Supplier account on Wildberries: everything you need to know about it

To the supplier's account on Wildberries: everything you need to know about him

For today Wildberries — an extremely popular platform among both buyers and business representatives. Today, on its pages, the marketplace has collected thousands of different stores, thanks to which buyers can find here absolutely any product that may interest them, from clothing, shoes, goods for children, to various electronics and modern gadgets. If you decide to take advantage of the opportunities of this platform to develop your own business, then the first thing you will need to implement at this stage is to create a supplier account.

We will talk about how to do this in this review. We'll tell you what you need to do to register on the site as a supplier of goods or services. We will tell you what information will be in the user’s personal account and what sections are provided here. We will also dwell in detail on the issue of creating a product card. Let us highlight a number of points that will allow you to ensure a high level of security for your account when working with the site Wildberries.

What is needed to sell goods on Wildberries: legal nuances

Today, the site has a number of rules that must be followed by all those who would like to open their own online representative office here. Therefore, before registering an account, you must carefully read these recommendations in order to assess your chances of successfully opening a store. Thus, today both individuals and legal entities, including limited liability companies and individual entrepreneurs, can become a supplier on this marketplace. The main thing for individuals is that they pay tax on professional income and have self-employed status. If this is not the case, you will not be able to trade on Wildberries.

By the way, the goods that self-employed people can sell on the site include only those products that they produced independently or that they personally implemented some kind of upgrade or improvement. This could be an updated design of factory products, or the assembly of certain devices from ready-made components. Possible options and restrictions for self-employed people on Wildberries have a fairly impressive section. Take the time to study it yourself to minimize possible problems in the future.

Another point that must be taken into account during the registration process on the site: the system will not ask you to provide any documents for the products planned for sale. But this does not mean that you may not have this documentation. You must be prepared for the fact that at any time later the marketplace may require the following:

  • documents for the trademark, if you use it;
  • quality certificates for each item that will be presented in the store;
  • customs declarations, as well as declarations of conformity;
  • quality certificates;
  • permission from copyright holders (directly the brands themselves) to sell a particular product.

If you receive such a request, you must provide documentation within the next 3 days. If you fail to do this, be prepared to pay a fine, both directly from the Wildberries site itself in the amount of up to 100,000 rubles, and from Rospotrebnadzor in the amount of up to 300,000 rubles. Therefore, do not be overly happy if the site initially does not ask you for any documentation. Make sure that you always have it at hand, and you can provide it at the first request. This way you can avoid quite impressive fines.

Now that you know what documents you should have and have prepared them, you can proceed directly to registering on the marketplace as a seller.

Sequence of actions for registering a supplier on Wildberries

So that you can register yourself as a new user and supplier of certain services and goods on the Wildberries marketplace, use our step-by-step instructions. The process itself is quite simple and does not require any deep professional knowledge or skills from you. It will be enough just to follow these recommendations:

  1. Go to the Wildberries site. At the top of the main working window you will see the “Sell on Wildberries” button. We click on it. To begin registration, the system will ask you to enter an active phone number. It is active, since here the system may require you to confirm via phone. That is, if you enter a number that is not used in reality, you simply will not be able to confirm your registration.
  2. In order to continue registration, you must select the option that will be most convenient for you. In particular, you can use the QR code provided here and register through the mobile application or go through the procedure through the web version of the site.
  3. As confirmation of registration, you will need to enter a code, which the system will automatically send to you in the “Notifications” section. directly in the buyer’s personal account if you have one. If you have not previously registered on the site as a buyer, then you will be sent an SMS message to the previously specified phone number.
  4. Next step — selecting the country where you are registered as a self-employed person or as a legal entity. At this stage, the identification number of a legal entity or individual is indicated if you are a payer of professional income tax. After that, select the form of your organization. Now the system will display those columns that you will need to fill out in accordance with the previously specified information. You systematically fill out each of them. Please note: in front of you will also be the inscription “I want to register as an advertising agency.” and next to it is a box where the system will prompt you to check the box. If your plans do not include such a solution, then we do not tick this box.
  5. For further work, you will need to pay a guarantee fee of 10,000 rubles. This is a mandatory requirement for absolutely anyone who would like to open their own representative office on Wildberries. This must be done from the account that you have linked to the identification number of a self-employed person or legal entity. If you use some other payment systems to top up, the site will not link the funds received to your personal account, that is, the guarantee fee will not be counted. You will have to undertake rather painstaking work to return the money. This can be done through technical support, but it will require some time, effort, and in some cases nerves. Therefore, it’s easier to do everything right away through an account linked to your legal entity. If we are talking about an individual self-employed person, then you can use a payment through a card, but exactly the one associated with the personal identification number.

