We talk about our brand through social networks

We talk about our brand through social networks

Today social networks — These are not only platforms where you can find friends, acquaintances, like-minded people, interesting information, and various memes. The huge number of people who are attracted to this platform today can be easily transferred to your target audience, interested in the goods or services offered. That is why social networks are actively used by various business representatives today. Here you can not only advertise your products or services, but also simply tell us in detail about your own company, its goals and objectives. Thanks to this, it will be possible to establish trusting relationships with the user audience and increase your own recognition.

But now we will pay attention to how to convey to the audience about your brand on social networks. At first glance, it may seem that this work is quite simple. Well, what could be so difficult about creating one post that will inspire enthusiasm among social network users and lead to them literally rushing to you in droves with orders? Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Here there will be painstaking and systematic work according to a pre-developed plan.

We will talk further about how to make you noticed by potential clients, new employees and partners. We will tell you how to behave correctly on social networks for those who would like to create a certain image of the company.

Choosing a suitable platform for communication with the audience

The first thing you need to do to increase your own recognition — It's about communicating with people. In this case, we are talking about communication on social networks. This will allow you to build a solid foundation for all subsequent communication and the success of your business development. First of all, the reputation of your company, as well as all related factors: sales level, brand awareness, audience loyalty, etc., depends on how correctly you build this process and choose the most trusting style of communication.

Social networks — this is what can provide all this in the most favorable light, showing all your values. In addition, this method of communication is available to absolutely everyone. This means that a housewife, business representatives, teenagers, young mothers, as well as middle-aged people with a stable level of income will be able to find out about you. In many ways social networks shape public opinion, determine who, how will your brand sound and look, will it be able to stand out from competitors, will its products be in stable demand.

That is, at this stage you need to figure out how to interest people, how to encourage them to voluntarily communicate with you. And here some interesting, but at the same time understandable content works best.

But we would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that it makes no sense to be scattered across different sites. You must choose a single solution and build communication based on it. Posting the same content on different social networks, trying to influence different audiences, will not give the desired effect. But you are unlikely to be able to create unique content for each platform, and there is little point in doing so. And here the reason is quite banal: each platform has its own audience. This applies to interests and age. That is, initially you need to monitor the most popular social networks and understand where exactly your user is located, the one who will hear you best.

Features of different social networks

To understand which social network will best suit your needs, you need to know its features:

  1. Facebook. This site is currently actively used by people aged 30+, mainly with a stable income level. There are a huge number of thematic communities where opinions, including expert ones, are exchanged.
  2. Twitter. This platform is suitable for posting news feeds and communicating primarily with foreign audiences. Here you can also find a group based on your interests, most of them will be English-speaking. This option should be used by those whose business goes outside the country.
  3. Linkedin. This social network focuses on business communication. Here you can find many tools for building an employer brand, attracting business partners, and finding new employees.
  4. Instagram. It can rightly be called a universal platform, since the audience here is very diverse, including in terms of age and income level. The main emphasis here is on photo and video content.
  5. Tik Tok. Despite the fact that this platform was initially aimed at teenagers, its audience is gradually expanding. Along with a fairly impressive amount of entertainment content, you can also find an impressive target audience for almost any business.

We have listed only the most popular sites. There will be many more options for you to choose from. But, regardless of which option you choose, you will have to do daily and quite painstaking work. The point is that all your communication channels will need to be monitored daily. This means that you have to interact directly with people, respond to both positive and negative mentions of the brand, and pay attention to user reviews. You will also have to put a lot of effort into ensuring that the audience enters into a dialogue with you and constantly maintain it. This is something that will make people feel important and also indicate to them that you are responsible for your own business.

But in any case, you need to start somewhere. And now we will give a few recommendations that will allow you to set up stable communication.

Setting up communication with the audience

Most modern social networks, including those we talked about above, offer business representatives a fairly wide range of tools that allow them to communicate with the target audience, as well as maintain communication over a fairly long period of time. We would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that you should not use all the possibilities at the same time, because putting this into practice will be very difficult and costly in terms of time and effort. That is, you need to choose several ways to create a dialogue and already work in one direction.

