Tone of voice: choosing a voice for the sound of a brand on social networks

Tone of voice: choosing a voice for the sound of a brand on social networks

The voice acting of your video or the style of text messages on social networks — one of the important aspects in the process of account promotion. Judge for yourself: if you listen to a person speaking in front of an audience, what do you pay attention to? On how interesting he makes the speech, whether there are convincing facts in it. But it’s also for sure the way his speech is delivered, how vividly, confidently and beautifully he speaks. It is this principle that is implemented in the so-called Tone of voice or brand communication style.

So how can you voice your content on a social network, write text support to give it additional confidence, increase efficiency, and make it stand out from its peers? It is at this point that we will dwell in more detail in our review. We’ll tell you what exactly we’re talking about, and highlight a number of points that confirm the need for a competent approach to voice acting and style. Here are a number of practical tips that will allow you to choose your brand voice in social network.

What is Tone of voice?

Literally translated, Tone of voice sounds like “brand voice.” Here we are not talking about the content of our speech, but more about how it will sound. Along with the semantic content, visitors to your pages will also pay attention to the tone of voice, the message, the presence of emotions, messages, slang expressions and many other points. By approaching this issue as comprehensively and competently as possible, you can make your content extraordinary. One that will stand out from others. It will help your target audience form an impression of you, which will immediately spread to the goods and services you provide.

Tone of voice — this is a relevant aspect for all types of text and multimedia communication:

  • posts and slogans, promotional videos;
  • arranging comments and sending personal messages, including in the email newsletter;
  • news on the official website, response scripts for employees;
  • creating presentations for clients, business partners, etc.

Brand voice — This is what will allow you to build a fairly long-lasting connection with your target audience. It should be liked, remembered, and make a person want to share what he heard or read with his acquaintances, friends, or leave a comment. This is also one of the important aspects in increasing brand loyalty and improving its recognition in the market as a whole. Brand voice — This is what interacts best with the target audience, inspires trust, and contributes to the formation of a desire to order a product or service. But once again we would like to draw your attention to the fact that Tone of voice — it is not always a direct voice. This is also a text addition to your video or photo, presented in an appropriately unique style.

Should you think about creating a Tone of voice specifically for your business?

Imagine a picture from real life: you hired a new manager to work with clients. You are convinced that he is responsible and knows his job well. But after a while you see that the effectiveness of his actions is close to zero. Why is this happening? As soon as you begin to understand this issue, it becomes clear that this person does not behave very professionally when communicating with potential buyers. He makes inappropriate jokes, may ignore customer requests, and cannot convey a basic thing to a person in order to convince him of the need for such a purchase. And why then do you need all his professionalism if he doesn’t attract clients? In this case, his voice is associated with your store, brand. And if it sounds unconvincing, then it will have no effect.

Are you not sure yet that your business needs Tone of voice? Judge for yourself:

  1. Brand voice — this is a kind of “humanization” your business. The fact is that potential buyers like to deal with real people. They also value the brand’s unique style and emotions. A person always reacts to the manifestation of feelings. He is not attracted to a dry presentation of facts, even with a rational approach.
  2. Giving uniqueness to Tone of voice — This is something that can increase the recognition of your brand and effectively distinguish it from competitors. This is something that even the most accurate and high-quality information presented in the text cannot achieve.
  3. Attracting the target audience. Statistics show that potential buyers proceed directly to communicate with real managers only after they have completed a detailed study of the materials themselves. That is, initially a person finds information about the goods or services he needs on the Internet, gets acquainted with profiles on social networks, and pays attention to targeted advertising. And if you manage to hook a person at this stage, this will greatly increase the likelihood of placing an order.

That is, you must understand that Tone of voice — this is what will allow you to show your values, convey ideas to your target audience, motivate potential buyers to learn more about your products, services and, ultimately, place an order.

Choosing the right brand voice

Now that you know that Tone of voice is necessary for any business, including yours, you can proceed directly to its creation. This process is quite simple, since there are practically no strictly defined rules in it. You can choose absolutely any style for it, add memes, tests, exciting videos, etc. You can create motivational videos, add interesting infographics, and calmly present all this balanced content. Here, every business representative must choose the most suitable option for himself. One that will present your business in the most favorable light.

But, regardless of which strategy you choose when creating your brand voice, you will definitely need to go through several preparatory steps, namely:

  1. Decide on the target audience. You must initially understand who exactly you want to interest. Who are your products aimed at? You need to decide on age restrictions, gender, interests, income level, and the interests of the people on whom you are betting. This is the only way you can prepare content that will interest them. If you believe that your products are aimed at the widest possible audience, you will need to segment them — divided into separate groups. So, as an option, if you are promoting the services of a sports center. Here you should focus on those who are interested in working out in the gym with or without a trainer, those who are interested in fitness, Pilates or yoga, including for pregnant women. Perhaps there is also a swimming pool, activities for children of different ages, teenagers, and older people. And here you must separate all these categories separately. That is, you will broadcast different messages to each of these groups.
  2. Show what problem your product can solve. The modern client expects from business representatives that his wishes will be accepted and taken into account. They want to find a solution to their problem in a product or service. That is, you must initially show that you clearly understand customer requests and are ready to satisfy them. Here you should remember why you created your company in the first place, what inspired you, what customer pain points you would like to solve. Decide what exactly you want to convey to the audience about your products or services.
  3. Determine where your target audience will get information about your brand. Here you need to clearly understand where the flow of leads is coming from: social networks, email newsletters, contextual or targeted advertising, audio advertising, etc. This is largely determined by the life of a modern person, his constant workload or, conversely, the availability of sufficient free time. To do this, it’s best to take a walk through the profiles of your customers on social networks. See how active they are in communication, check out their subscriptions. This way you can understand if they are following influencers. This way you can understand what exactly interests your potential buyers and offer them such a solution.