All the work that you need to create a personal account on the Wildberries site has been completed. The system will check your data on average for 3 days. For the most part, platform employees are involved in this work. If everything is done correctly and the marketplace does not have any comments, after these very 3 days your personal account will be activated. You will receive notifications about this directly in your personal account.

In practice, there are cases when Wildberries returns the guarantee fee to future sellers to their advertising account in the form of bonuses, which can subsequently be spent on promoting their store on the site. What algorithm does the system use to decide who gets a refund in the form of bonuses and who doesn’t — It's hard to say. But there is still a possibility.

Additional work before starting trading

The fact that you already have an active personal account as a seller on Wildberries — This is only part of the tasks that face anyone who decides to launch their own store here. But you still have to:

  1. Set the location where your orders will be picked up. To do this, in the main menu of the site, you need to click on the “Select pickup point” option. Next, from the drop-down list, select the order pickup point that will be most convenient for you in your subsequent work. This is where returns of goods, products whose expiration date will expire and can no longer be stored in the warehouse, or defective products will be sent.
  2. Enter the seller’s personal information. To open the corresponding columns, you need to hover over your profile and then go to the “Settings” tab. The mandatory parameters that should be entered here include a current account, an individual bank account, etc. In each column you will have a hint as to what data you need to indicate in a particular box. If you do not complete the work at this stage, you will not receive subsequent payments from the marketplace.
  3. Signature of the offer. Here we also hover over our profile and select the “Offers” button from the drop-down menu. Be sure to carefully study the entire document. You must understand what he obliges you to do as a seller. Unfortunately, even if you have some disagreements, you will not be able to offer your own option. The only chance to start trading here — put a tick next to the inscription “The Seller has read and agrees.” After that, click on the “Confirm” button.

This completes all the basic work related to opening your own representative office on the Wildberries marketplace. Now you can proceed directly to creating product cards, launch analytics services that will monitor your sales and use other tools present in the supplier’s personal account. We'll talk about what exactly we're talking about next.

Possibilities of the supplier’s personal account on Wildberries

The supplier’s personal account in the Wildberries marketplace already includes an impressive set of tools that you will need to conduct convenient and successful trading. Directly from it you can manage your account, add new products, delete irrelevant items, view promotions, explore new products, etc. You can also study analytical data on products that are not in the assortment of your competitors, and communicate directly with customers.

The following tools will be presented on the main page of the supplier’s personal account:

  1. Schedule of orders, repurchases, as well as the balance given to one day or week.
  2. Sales statistics, which will display the number of products sold in percentage, units, as well as the volume of defective goods.
  3. Seller rating.
  4. Feedback from customers who purchased goods and services from you.
  5. The most popular questions from customers.
  6. Products tab. Here you will find everything you need to manage product cards and directly communicate with potential buyers.
  7. Delivery section. In this section you will find all the tools related to the supply of goods if, in your work with the marketplace, you use a scheme that involves storing goods in Wildberries’ own warehouse, as well as organizing delivery by the site itself. Suppliers can also use a scheme in which goods will be stored in their own warehouses and delivered on their own.
  8. Warehouse map. This section presents the marketplace's own map of warehouses. Study it to choose the warehouse that will be most convenient in your case for storing certain products.
  9. A set of tabs designed to manage your personal account, supplies, goods, and advertising. In the “Advertising” block tools are presented that will allow you to customize the promotion of cards for certain products to ensure more effective sales.
  10. Wallet balance at the current time, as well as the available amount for withdrawal, various financial reports.

