Mobile proxies for stable earnings from website parsing

Mobile proxies for stable earnings from website parsing

Site parsing — This is a set of automated actions aimed at collecting diverse information from sites. With its help, you can find out what goods and at what price certain stores sell them, find out current prices, discounts, and collect a semantic core for subsequent website promotion on the Internet. This tool is widely used by SEO specialists and marketers when developing their own strategy and making adjustments to it in order to increase efficiency. But website parsing can also be an excellent option for stable and good earnings.

Mobile proxies — this is what will allow you to collect data from Internet resources quickly, efficiently and without the slightest risk. They will ensure the substitution of your IP-address and geolocation, which will allow you to access resources from any country and region of the world, thereby bypassing regional restrictions. With them, you can use services that automate online actions without restrictions and simultaneously work with multiple accounts. At the same time, a high level of security and protection from any unauthorized access, as well as confidentiality of online activities are guaranteed.

Now, as part of a series of articles on the use of mobile proxies in practice, we will get acquainted in more detail with how and how much you can earn with their help by parsing data. Here are a number of recommendations and answers to the most popular questions. The information presented will allow you to become more familiar with the features of data parsing, as well as perform the relevant work as quickly, efficiently and without any risks. We will also tell you where to purchase mobile proxies to perform these works profitably and reliably.

What is making money from data parsing?

Today, this type of business as data parsing is developing quite actively. Many companies that started their business literally 3-5 years ago and today have achieved more than impressive success. Moreover, they continue to actively develop in this direction. The figure shows a graph based on open tax data from one of the companies that specializes in data parsing.

Open tax data

The company's income level for the past and current year is not indicated here, but it continues to increase, and at a fairly impressive pace. This means that good and stable earnings from parsing — this is quite real.

The business itself can be divided into 2 separate categories:

  1. Data collection. It involves monitoring a huge number of sites operating in a particular niche in order to collect one or another business information, which can subsequently be used to improve the development strategy of the resource and business as a whole. The result of such actions will be the generation of a report, often in CSV/XML format. This will be raw data that requires further processing.
  2. Analytics. It involves processing data in order to structure it, identify certain patterns, aspects requiring improvement, errors, current trends, etc. That is, it is not enough to collect the necessary data, it is also necessary to process it accordingly, present it in the most visual form, which will be convenient for subsequent use. If we talk about parsing of marketplaces, then analytics will allow us to identify products which are in high demand among consumers today, current new products, their prices, promotional offers, etc.

If you plan to parse data not for your business, but on order, it is optimal to take on only data collection work. It is better to entrust the analytics directly to business representatives, since they have a better understanding of all the nuances and trends of the market, which means that they will be able to use the information you provide as efficiently as possible. That is, the client himself will work with the data you provide and will draw appropriate conclusions and conclusions based on it. Your task at this stage will be to provide customers with data collected from certain sites on an ongoing basis (as part of the agreement) in full and in the format that is agreed upon in advance. Alternatively, if you know that your clients work with PowerBI or Google BigQuery, then they will load the received information into 1C for more convenient processing and analysis. In some cases, the best option would be to create an Excel table or transfer data via the WebDav protocol, which involves accessing it directly through Windows Explorer.

There are quite a lot of options for how the interaction between you, as a contractor and a customer, will be carried out. The main thing is to choose a solution that will be as convenient as possible for your clients in their subsequent work.

Now let's move on to getting acquainted with questions that may be of interest to those who plan to make money from data parsing.

