Mobile proxies for Zalo messenger

Mobile proxies for Zalo messenger

Zalo is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in Vietnam. It is also the most widespread and popular social network among users. In terms of application, it has already surpassed its closest global competitor, in particular Facebook. In their work, according to many experts, Zalo is quite similar to instant messengers such as Viber or LINE. That is, with its help, users can send text messages, various visual content and make calls. To use all this, you just need to have access to 3G Internet or WiFi networks.

If we analyze the current social networking market in Vietnam today, statistics will show that Zalo is the leader over all possible solutions. Its utilization rate is 88%. Moreover, this figure for Facebook is 71%, for Messenger - 58%, and for Instagram only 15%. As you can see, the difference is more than significant. The majority of the user audience is middle-aged people with a stable income level (over 50%), while young people aged 16-25 make up about 30%.

Key features of the Zalo messenger

The instant messaging application and social network Zalo was launched in Vietnam in 2012 by VNG Corporation. Literally from the moment it appeared on the market, it has gained increased popularity among many users. Soon the messenger became one of the most used in the country. Users are offered 2 language interface options: English and Vietnamese.

In its operation, Zalo is not much different from other applications existing on the market today in this segment. Initially, the users install it on their smartphones, tablets or personal computers. Online registration using a telephone number is also possible. Next, you can import all the data that is in your Facebook or Google Plus profile. After this, contacts are added from those included in your list on your phone.

The main function of the Zalo messenger can be called communication with users included in your contact book. But there are broader possibilities here. In particular, there are several public chats where you can make new acquaintances. They are organized into separate categories, which allows you to find the most suitable topic and interest group.

Advantages of the Zalo social network

Among the main advantages of the Zalo messenger it is also worth highlighting:

  • an advanced high-tech platform that is adapted to the Vietnamese lifestyle;
  • constantly updating security tools, including end-to-end encryption: creators regularly invest large sums of money in this area;
  • the ability to send files of high quality and size up to 1 GB while maintaining smooth communication;
  • the presence of two separate versions: Zalo for PC and Zalo Web, which allows everyone to choose the most suitable solution for themselves;
  • adaptability to a large number of users: stable operation with constant audience growth;
  • the ability to record video messages and send them;
  • search for nearby friends, the ability to combine a list of friends from your contact list;
  • a diverse gaming world of a social network that allows people of different ages and interests to find entertainment.

All these features have led to the fact that Zalo has become more than worthy competition for the leading instant messengers and social networks of our time, including the Chinese giant WiChat. According to statistics, today almost every Vietnamese adult has this messenger connected to their phone. Also, the site already has over 10,000 profiles of government agencies. This allows them to establish communication with people and improve service.

This application has also already been released outside the country. It is used by people who are interested in Vietnamese culture and who would like to get to know the locals. Recent statistical studies show that today Zalo is used by over 75 million people. That is, you can use this application without any restrictions anywhere in the world. The only thing that needs to be implemented in this case is to connect mobile proxies.

Why does Zalo need mobile proxies?

The first thing we would like to draw your attention to is that the Zalo messenger is not available in all countries and regions of the world. In order to access it, you must bypass regional restrictions. Using mobile proxies, you can choose the most suitable geolocation for yourself, thereby changing the visibility of your location for the system. That is, thanks to simple settings, the messenger will see you as a resident of Vietnam, and not of another country. This means that you will be able to use the social network without restrictions.

Other features that mobile proxies provide to the Zalo messenger include:

  1. Ensuring a high level of confidentiality. By hiding the real IP-address, the system will not be able to identify your device. This guarantees the anonymity of actions.
  2. High level of protection against unauthorized access. It is also ensured by hiding the technical characteristics of the user device. You will be protected from hacker attacks.
  3. Higher Internet speed and stability. Associated with data caching and the use of high-speed communication channels.
  4. Multiaccounting. With mobile proxies, you can create an unlimited number of profiles in Zalo without the risk of getting blocked. For a business, this is an opportunity to attract as many potential buyers as possible.
  5. Using tools to automate actions on social networks. You will be able to connect bots, run auto-posting, and parse data without any restrictions.

Reliable mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service can provide all this. You can easily connect them to the Zalo messenger, opening up new possibilities for interacting with the social network. You will have a huge number of IP-addresses at your disposal, which can be changed automatically according to a timer, setting it in the interval from 2 minutes to 1 hour. It will also be possible to change the parameters every time the need arises via a link from your personal account. High stability and functionality of mobile proxies is ensured by the simultaneous use of the HTTP(S) and Socks5 protocols, which is implemented by connecting to parallel ports. If you need to change geolocation in your workflow, you can do it in a couple of clicks. This means that you can use this solution not only when working with instant messengers in Vietnam, but also in any other country in the world.

Follow the link to study current tariffs, evaluate the functionality of mobile proxies and take advantage of free testing for 2 hours. Any technical problems or operational difficulties are promptly resolved by our 24-hour technical support service. You can also study the most pressing questions about mobile proxies and the answers to them in the FAQ block.

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