A little below you will find additional information on warehouses, current newsletters from the marketplace, customer responses and questions, as well as a variety of additional analytical information. As you can see, the data that will be stored in the supplier’s personal account is quite diverse and voluminous. This means that you will have to put a lot of effort into understanding all these nuances, thereby setting up the most effective, convenient and fast work with the marketplace. Now let’s look in more detail at the four main sections that will be the most important in the work, namely “Analytics”, “Feedback and questions”, “Promotions calendar”, “Prices and discounts”.

Features of the “Analytics” section

The Wildberries marketplace provides all suppliers working on the site with a fairly impressive set of analytical data about the work they are doing on the site. Among other things, the dynamics of turnover and sales for certain categories, products, regions, and work with private orders will be presented here. The platform itself changes the list of reports from time to time, adjusting them to current market trends. If you want your work on the marketplace to be as efficient and functional as possible, then make it a habit to check this section often. This way you won’t miss out on important information that will help ensure more effective promotion of goods and services and increase sales.

It is very convenient that in this tab you can also see which product items will be in shortest supply on the marketplace at a given time. If you manage to figure this out in time and offer consumers such a sought-after product, you will make a good profit.

Features of the “Feedback and Questions” section

This page is located in the “Products” section. It was created so that business representatives would answer customers’ questions and respond to reviews. For greater convenience, this page is divided into two separate blocks:

  1. Reviews.
  2. Questions.

Additionally, each of them will also be divided into new ones, that is, those that you, as a seller, have not yet had time to respond to. Second category – archival. These are the ones that have already been answered previously. Reviews containing only ratings, that is, without any additional descriptions, are highlighted separately.

You, as a seller, must regularly visit this section, since a significant proportion of tools for communication with the target audience are presented here. Even if you see a negative review, respond to it anyway. Find out what exactly you didn’t like and try to find ways to smooth out the current situation. If you leave negative reviews without any comments, this will negatively affect the loyalty of your customers.

Features of the “Promotions Calendar” section

This tab is presented in the “Prices and Discounts” block. It will include all the necessary information about what sales and discounts are currently available on the marketplace. Also, in parallel, data will be presented on what conditions and period for a particular offer, and what products fall under it. To study the terms of the promotion more carefully and in detail, you just need to click on the appropriate option.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that from time to time Wildberries organizes promotions that will help you reduce your commission on sales or receive some other benefits from cooperation. In addition, here you can select the cards that you would like to include in the sale from your store. Moreover, Wildberries will tell you exactly which products will be suitable for a particular promotion and which ones will not. At the same time, you should understand that by doing this you significantly increase your chances that site buyers who are interested in the promotional offer will choose your products.

Features of the “Prices and Discounts” section

More recently, this section was radically changed by the site. In order not to get confused in the information presented and focus exclusively on the most current data, use the “Prices and discounts NEW” section. This is the tab that will be most relevant for absolutely every seller, since directly in it you will change prices for your products, set prices, add or remove discounts after creating product cards. Conveniently, such adjustments can be made for absolutely all products at once, for example by indicating a price increase of 10%, or you can select individual products for which you would like to change the price.

All work with this block will be carried out through Excel files. The convenient thing is that you simply download the template, enter the relevant information into it and download it back. In addition, the marketplace offers recommended discounts in this template. But you decide whether you want to focus on them or not.

Features of creating a product card

The more efficiently and professionally you approach the creation of a product card, the higher the likelihood that your product will attract the attention of the target audience. In addition, on Wildberries there is such a thing as a quality rating, which is directly related to the position of your card in search results. And one of the most important criteria that influences the quality rating will be the completeness of its completion. That is, the more useful information you add to the product card, the higher it will appear in the search results in response to a user request. Conveniently, the platform itself will tell you what you need to do in order to improve the rating of a particular card.

The process of creating a product card begins from the “Products” tab. in your personal account. All products that are currently on sale will be displayed here, as well as buttons for adding new products. You can use the “Create Card” tool or “Add as a table”. In the latter case, you will be able to load all the goods at once, provided that you have already created the corresponding table. But we will dwell in more detail on how to create a separate product card. And here we will need to systematically carry out a number of works.