TOP questions in the field of making money from data parsing

Now, in question-answer format, we will present a number of the most relevant points related to making money from data parsing:

  1. What sites can be parsed? Any. Everything that is freely available today can be used to collect information. The most frequently performed parsing is for online stores represented in the TOP 100 category in a particular market niche. It is these resources that account for an average of 90% of everything processed today. You can extract from resources such parameters as product prices, availability in stores, current discounts, etc. But we would not recommend contacting those resources that require you to enter a login and password to access. The only exception is if the client himself provides you with the relevant data. In this case, he will bear all the risks for blocking the account. But it’s still too risky and not entirely legal.
  2. What are the advantages of a data scraping business? One of the most significant advantages — this is stability. As practice shows, if a company has already started using data parsing services, it will continue to do so in the future, since it was able to evaluate in practice more than significant benefits from such actions. The result of the work of a company specializing in data parsing suggests that on average 80% of clients are committed to long-term cooperation and want to receive the data they need once a day, week, month. This means that you will be able to use the subscription model in practice, that is, receive regular payments. In addition, the cost of entering such a market will be low. To start working in this niche you will need to have the appropriate hardware and software, as well as a reliable mobile proxy. But it is necessary to understand that every day competition in this niche is gradually increasing, which means that the struggle for customers will become increasingly tough.
  3. What level of income can you get from data parsing? It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question, because it all depends on how many clients you have at a given time and what tariffs you have. Using the example of Monitoring Center LLC, which was already discussed above (data on income levels shown in the graph), we can say that data parsing is ordered by both small companies that are willing to pay no more than 5,000 rubles per month for such services, and those who allocates up to half a million rubles from the budget for these works. Second option — This is an exception rather than a pattern. But if you average all the indicators, then the income from one client per month of work is about 20,000 rubles. Next — simple mathematics: the more clients, the higher the level of income.
  4. Is your data scraping business scalable? In principle, yes, but not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. The thing is that every new client, especially a fairly large one — This is an additional employee who will take on the relevant work. That is, any scaling of the business automatically entails strengthening the team. Along with the people who will directly collect data, there should also be managers who will communicate with clients. You cannot do without technical support. The number of people who will be involved here directly depends on how many clients the company has, namely on the volume of work performed. The fact is that even minor changes in the site markup can cause a failure in automatic operation. This means that we will have to urgently reconfigure the work of the parsers in order to eliminate inconsistencies as quickly as possible and restore the stability of data collection. But such a business structure — This is the norm for any developing company, those who really work to promote their business.
  5. Which services are data transmitted to clients? We have already said above that the transfer of collected information to clients should be carried out in the form that will be most convenient for them. Cloud technologies can be used as a file hosting service. It is optimal for this to be a private cloud, because in this case the likelihood of problems and operational failures is minimized. To choose the appropriate option, you need to pay attention to stability in operation, regularity of updates, and the presence of a documented API. It would be nice if this storage facility was free to use. This solution will be very convenient, since you just need to upload the entire volume of collected data to the cloud in the form of files in one format or another, and the client will take it from there in a way convenient for him: through a browser, WebDav, API. That is, practice has shown that today this is one of the simplest and most accessible options for work.
  6. What hardware do you need to have to work? Again, here, as with the level of income: it all depends on how much work needs to be done in practice. The only recommendation we can give is that bare metal servers that can be rented in data centers will be more reliable. Recently, the rental of such collateral has increased significantly, so it is necessary to compare your income and expenses. On average, you will be prepared to pay about 20,000 rubles per month for one server.
  7. Is it possible to create databases of companies using parsing? If we are talking about organizations that did not hide their data online, then this can be done quite easily. Building databases — this is a kind of derivative of parsing. Bots will work through all the sites operating in a particular niche, collect publicly available data and, as a result, generate a list of the same restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, etc.
  8. How are things going with your competitors today? We have already said that today data parsing is extremely popular and widespread. More and more people are assessing the prospects for such work and are starting their work in the niche. This means that the level of competition is constantly growing. Getting clients is becoming increasingly difficult. Some lower the price to attract orders. Others rely on the speed and accuracy of the work performed. But still, this market niche today is at the stage of active development, which means that all those who are just thinking about getting into data parking still have the opportunity to take their place in the market.
  9. What ways can you find clients? The most effective and reliable option for finding a customer — This is an organic search through Yandex or Google. Contextual advertising does not work as effectively here as in another niche. But find an organization interested in your services – this is one thing, but concluding a cooperation agreement — this is completely different. It is important to show the potential client what you can offer him and what benefits he will receive from cooperation in order for him to place an order with you.
  10. If parsing is so easy, then why don’t companies do this work themselves? They do it, why not? Many SEO specialists who work with certain resources use parsing to collect information about competitors, analyze prices, and form a semantic core. Often, large or public companies who do not want to be involved in any disputes or discussions related to automated data collection turn to the services of third-party companies or freelance specialists. Also ordering parsing on the side — a good option for those who are not willing to spend time hiring additional specialists, monitoring their work, and testing the results. That is, those who would like to receive a proven, reliable solution without additional gestures.
  11. Is it worth storing the collected data? In principle, it is possible if the capabilities of your hardware allow it. But does this make sense? The data you collect today may not be relevant tomorrow. Only one of your clients needs them, because it rarely happens that companies working in the same niche turn to the same company for data parsing. That is, it is optimal to ensure that data is stored on the server for up to one week. Then they will be deleted automatically.
  12. Is it possible to conquer global markets using data parsing? Most likely not, because first of all we are talking about project activities. This requires a manager to work with clients, providing support in the language in which the client contacts him. This is a completely different level of specialists. In addition, this niche is extremely competitive and in demand today. That is, each country and even region has its own specialists ready to carry out the upcoming work. In addition, it is not entirely advisable for the customer to contact a contractor from another country if he can find a good specialist at home.

