Universal posts and other advertising options on VKontakte

Universal posting and other advertising options on VKontakte

The social network VKontakte is actively used by many business representatives as an advertising platform. It is visited daily by millions of people, which allows you to reach a fairly impressive target audience, convey information about your own products, services, brand. To launch an advertising campaign, different tools and formats are used. And one of the most popular solutions here today — universal record. Now to get acquainted in more detail about what it is, we will also consider other options for universal ads in VK Advertising, available formats, features, and algorithms of work. We will tell you how to make the necessary settings. Let's highlight the key differences between ads for site advertising and ads for communities. We will show you how to organize stable and functional work with the social network VKontakte through mobile proxies.

What is a universal notation?

In order to understand in more detail all the innovations that await us in VK Advertising, you need to understand what a universal entry in the VK advertising account is. So, we are talking about an advertising format that visually resembles a regular post that is posted on the community wall. This post is displayed to the user marked "Advertisement". It consists of a title and a couple of lines of description. Next comes the creative, that is, an image, a GIF animation, or a video. In order for a person to view the full text, he needs to click on the inscription "Show more".

Among the distinctive features of the universal post from the old VKontakte account, we highlight:

  1. The placement. Here is the only possible option — social network news feed.
  2. Generic record accessibility. Only communities can use this tool. It is important here that the user has his own group in this social network or an event page, a public page.
  3. Available creative options. It can be any image, GIF animation or video.
  4. Acceptable post sizes. The allowable volume is quite impressive, namely 16384 characters with spaces. This amount is more than enough to write a very detailed post.
  5. Usage options. A universal post allows you to promote a community on a given social network. If you wish, you can also insert a link to your own store or marketplace in the text support.

That is, now we understand why the universal post was in such high demand among advertisers. It was really possible to post tons of content here, an unlimited number of images.

Now let's take a closer look at the possibilities of universal ads in VK Advertising, available formats and operation algorithms.

Universal ads in VK Advertising: key aspects

One of the most noteworthy innovations of the new advertising account in VK, which will be able to appreciate in practice all advertisers without exception — automated operation of the system. Now you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong ad format. The system itself adapts your product depending on where it will be placed, as well as the interests of the audience.

Now the — it is an automated tool that can also monitor user behavior, monitor how they interact with the system on all available sites, and analyze their actions. The received data will later be used when selecting a creative for creating future ads, as well as choosing a suitable place for placement.

All this is ensured by the use of smart algorithms in the new advertising account. They are able to identify the interests of users and select the creative that in practice will give the maximum conversion. That is, the probability that a person will perform one or another target action here will be quite high. Also, you do not have to independently adjust the technical parameters and adjust them to the requirements of a particular site or advertising format. The system will do all this automatically without your participation.

What do we get as a result? This is the same universal ad that will look like a regular post in the news feed with an additional CTA button. The format itself — this is a full-screen video or not a small video. To launch such a company, the advertiser will need to upload the maximum possible number of videos and pictures of the product that is planned to be advertised, as well as compose titles and descriptions for them. As you can see, he is very upset that the old advertising account on VKontakte is closed, obviously not worth it.

What can you say about the possibilities of universal ads in the new advertising account?

Universal ad in VK Advertising — it is a fully automated tool that provides access to a fairly wide user audience. With minimal time and effort spent on creating content, the advertiser attracts a large number of new people to his community, which has a positive effect on increasing sales and promoting the business as a whole.

Of the main features that will be endowed with universal ads in the new advertising account, it is worth highlighting:

  • Show ads on social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, internal platform project VKontakte and its own advertising network VK. Depending on what target actions are required from the user, the system will automatically select the current site for placement.
  • The correct display of ads will be the same on any device, be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers.
  • The place for placing the ad will also be different. It can be a clip, a feed, a full-screen block of In-stream video, a story, a native position.

Let's consider the last point in more detail.

Possible places for placing a universal advertisement

Now let's take a closer look at all the placement options that we talked about above:

  1. Ribbon. In this case, your ad will be displayed as a regular post. The only difference here is that it will be posted not only on the social network VKontakte, but also on Odnoklassniki. This means that you immediately get double coverage of the target audience. To create such an advertisement, you need to fill in a short and long description: no more than 90 and 220 characters, respectively. If we are talking about advertising a community in order to attract new subscribers to it, then here the allowed number of characters — 2000
  2. Stories. We are talking about short commercials, lasting 12 seconds. They will be displayed on the VKontakte social network in the "Stories" section.
  3. Clips. This video can be up to one minute long. Accordingly, there will be placement in the "Clips" section; social networks VKontakte.
  4. Native advertising. Such advertising should fit as closely as possible into the general content of the site where it will be placed. It will be displayed on all project sites of the social network VKontakte.
  5. In-stream video. This is such a video ad format that allows the user to turn off the video after 5 seconds of viewing. It will be shown in advertising blocks of social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.
  6. Full screen block. We are talking about a full-screen video up to half a minute long, after watching which the user receives one or another reward: purchase bonuses, game coins, etc. The user cannot miss such a video.

