Automatic analytics from DataFan for SMM-specialists and business representatives

Automatic analytics from DataFan for SMM-specialists and business representatives

Dynamic reporting — this is what will simplify the work of any SMM specialist, as well as a business representative. Having certain information in hand, you can easily make adjustments to the chosen development strategy, which will allow you to achieve maximum results in a short period of time. Collecting all the necessary data manually is very, very difficult. This requires a lot of human resources and time. As a result, an untimely reaction to the behavior of the market or the target audience, which can negatively affect the level of income.

Now let's take a closer look at what static and dynamic reports are, what is the difference between them. Consider a tool such as DataFan, which allows you to build reports in real time. We will also show you how to automate your actions without fear of getting banned from social networks and anti-fraud systems using a product such as mobile proxies.

Static reports: what you need to know about it

Already from the name, it can be judged that statistical reports will be tied to a certain period of time. That is, they provide information for a day, a week, or any other period of time. The specialist needs to compare the received data with similar reports for an earlier period in order to understand how the process has changed and what should be focused on in order to achieve better results. So, static reports are data received at a certain point in time. That is, they can still be called instantaneous. Among the distinguishing points worth highlighting:

  1. Storing data about a specific period of time. They can be used as a historical reference for performance.
  2. They are collected by extracting data from various sources. Assume the analysis of information for a sufficiently long period of time. As a result, fragmentation occurs, which requires additional work with data, sorting, screening.
  3. Represents static data with no interactive functionality. To present a clear picture based on them, a specialist needs a lot of time and effort.
  4. Based on important business data that is of significant enough value for the development of the enterprise.

That is, it is worth using static reports when developing a global business development strategy, but you will not be able to make instant adjustments to it based on these data. But dynamic reports will effectively cope with this task.

Dynamic reports: what you need to know about it

Unlike static reports, dynamic reports are generated in real time and allow access to the most up-to-date information. This allows the user to interact with the data through interactive features, performing both basic and advanced analysis. Among the distinguishing points of dynamic reports, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Update data automatically and without stopping. You will receive up-to-date information at any time of the day or night, on weekends and holidays. They will be available online to anyone with the appropriate permission to do so and can be easily shared with the team.
  2. Provides a deeper understanding of the current picture. They allow not only viewing, but also interacting with information, which will help you make the most correct and correct decision.
  3. They give the most voluminous and complete picture of the current moment. They allow you to compare indicators over a wide time range, since the entire data array is collected in one place. In order to perform a complex analysis, you do not have to spend a lot of time.
  4. Designed primarily for visual perception. Graphs, tables, each user can customize individually for their needs and upcoming tasks. You can set such a display of data that will be as comfortable as possible in your work.

Due to dynamic reporting, you can always make adjustments to the previously developed strategy as quickly as possible, and instantly respond to sudden problems. Its use can significantly save time for both managers and SMM-specialists, both clients and business owners.

DataFan is used to work with dynamic reports. In just a couple of clicks, you can save all the data that the program collects in Excel format, thereby turning them into static ones, which will increase the convenience of analysis. It will also be possible to use this information in Power Bl, Google Sheets. But this needs to be told in more detail. By the way, DataFan is in the TOP 3 applications for the work of an SMM specialist. You can read more about this here.

Features of building dynamic reports in DataFan

The DataFan app works with 5 social networks and 4 advertising platforms. In particular, it collects data from TikTok, Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, as well as myTarget, Facebook Ads, VK Ads, TikTok Ads. To start using the program, you need to go through a standard registration. After that, the system will automatically direct you to the control panel block, where connections are made to the publics you need or immediately to the advertising account. It is also possible to activate the merging of data sets from both social networks and advertising platforms, as well as from the advertising account. In this case, a single general report will be generated.

This completes the basic settings — service is working on data collection. On average, these works take from several minutes to 2-3 hours. It all depends on how many sites or accounts you have connected to the system. Please note that while data is being collected, the service must remain open. For greater convenience, we recommend connecting notifications about the status of data collection using a special Telegram bot. For this you need:

  • go to your personal profile on DataFan;
  • here we go down the page and go to the "Notifications in Telegram" section, click on the "Connect" button;
  • go to Telegram and send the received personal code to the DataFan_Notifier bot.