Data scraping from an ethical and legal point of view

The concept of data parsing raises a number of doubts among many, caused by the ethics and legality of such actions. How serious and important is everything? Here are some main aspects:

  1. To avoid any remorse and fear of running into a lawsuit, parsing should be performed exclusively from open sources. That is, with the help of the program, data is collected that is already on the network and available to everyone. This is not sensitive and personal information, the collection of which involves the use of any unlawful actions. But still, a number of sites oppose such actions.
  2. Is it possible to limit scraping from a specific site? Today you can find resources that indicate in the offer that parsing is prohibited. But it is unlikely that a person who is interested in the price of a particular product will first go to the user agreements or get acquainted with the offer. The program works exactly the same way. She simply finds the product she is looking for and looks at its price, writing it down for herself. That is, such a restriction, if it can be called such, does not make any sense. In practice, there are also sometimes cases when an online store, in order to protect against parsing, displays prices with a picture in the hope that the system will not be able to download them. But this is clearly a misconception, since there are image recognition libraries that instantly transform a picture into text. Another example from practice, when the number of requests to the site is limited, and after the limit is over, it will be necessary to solve the captcha. Such restrictions are also easily solved using accessible and cheap manual captcha solving services. Yes, using such services will require additional expenses from you, but they are not so significant: about 5,000 rubles, no more than per month. That is, such attempts to introduce any restrictions on data parsing on the part of the resource owner do not give the desired result. You can collect data consistently, easily and simply, perhaps with the use of additional tools.
  3. What about the ethics and legality of parsing? Let us note once again that if you plan to make money by collecting data, then in any case you should not go beyond the legal framework. This in itself removes questions of ethics. This is rather a philosophical concept associated with the fact that automatic collection of data from sites causes negative emotions among its owners. But the parser does not perform any special actions that differ from what a real person would do when visiting your site: he would study the assortment, prices, write them out for himself for comparison, read the presented material. That is, it will be completely ethical and legal to collect information that is in the public domain and is not protected at the legislative level in the field of copyright and related rights, collected using legal methods and technologies, and does not cause any disruption in the operation of the resource and the Internet as a whole, does not imply restrictions in relation to competitors.
  4. Do companies know that they are being scammed? It is almost impossible to detect data parsing, provided that it is performed as correctly as possible. Especially if reliable proxy servers are involved in these works. That is, thanks to this, the system will not be able to determine for what purpose the connection to the site is being made from a particular IP address. For her, data parsing looks as if a real person is doing the work. The only thing that can be determined is the consequences of data parsing that will appear on third-party sites.
  5. Is it possible to run into a lawsuit when parsing data? There is a possibility of this, since not all owners of online stores are ready to put up with the fact that data from their sites is collected by third parties. But all this will not go further than a banal investigation if the work is carried out within the framework of the law. That is, only data that is freely and openly available is collected. So, in your work you need to be as correct and careful as possible so as not to overload the site from which the data is collected. On average, collecting data from one product card should take no more than 3-4 seconds. If these recommendations are not followed, the site will experience an excessive load, which will negatively affect its performance, the convenience of customers, and will entail losses for the business. And these are clearly not the goals that data parsing sets itself.

