Stable access to Pornhub: no restrictions

Stable access to Pornhub: no restrictions

Pornhub – one of the most popular adult sites in the world. Many people compare it with Facebook for the 18+ user category. About 60 million unique users visit it every day. Under this name, a huge number of sites with the same type of content work today: RedTube, KeezMovies, YouPorn, PornMD, Tube8, Spankwire, XTube, ExtremeTube. Each site has its own leaders, managers, history, geographic focus and even design. They allow you to share adult content with other users: there is a kind of internal social network with friending, profiles, active communities. Often, sites conduct experiments designed to test the interest of users in a particular material.

But there is one more common point both for Pornhub itself and for all those sites that it unites – access restrictions for residents of Russia. Why did it happen? Is it still possible to access the site and its content? Let us dwell on these points in more detail, and also tell you what tools should be used for these purposes and where to get them? You might also be interested in the article on how to access Cinema TV.

5 interesting facts about Pornhub

Yes, Pornhub – is a portal where you can find millions of options for adult entertainment. But you can't call it a porn site. We offer you to get acquainted with five interesting facts about this site:

  1. Pornhub allocates a lot of funds to fight breast cancer and to protect the environment, rare animals. Thousands of dollars are allocated annually for these purposes. The site provided funds for the protection of pandas and whales, planted thousands of trees, donated money for medical research.
  2. World-class sports – worst enemies of Pornhub. The fact is that during such events, traffic to the site drops sharply. As an example, the last NBA Super Bowl caused a 27% drop in traffic. Similar figures are observed at various sporting events.
  3. Safe sex – it is important. Pornhub stands for health care. The site has plenty of content dedicated to purely medical information for people of all ages. Also on the site there is a Sexual Wellness Center, where you can get advice on sexually transmitted diseases, on general issues of sexual health, sexual habits.
  4. Pornhub is for a healthy lifestyle, in particular for healthy weight loss. The site provides an amazing thing for weight loss and its subsequent control. Here are exercises for self-study, for couples, three people, companies. Intrigued? Go to the site and see what it's all about.
  5. Pornhub has a channel for the blind. All content here is accompanied by a narrative description that allows you to form a mental picture of what is shown on the screen. Vivid details in every scene will leave a lasting impression on visually impaired people.

How did it happen that Pornhub was blocked in Russia?

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this material is provided for informational purposes only. We are in no way calling you to action.

The whole story with the blocking began in March 2014. It was during this period that the Russian-language domain was included in the Unified Register of Banned Websites in Russia. Reason – the presence of a video on the site, the actress of which looked too young. But in September 2016, the entire site was already blocked by a court decision. Reason – circulation of pornographic materials, as well as the lack of protection from children.

But, no more than six months later, the blocking was partially lifted. Namely, restrictions remained only for some pages of Pornhub. Moreover, there was a ban on access for children and adolescents who have not reached the age of majority. Since July 2017, everyone who would like to enter the site is required to enter their date of birth. But to check the veracity of this information, authorization through the social network VKontakte. The relevant information will be displayed on the screen after you enter your date of birth. So there is no way to get around the age ban.

And after that, everything looked very ambiguous. It was impossible to talk about a complete blocking, because all the same, there was access to Pornhub, albeit to a non-Russian version. But the site still contains ambiguous content and when you try to enter your personal information, not everyone wants to disclose an account on a social network. And while users were thinking about what to do in this situation, in the summer of 2022, a complete blocking was again introduced by Roskomnadzor. Reason – LGBT propaganda.

What is Pornhub blocking?

If they talk about blocking a certain site, including Pornhub, then they mean a ban on access to the site for users from a certain region, country. How does the system calculate them? By IP-address (if you are interested, here you can find out your IP-address for free). The fact is that each computer, when connected to the Internet, receives a unique address tied to a specific geolocation. It will be displayed on sites so that they know which address to send the response to the request. It is on this interaction that the work of the World Wide Web is built. If there is a ban on access, then the site sees your IP-address, understands what region you are from and immediately blocks access.

Now that you understand how the system works, it's easy to figure out how to bypass regional locks. Yes, everything is simple and logical – access the site from an IP-address whose location is not prohibited. But proxy servers can provide this. These are a kind of intermediaries between you and Internet sites that will pass traffic through themselves and at the same time replace the technical parameters with their own. Thanks to this, you can easily bypass the blocking without violating anything. So, it is optimal to use a proxy with the GEO of Europe or the USA, Canada to access Pornhub. In this case, the Roskomnadzor system will only see that you are connected to a European (American, Canadian) – nothing more. This means that no sanctions will be applied to you.

It remains only to choose a good proxy server for yourself.

Choosing a proxy for Pornhub

There is a huge variety of proxy servers on the market today. Some of them are also free. They are freely available, which means that anyone can use them. But the question is different: is it worth it? The answer is unequivocal – No. Free proxies have a low level of security and stability. In addition, those IP-addresses that they have at their disposal are already on the "black list" for sure. This means that an attempt to enter from them will be immediately stopped by the system. And Pornhub is no exception.

One of the best solutions to surf the Internet without restrictions – this is mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service. With their help, you get not only bypassing the regional blocking that we talked about above, but also a number of other equally significant advantages. In particular:

  • The absolute anonymity of the work. You, as an end user, cannot be identified, because the system does not see the real address of your device. This means that your access to Pornhub will be completely private.
  • High level of security when working with the site. The fact is, Pornhub has repeatedly been seen placing ads that carry malicious software. It turns out that you can easily catch the "virus" on your device without even knowing it. This will not happen with mobile proxies, because there is no way out to your real address.
  • High speed. Provided by the use of high-speed communication channels and data caching. This means that you can watch streaming video without slowdowns, freezes.
  • The ability to configure automatic IP-address change by timer (set individually in the range from 2 minutes to 1 hour) when forced, via a link from your personal account. You can also change the geolocation, the operator of cellular networks directly in the workflow, creating yourself guaranteed access to the desired resource.
  • You will have your own dedicated channel with unlimited traffic and access to more than 900,000 address pool.

Click on for a detailed look at the functionality and features of mobile proxies and see for yourself that this is the best solution that the modern market offers.

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