codebase infrastructure to capture data streams as quickly as possible;
  • explain the code, which will be relevant in cases where the developer has a question about the methods or functions used: detailed information about the work is provided.


Fig — this is a neural network that was originally created in order to minimize the amount of manual water, thereby speeding up code generation. The functionality of this application includes auto-completion of strings, as well as code analysis in order to identify existing errors and vulnerabilities. Moreover, this tool will allow developers to synchronize API keys, ports, and other configurations of software products between different developers with a high degree of security, as well as ensure that they share SSH credentials.

Today, this neural network is available for devices running on the iOS operating system. We are also actively working on its integration into Windows and Linux.


AskCodi — it is a neural network built on the basis of the OpenAI Codex. It helps developers get the most accurate answers to their programming questions as quickly as possible. Among the main functionalities of applications are:

  • code generation of software products;
  • provide code explanations in response to a developer's request;
  • generating unit tests;
  • documentation explanation.

Among the advantages of this neural network, experts note that its free version is quite similar in functionality to the paid one. That is, in the public domain there are all those tools that you need in your daily work. But in use, this neural network will require sufficient perseverance and patience from you. The fact is that the process of learning on user requests is quite long. And this means that you will have to seriously delve into the issue of prompt-engineering before you start working with the application. Only in this way will you learn how to set the task correctly and, accordingly, be able to get the desired result.


This is an AI-powered API platform designed to quickly and easily generate API. With its help, you can not only create an API, but also test it, perform deployment. In this case, you do not have to write codes, build a complex architecture.

Neural network Backengine – quite comfortable working space. There is no code here, which means that you can set up all the internal APIs quite easily and simply. The application also provides secure endpoints, which significantly increases the reliability of user data. Today, the developers of this application are working to ensure that teamwork is possible. This means that soon several users will be able to simultaneously develop APIs from their devices. In addition, there will be no need to create individual Large Language Models accounts.

Snyk Code

Snyk Code — this is a neural network capable of analyzing vulnerabilities in a software product, based immediately on the parameters of several neural networks. That is, ready-made code written by one user or another, as well as various libraries, can be used here as a work product. This program works in real time, literally immediately offering the best ways to solve the identified problem. This saves a lot of time and effort for the developer.


A reliable modern platform powered by artificial intelligence and designed to create sites and applications under Chrome. You can also use it to develop mobile applications. What will be required of you? Just describe your idea for a future software product, and the program will generate the code itself. You get a base to which you can make your own changes and additions, or leave everything as it is. If you have to work with a fairly simple product, then you can immediately deploy it

IDE Lightly

IDE Lightly – it is a cloud platform powered by artificial intelligence. With its help, developers can generate program code online and deploy projects of various levels of complexity with just a few mouse clicks. In this case, you do not need to delve into the infrastructure, make any changes and settings to it.

Today, this neural network supports over 10 programming languages and a large number of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis. It also provides for the possibility of team collaboration in order to improve projects, test them, and debug processes in real time.

On the server and don't make any changes.



GigaChat — This is a special neural network from Sberbank. Its main task— providing assistance in the processing of text and graphic content, program code. With its help, users will be able to conduct a dialogue with artificial intelligence, as well as generate code and make adjustments to it. Additionally, you can create and improve graphic objects, using a text description as a starting task.

Today, GigaChat is on the market in a beta version. Access to it can be obtained by anyone who subscribes to the Telegram channel, and will also follow the announcements from the developers.


Jam– is a program code analyzer based on artificial intelligence. Its functionality includes identifying errors, fixing them, and optimizing the debugging process. Works in conjunction with the JamChrome extension, which allows you to detect errors directly in the browser. As a result, detailed reports are generated, on the basis of which the developer makes appropriate decisions. The app is learning. It constantly analyzes user data, which allows it to constantly improve and improve.


The job of this neural network is to translate application code to React, eliminating the need for developers to manually manage JSON files. This greatly simplifies the process of bringing React applications to new markets. Artificial intelligence provides the maximum context for the dual accuracy of such a translation. At the same time, developers still have the opportunity to manually make adjustments to the received translation, if necessary. TacoTranslate's simple and easy-to-use interface has already been appreciated by many users.


AirOps — this is a multifunctional platform, using which you can create software, including chat bots, as well as form the execution of routine workflows using artificial intelligence. This application provides a set of templates that can significantly speed up the development process, as well as a variety of tips, including language models. Also, when using AirOps, specialists are confused to connect a variety of databases, languages, as well as an external API to work. At the same time, you get access to logs, logs, evaluations, versioning, memory storage, which is designed to increase the level of application management and performance.

Manufacturers claim that when using this neural network, you can effectively, safely deploy AI applications, conduct experiments with a high level of scalability.


This AI-based service will help you create web services. It uses ChatGPT as base models, as well as the Google PaLM API (Bard). You can switch between them while working, which will significantly increase the flexibility of the process and, accordingly, the quality of the finished product. Among the advantages of this service, experts point out a fairly simple and intuitive interface, the ability to perform batch processing, as well as converting chat into endpoints with just one click of the mouse, and safe storage of tips. Also, this service provides the possibility of teamwork and making changes to the software product in real time.


This is a unique platform for creating and integrating advanced features of language models into software products. This neural network works in close cooperation with ChatGPT versions 3.5 and 4. It is announced that other models will be connected in the near future. So today, with the help of ChatGPT-4, specialists will be able to easily create prototypes of a future software product. But with its scaling for full-fledged production, serious difficulties can arise. And here Chariot will come to the rescue. It will help you set up the language model and optimize data transfer, download, and conversation management.

This platform has its own API for adding text content, file URLs. It can also be used to stream completions to the software being created.


A fairly simple and easy-to-use tool with which you can translate program code from one programming language to another. Artificial intelligence is responsible for these works. It is noteworthy that when translating an application, its functionality and even logic are preserved. But, this product will be paid. You choose the best package for yourself. Its minimum cost — $9.99 for one month of use.

Summing up

As you can see, the choice of neural networks that every software developer can use in their daily work is quite wide, and among the presented assortment, you can choose a solution that will allow you not only to create codes, but also translate them into other languages, check for errors and vulnerabilities, fix identified problems, and perform many other related work.

But, you must understand that when using artificial intelligence and working on the network in general, you need to take care of your own security and privacy. To solve the tasks, it is worth using mobile proxies, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space service. They will reliably replace the technical data of your device with their own, which guarantees the confidentiality of work, as well as protection from any unauthorized access. A huge selection of available IP-addresses, geolocations and mobile network operators will allow you to effectively bypass regional blocking, work in multi-threaded mode, without fear of getting ban from antifraud systems.

Before buying mobile proxies, you can take advantage of a free two-hour test to make sure they are effective and stable. Follow the link to learn more about the functionality that is relevant rates and choose the right solution for you.

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