But even when compiling Tone of Voice, you must understand in which social network your content will be launched. Surely you yourself understand that the general style of the social network Tik Tok will be radically different from the one we see today on the same Telegram. Those slogans that go well with VKontakte users will look completely inappropriate on Instagram.

After detailing each of these aspects, you can proceed directly to developing the brand voice. Now you and your team are well acquainted with the audience, their needs, and the products they are looking for. This means that it will be easier for you to find an individual approach to each potential buyer.

Getting to know the types of Tone of voice

We have already said that there are very, very many Tone of voice options that you can use to promote your own brand. There are no strict frameworks or recommendations here. The main thing — convey your idea to the target audience, convince them of your respectability and professionalism, that you can really be trusted. In this case, you can use non-standard formats and extraordinary messages. It all depends on what kind of product you are offering to the market. We also want to draw your attention to the fact that there should be complete harmony in your video or comment. That is, both the visual and textual style, and the voice acting itself, must match. Otherwise, there will be dissonance, which will cause denial among the target audience.

Now we will highlight several main different varieties of Tone of voice:

  • Formal. This is one of the most important factors that determines how potential customers will perceive your brand. It will indicate your authority and command respect. But under no circumstances should he be dry and indifferent. It often contains complex styles and designs aimed at confirming professionalism and knowledge of one’s own business in detail.
  • Conversational. You should understand that casual speech always sounds more friendly and encourages mutual communication. Sometimes this style of speaking may seem a little casual, but this should not detract from your company's experience and credibility. This style may contain slang phrases. That is, everything should be structured in such a way that you are having a confidential conversation with a person you trust and know well. As practice shows, more than half of the target audience choose brands that communicate in a conversational style.
  • Respectful. Such a tone will then signal to the potential buyer that he is respected, that they are treated friendly, that they are ready to make contact, and provide competent assistance. This is non-conflict, a fairly high level of security. This significantly increases audience loyalty. Jokes are quite appropriate here, but they should also be friendly and positive.
  • Bold. A tone like this is always shocking, which means it evokes emotion. But the problem is that this emotion can be not only positive, but also negative. This Tone of voice option is worth choosing for those who want to stand out from the general background and create the image of a confident brand. But the main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise it will be very easy to hurt the feelings of a potential buyer, and this means — push him away, refuse to make a purchase.
  • Enthusiastic. Specially emphasized positivity also indicates friendliness and willingness to provide all possible assistance. But here it is also important not to overdo it. An abundance of unreasonable delight can irritate the reader or even simply tire him. As a result, he will simply refuse subsequent communication and his intention to place an order.
  • Restrained. With such a Tone of voice it will talk about simplicity, honesty, open and completely understandable messages. There will be no subtext or hidden nuances here. Compared to the formal one, it will not be so formal, which will contribute to the additional favor of clients. But we must understand that there is no special individuality here. It may turn out that this is exactly what your potential audience will miss.

Which option should you choose for your business? Everything here is individual. It is necessary to proceed from what specific goods or services we are talking about, who from the audience you want to attract, and how you intend to present your business.

Will it be possible to change the brand voice?

Immediate response — Can. But the question here is different: is it worth it? The fact is that it is optimal to initially think through your own brand voice and continue to work in this style. That is, the text addition of your posts and their voice acting should be constant. This will give your potential customers the impression that they are constantly listening to the same person. This will speak about the company’s reliability, its consistency, stability, and concern for its reputation. This is all that increases the level of trust in the brand and helps improve loyalty.

If at some point in time you decide to change the Tone of voice, then you should be prepared for the fact that the audience may react extremely negatively to such actions. People may come to the conclusion that something has changed in the activities of your company, and therefore simply reconsider their attitude towards it. You also need to understand that they may simply not recognize you. The difficulty is that your team will have to learn to work with new ideas and come up with other concepts.

Such a decision will be justified only in a number of cases:

  • if you decide to radically change the strategy of your business and its values as a whole, that is, you will need to refocus on a different audience;
  • old formulations do not give the desired result, coverage of the target audience is rapidly deteriorating, sales are declining;
  • a radical rebranding of the product has occurred: text and audio additions must fully comply with the specifics of the new product.

But still, before deciding on such actions, you must think through all the possible consequences, determine what parameters you should focus on in the future.

To summarize

Today, Internet marketing has undergone dramatic changes, in particular, what was previously unacceptable, as an option, easy, positive communication with potential buyers with a touch of humor can work with a bang in many situations. That is why the choice of Tone of voice for your business must be approached very carefully and comprehensively. It is especially important to think through the written form of your brand voice to the smallest detail.

Here is a short checklist that will help you correctly navigate all the nuances of this issue and create a Tone of voice that will really be remembered and will subtly reflect the specifics of your brand, products or services. So, you have to do the following:

  • make a portrait of your own target audience: age, gender, communication style, interests, who they follow, what they are interested in;
  • define the values of your own brand, highlight what exactly you would like to tell your target audience about;
  • understand the value and uniqueness of your own product or services, what problems of the target audience it can solve, what pain points it can solve;
  • based on the information received, select a brand voice — the tone of communication that will follow both in the video content and in the text addition of your posts;
  • translate all your channels to a single style;
  • carefully study the issue of SMM optimization, that is, the nuances of how marketing on social networks works;
  • buy private mobile proxies in order to ensure security, functionality and stable operation of the network without any restrictions and a potential ban.

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