Parsing and website security system

This is the last group of issues that we will consider in this review. And it relates directly to the field of security when data parsing:

  1. Does parsing involve hacking a site? No. We do not recommend performing such actions. If you are contacted with a question about collecting data from password-protected sites, we recommend that you immediately refuse such offers, because this is, first of all, illegal. We think no additional clarification is required here.
  2. Difference between parsing and DDOS attack. The main task that hackers set for themselves when launching a DDOS attack — This is a site hack. Parsing does not involve such actions. This is just an automated collection of data from open sources, which is performed on a regular basis and over a long period of time. That is, it is in the interests of those people who perform parsing to maintain stable operation of the resource, and not to hack it and disable it.
  3. Is there a way to protect against parsing? By and large, no website can protect itself from parsing. But still, a number of resource owners are taking actions aimed at complicating the collection of information and establishing various methods of protection. All this only makes parsing more expensive in terms of time and resources. In some cases, it may turn out that it will be completely unprofitable for the customer to collect data from this or that site, because quite serious research work needs to be carried out aimed at identifying ways to bypass the protection. In all other cases, you can automatically collect data from all sites on the network that are not protected by passwords. By and large, a site that would like to protect itself from parsing can create an xml file, put all the data in it and simply provide a link to it to anyone who is interested in the information provided. That is, this way the need for parsing in itself will disappear. But, alas, it is difficult to imagine that at least one online store owner would do this.
  4. Which platforms are the most difficult to work with? Today, one of the most complex protection systems is observed on Avito. This is a site that has quite significant material resources and professional technical personnel, which allows them to bother with protection at a fairly high level. Most likely, all these actions are aimed at protecting the site from hacking, but at the same time, parsing also suffers.
  5. Should websites implement anti-parsing protection? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, because everyone makes their own decision. The only thing I would like to note is that all these restrictions can scare only those who are just starting to work with parsing. Industrial data collection requires a more professional approach, using a huge number of different tools. This means that the necessary information will still be received. It's all about the price that the client will have to pay for the information received and the time that the team will spend on solving this problem.

To summarize

As you can see, data parsing — This is another fairly promising and relevant requirement on the market today. We have given the most common questions related to this topic, dividing them into 3 separate blocks depending on the specifics. The information presented will be sufficient for you to understand exactly which markets you will be working with, what difficulties and nuances await you in your upcoming activities. But once again we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you cannot do without reliable mobile proxies here. With their help, you can not only gain access to blocked resources, but also bypass all sorts of restrictions and protections set by one or another site, use the substitution of browser digital fingerprints, and more.

Reliable mobile proxies that will become your indispensable assistant when parsing data and working on the network in general are offered by the MobileProxy.Space service. Follow the link to learn more about the functions and capabilities of this solutions, current tariffs, available geolocations and other aspects. You can also take advantage of a free two-hour test to check how mobile proxies work and how effective they will be in your working conditions. If you need additional advice or assistance in resolving a number of technical issues, please contact the support service, which operates 24/7.

Mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service

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