Once again, we want to draw your attention to the fact that now the universal ad will be placed automatically where the system sees fit. That is, it may be that some users will see your ad in the feed, others in the story, and others – in in-stream video. But if this option does not suit you, you can manually disable the automatic selection of placements and subsequently choose on your own the option that you see fit in the "Placement" block.

Recommendations for setting up universal ads in VK Advertising

To launch a universal ad in VK Advertising, you need to initially register or log in to this site and select the object that you plan to promote. This can be a website, application, community, lead form, etc. You also have to make a number of settings for the advertising campaign as a whole and for individual ad groups. That is, you need to set the target action, the current time frame, budget, targeting parameters.

Once you have completed these basic settings, you can always go directly to working with the ad itself. That is, here it is necessary to provide as much information as possible about your product, service, brand. Based on these creatives, the algorithm of the new advertising account will generate ads for a particular placement.

Now let's take a closer look at all the moments of setting up an ad using the example of community advertising on VKontakte:

  1. We write the name of the ad. It should provide the most accurate information about your product or service, be brief, but at the same time attract attention.
  2. Loading an icon. The system will automatically pull the icon that is already in your community or store. Required dimensions: 256x256 pixels.
  3. We write the title. Here, the allowed number of characters — 40.
  4. We make a brief description of the product. Character limits here — 2000
  5. Loading multimedia content. We are talking about both pictures and videos. Here you can use everything that is at your disposal. Subsequently, the system itself will choose the most suitable solutions for the formation of a particular ad format for different sites. Here you will need to familiarize yourself with the requirements for advertising in the new account in advance. Please note that there are no built-in tools for editing multimedia content, so you will need to customize it in advance.
  6. We provide information about ourselves as an advertiser. You need to invest in 115 characters. Individual entrepreneurs and self-employed persons enter their full name, address of residence (including zip code), TIN, and OGRNIP. Legal entities must indicate the name of their company, as well as its address along with the index and PSRN.

At this point, you have entered all the information that will be required when placing an advertisement. It remains to see how it will look using the preview option. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is possible to preview different video formats.

What is the difference between website ads and community ads?

We looked at how to create a community ad above. When launching website advertising, you will need to implement all the same steps, with a number of small differences:

  • Title length must not exceed 25 characters;
  • the description will be not only long (by 2000 characters), but also short (up to 90 characters);
  • Additionally, you can specify the inscription on the CTA button "Go", "Subscribe"; etc.

Preview will allow you to see how your ad will be displayed in the feed of the social network VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

We make a choice in favor of VK advertising: summing up

Today, the classic advertising account on the social network VKontakte is rather unstable. So, here such tools as "Installing the application", "Promotion of goods from the catalog", "Involvement in the application", "Collecting applications from Leads-Ads" are no longer available to the user. Other targets are predicted to be disabled in the near future. A similar fate befell, among other things, the universal record, beloved by many advertisers. But this is not a reason to get upset and abandon the work of promoting a business on the VKontakte social network. You just need to change your strategy.

The old advertising account on VKontakte is being replaced by a more advanced and easy-to-use solution — platform VK Advertising. Here, each advertiser can start their own business promotion campaigns in all projects of this social network. Thanks to this solution, advertisers will open up new, even wider opportunities for work. Everyone says that after the transition to a new site, the efficiency of a launched company will increase significantly. Summing up everything we talked about above, we highlight a number of key differences between the old and new VKontakte advertising account:

  1. Ad impressions. If earlier your video or ad was displayed exclusively in the feed of the VKontakte social network, now Odnoklassniki, the VK project site and its own VK Advertising Network have also been added here.
  2. Allowed ad formats. Previously, advertisers had to be content exclusively with the news feed of the social network. Now you can use the VK and Odnoklassniki feeds, clips, stories, in-stream videos, native position, full-screen block.
  3. Ad creative options. If in the old office you could only post an image or a GIF animation, now it will be both pictures and videos.

The new account will still display ads on mobile devices, promote business communities on social networks, and set up CTA buttons. Other innovations include adaptability of ads for placement and various advertising formats, lead generation, resource promotion. As you can see, your opportunities for launching ads on this social network are becoming much wider. This means that with the right approach, you will be able to significantly increase the efficiency of a running company and attract many new customers and business partners to your business. And all this with tangible budget savings. Therefore, it is clearly not worth getting upset about the fact that the old VKontakte office and its universal announcement are a thing of the past.

But here's what remains relevant in the future — so it is necessary to use mobile proxies when working with social networks. This is an intermediary server that will ensure your stable and functional work with multi-threaded actions, the use of automated software, and will effectively bypass regional locks. And also with their help you will ensure the confidentiality of network activities, reliable protection against any unauthorized access, including hacker attacks. Please visit https://mobileproxy.space/en/user.html?buyproxy for a more in-depth look at the features and capabilities in mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service.

Please note that the cost directly depends on for what period of time you buy the product: the longer it is, the lower the price of a day of use will be. Also, you are offered a large selection of online tools: find out my IP-address, Internet speed, anticloaking, port availability, etc. All technical issues are resolved by the round-the-clock support service quickly and professionally.

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