Create a specification

This is exactly the block of your product card where complete information about the products planned for sale will be presented. To fill out the specification, you need to enter the appropriate information in the following fields:

  1. Name. This is the name of your product, including the name of the brand that produces it. As soon as you enter the name, the site will prompt you to select the appropriate category for selling it. This point is very important, since you will not be able to make changes later. And if a mistake is made, potential buyers simply won’t find your product, as they will look for it in a completely different category.
  2. Seller's article number. This is a kind of supplier identification number by which both the system and individual buyers will identify products. This will be convenient if a person has already ordered certain products from you. Now he needs other goods, but he would like to contact you again.
  3. Brand. Here you should indicate the name of your company. If you work as a private individual, that is, there is no name as such, then you can simply write any word that will be counted by the system as a brand. The only thing here is that you should never use someone else’s trademark, because otherwise the site at any time may require you to provide permits to trade in the products of a particular manufacturer. If you cannot provide this document, you will face a fine.
  4. Color. Wildberries provides a system of filters for customers, including selection by parameters such as color. Here you should indicate the main shade that is present in your product. Moreover, it should be as simple a color as possible: black, white, blue. By the way, you can add up to 5 color schemes to the same product card.
  5. Text description. This is where you talk about your products, their features, and competitive advantages. This is where you should add keywords by which the target audience will find certain products through the Wildberries search engine. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the descriptions given here must be unique. You cannot copy other people's descriptions or simply enter the entire set of key queries here. The system will lower such cards to the very bottom of the search results. The permissible volume of such a description — 2000 characters. This is where you must provide the most important information about your product to buyers.
  6. Cost. The base price of the product is indicated without additional discounts or promotions. You will subsequently be able to add these products to promotional catalogs, and then the system will automatically calculate the cost for customers, based on the original price and the size of the discount itself.
  7. Weight and dimensions. The dimensions and weight of the product are indicated here, including packaging, if provided. If necessary, you can also add actual dimensions and shipping packaging. These are the parameters that have a direct impact on the cost of delivery, which is calculated by the Wildberries platform. If you provide reliable data, you may run into penalties from the marketplace. In particular, the so-called logistics coefficient will be increased, which will automatically increase the price of transportation. Therefore, it is better to indicate the numbers a little more than they actually are in order to avoid penalties and various errors in measurements.
  8. Barcode. This is information that is used to label products and is transformed by the system into a barcode. The barcode is generated automatically for each product.
  9. Documentation. This includes certificates of conformity and all declarations you have, which are necessary for the system to provide products with the “Quality Confirmed” status. If this option is not relevant for you, if you do not have any documents, then you can skip such fields here and do not fill them in.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that for certain categories of product groups the system offers to add additional characteristics that may be of interest to potential buyers. They will be hidden under the “Show all” button. If this is relevant for your product, then you need to enter the relevant information here. The parameters listed here can also be used by users when setting up filters. Therefore, it is important to enter the data as accurately and correctly as possible.

Adding photo and video content to the product card

One description, even the most professional and unique one, will not be enough to create a product card on Wildberries. The system reacts extremely negatively to cards that do not contain photographs at all or contain photographs of questionable quality. They will simply not be displayed by the platform to potential buyers. The main recommendations for graphic content of product cards include:

  • aspect ratio: 3:4;
  • concise color palette, moderate brightness, visual appeal;
  • resolution: no less than 900x1200 and no more than 8000x8000 pixels;
  • image format: *.png or *.jpg.

The photo should fully reflect the features of your product and be easy to visually perceive. So that at one glance the buyer will see that in front of him is exactly what he was looking for. To add photos, you just need to drag them into a special frame provided in each product card or specify the system the path to files saved on your computer.

Whether to add a video to your card or not — It's an individual matter. Here, first of all, it is necessary to proceed from what kind of product we are talking about. If you need to reveal its features in as much detail as possible, then the video will do the job perfectly. Wildberries allows you to upload videos weighing up to 50 MB. You can add from 1 to 30 media files to one card. This means that you will be able to provide your products to the target audience in all possible angles and formats.

Creating a purchase order

It is worth filling out this block in the product card for those suppliers who plan to store their goods directly in the marketplace warehouse and transfer to the site all work related to delivering products directly to customers. In this case, your task will be to timely replenish Wildberries warehouses with your goods.

