How to configure port forwarding in Huawei

How to set up port forwarding in Huawei?

Forwarding of a single TCP port or range.

Open the modem admin panel:

<port forwarding to Huawei atovarization

Login root password admin if no one has changed of course.

Next, go Forward Rules/Port Mapping Configuration:

port forwarding in Huawei menu

Click the Add button to add a range of ports.

We specify the port range itself. For a Web server for example:

port forwarding to Huawei port addresses

P.S. If the protocol is not very reliable (RDP), it is better to change the external port (External port namber) to a non-standard larger than 10,000.

Forwarding of all ports (extreme case). Adding a silver to the DMZ.

Sometimes port forwarding does not work, although everything is fine. Then all that remains is to add your server to the DMZ, which is not very secure. It may have vulnerable services and protocols (for example, RDP), which are immediately recommended to disable or firewall on the server side.

Forward Rules/DMZ Configuration

port forwarding to Huawei DMZ

Check the Enable DMZ box and write the IP of your server:

port forwarding to Huawei enable DMZ

Port forwarding has been completed.

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