Thanks to this, you do not have to spend time constantly monitoring the work of the program. As soon as the data is received, Telegram will notify you about it, and you can start the analysis.

After collecting data, the report will be constantly updated automatically. the frequency of updates is specified in each of the tariffs. If you choose to use the free version of DataFan, the information here will be updated every day at the same time.

For data analysis, you can create your own template using Google Data Studio, or use a set of ready-made templates from the system. That is, in the first case, you can choose the design, connect your own charts, graphs, text analytics, etc. But at the very beginning of working with this service, it will be more convenient to choose one of the built-in templates. This can be a display of post statistics, account statistics by day, a monthly report on the main KPIs. The number of reports that can be generated in this program is not limited. This means that you can choose an individual solution to work with different tasks. It is also possible to download reports in any format convenient for you. So, if you plan to work with the full amount of data, you can choose formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, Excel. If you are interested in a certain part of the reports, then PNG or JPG formats will be optimal here. If you create a report in Google Data Studio, then you can download it in PDF format or use the link to the finished dashboard.

The nuances of organizing teamwork

The DataFan service provides the ability to create separate projects and open access to other specialists, allocating certain rights to each. It will also be possible to simply connect an additional client, thanks to which he will be able to enter the service and independently study the information he needs. To make the appropriate settings, you need to pay attention to the left vertical menu and select the "Projects and team" tab here. Such a solution will be very convenient if you work with different brands or conduct your business from several advertising accounts. Thanks to these settings, you can significantly save your working time, as you will simply switch between projects, rather than choosing the required community or office in the general list each time.

But still, this tool is primarily focused on teamwork. To connect other specialists to the system, you just need to send them an invitation by e-mail and set access rights to a particular project:

  1. Administrator. Gets the right to connect new accounts or publics to the active project in order to collect data from them to generate reports.
  2. User. He will not be able to connect new publics, but he will easily generate reports that will be useful to him in his work.

That is, regardless of how many people will be in your team, how often specialists will change during the work on the project, each representative will always receive up-to-date data from social networks and the advertising account.

Peculiarities of using DataFan in practice

The use of dynamic reporting in practice, and the DataFan application in particular, will allow business representatives and SMM specialists to always be aware of the most up-to-date information. Main — properly organize the work, including with the service itself. Here are some tips to help you improve the effectiveness of dynamic reporting in practice:

  1. Involve experts from specific areas to work with DataFan. For a certain type of work, the one who best understands this issue should be responsible. Knowing the interests of each of the parties, you can use DataFan to collect exactly the information that a particular specialist will need. Thanks to this, each of them will be engaged in his work, and not waste time analyzing information that he does not need in principle. This will significantly increase work efficiency.
  2. Organize your reporting from top to bottom. That is, it is worth implementing automatic analytics vertically. The leader should have as much information as possible. It must track all key metrics on its own. Thanks to this, the manager will be able to instruct the team to delve into certain features of the business process or find the source of the problem.
  3. Make your focus on data visualization. Thanks to this, they can be analyzed more quickly and easily. The study of reporting in the form of huge tables will require a lot of time from specialists. Formation of graphs, selections – this is what will increase the efficiency of work at times.

As practice shows, over 80% of managers' working time is spent on collecting information, and the remaining 20% — for its analysis. Using the DataFan automated tool will more optimally allocate time and increase staff productivity. In addition, the structured presentation of information minimizes the risk of misinterpretation of the received data. This means that you will always be aware of the current process of your business and will be able to make appropriate adjustments as quickly as possible.

But, you need to understand that any automated actions on the network can lead to blocking, including without the right to restore accounts. All this can negatively affect the overall development of the business and all invested funds will be wasted. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to ensure that each of the accounts works through different IP-addresses. And mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service will help you with this. You can set up both automatic change by timer, and change the address forcibly through a special link every time the need arises. Even with such mobile proxies, you will ensure complete confidentiality and security of networking, the ability to connect to resources from any country in the world, including those that are blocked in your region.

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