To create an order in this case, you will need to go to the “Supplies” tab. and here click on the “Create delivery” button. After this, a draft will open in front of you. You can fill it out manually or download a ready-made template and enter the relevant data into it. Please note that using the template you can upload large quantities of goods of different types as conveniently and quickly as possible. Just indicate the barcode from a particular card and the number of items that should go into the warehouse. After you fill out the template, all you have to do is click on the “Download” button to log it into the system.

How can you close a supplier’s personal account

If the situation changes and you decide to no longer sell products on Wildberries, you can delete your supplier account. This process is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. By simply pressing the “Delate” button You will not be able to close your professional activity on the marketplace. There are a number of tasks to complete here, in particular:

  1. Sell absolutely all goods that are in Wildberries warehouses or order their return to some other warehouse that has nothing to do with the site. That is, as long as your product is in the warehouses of the marketplace, you will not be able to close your professional activity here. If you have not used Wildberries warehouses, then it will be enough to simply reset all positions in the product card. By doing this, you will make them inaccessible to your customers.
  2. If you have dealt with new orders, that is, you have stopped accepting them, then it is also important to ensure that previously sent products still reach their recipient. That is, the system must see that customers have received their orders. In the event that there are returns, they must be returned to the issuing points. You pick up absolutely all products that are in warehouses or at delivery points.
  3. Before deletion, the product card must be cleared of photo and video content. Thanks to this, they will no longer be displayed in search results and, accordingly, buyers will not be able to order them.
  4. Now that all previous stages are closed, you can order the so-called “Reconciliation Report”. This is a kind of final report to the technical support service. It will show whether you still have any debts or obligations to Wildberries. If somewhere you have not yet paid off something, then at this stage you will have to close all your debt obligations. If everything is in order, then you will be given permission to delete the supplier’s personal account. By the way, if Wildberries owes you some amount of money, then it will automatically be transferred to the current account that you left during registration immediately after closing your account.

How to improve the security of a supplier’s personal account

The security problem is relevant for absolutely all sites. However, those platforms that specialize directly in sales are exposed to the most serious risks. This is where money is present, which makes it in itself an extremely “tasty morsel.” for intruders. The first thing you need to do if your personal account is under attack from hackers is to seek competent help from technical support staff. Only in this case will you have hope of returning your lost account.

But everyone understands that it would be better to prevent problems than to correct them later. You can minimize all kinds of potential risks associated with the safety of working on Wildberries if you follow a number of simple recommendations:

  1. All data related to access to the personal account of buyers and sellers must be securely hidden from any third-party access. Only you, as its owner, should know them.
  2. Do not involve people who do not have an impressive track record in performing certain tasks. That is, get into the habit of working exclusively with trusted employees.
  3. All communication with the technical support service on the Wildberries site is carried out directly through your personal supplier account or the official marketplace chat in Telegram. If you receive a supposed message from the support service in any other way, do not respond to such messages. You should also understand that real Wildberries employees will not contact you with a request to make any payment or require you to provide an access code. They will also not transfer correspondence to third-party messengers. In this case, banal silence — This is already reliable protection against third-party attacks.
  4. If you decide to use any third-party monitoring and analytics services that are not provided by the Wildberries platform, do not send API keys there. This is the case when the risk will be completely unjustified.
  5. Set up work with the site through mobile proxy, in particular from the MobileProxy.Space service. In this case, you provide yourself with the highest level of security and confidentiality when working both with the site and on the Internet in general, you will be able to access any services and websites from around the world, including those that are geographically located in the regions, work with which it is prohibited at the legislative level. And in this way you can organize for yourself the most functional work with a large number of accounts without the risk of running into a ban from the system. More information about the functions, current tariffs and other nuances of cooperation can be found at the link

As you can see, ensuring high security when working with the Wildberries — This is primarily the responsibility of you, as a provider and user of the Internet as a whole. And it is you who decide how functional, convenient and diverse your activities on this marketplace will be. Follow these recommendations and you can avoid many problems associated with both working on the marketplace and on the Internet in general.

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