As practice shows, the following principles work well in communication with the target audience:

  • Direct communication. All kinds of feedback forms are great for this. If we talk about social networks, then this is a description of comments and reactions to them, mentions, questions, personal messages, polls. Not only will you get all this going, but it’s also very important not to ignore user responses and people’s activity in general. That is, even if it turns out that you have to answer the same question dozens, or even hundreds of times, do it. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that using scripts to answer the most common questions must be done with great caution. And if this is abused, the audience will simply leave. Practice has repeatedly shown that such manifestations of activity have a negative impact on business development. Still, direct communication must be lively. Perhaps, somewhere bots will provide assistance, but it is clearly not worth replacing people with them. The audience sees this, understands it, and largely perceives automated work as neglect.
  • Track all reactions. It’s not for nothing that we highlighted the word “everyone,” since the main task here is to evoke emotions in a person. It’s good if they are positive, but you can’t do without negativity either. That is, you must understand how the audience reacts to your content. But still, it is clearly not worth using deliberately unverified and compromising information in order to provoke a deliberately negative reaction. It is not an option to make bad statements about your closest competitors. Yes, you should tell that your products or services have a number of certain advantages, but you should not point out that someone else has everything very bad, especially if in reality this is not the case. If you do not heed such a recommendation, then you will cause negativity to your own brand, and not to someone else’s, and will worsen your image.
  • Don't delay your answers. Recent studies show that the average time a person waits for a response — it's 5-6 hours. So, 30% of the audience are ready to wait a maximum of 4 hours, after which, having not received a response to their request, they simply go to your competitors. 40% of the audience waits up to 8 hours. It turns out that only the remaining 30% are willing to wait longer. But the same statistics show that most companies provide answers to user requests on average within 10 hours. If you follow such standards, you will simply lose more than 70% of your audience. That is, if your company plans to actively develop, including through social networks, it would be useful to create a separate department or at least allocate one person who will be directly responsible for communication with users and respond to their requests as quickly as possible.
  • Use competitions, quizzes and other interactive content. Today, all of these are in high demand and are well received by the audience. In addition, if you think through this very competition to the smallest detail, you can not only revive your subscribers, but also attract new ones to your community or to the page. And here one of the most important tasks — It is easy to convey the rules of this very competition. That is, you need to write down the rules in advance, describe in them how everything will happen, what conditions and prizes are planned. But here it is also necessary to be mentally prepared in advance for the fact that there will be people who will accuse you of cheating. Therefore, you should not succumb to such provocations. There are many options for interactive content. For example, this could be some kind of quiz with prizes, developing an idea for a company slogan or the name of a new product, photo competitions mentioning the brand or placing hashtags. Even the banal provision of gifts for subscribing or reposting can also give good results.
  • Always encourage activity. This is something that will show your followers that you truly value them. What incentive methods should you use? The simplest thing — this is a reward for activity. That is, you can launch a kind of reward program on an ongoing basis for the most active users with summing up, for example, once a month, once every 3 months, once every six months. You shouldn’t wait too long here, otherwise people’s interest will gradually decline. As a reward, you can provide a discount on products, a free trial product, etc.

We have listed the TOP 5 ways to communicate with the target audience that really work in practice and have repeatedly proven their high efficiency. Companies that pay proper attention to this always win. The audience remains with them on an ongoing basis, new subscribers and buyers are added.

What to do with negativity?

Reacting correctly to negativity

We have already mentioned that, alas, there is no way to avoid negative reactions when working with social platforms and communicating with the audience. There will always be people who don’t like something about your product or service or terms of cooperation. And this is true even for those accounts and communities that are literally perfect in everything. Along with ordinary users who express their negative opinions, we must not forget about the presence of such a category as trolls among your subscribers. That is, these are users of social networks who are paid to write negative reviews and provoke conflict. Don’t rush to please them and at the same time put an end to your business. You always respond respectfully and quickly to even the most angry messages. Even if you realize that you are dealing with trolls, then let them know that you are ready to listen to reasonable criticism and their arguments. But at the same time, warn that if they do not provide evidence that you are wrong, the comment will be deleted.

But if you receive negative feedback from an ordinary user, then first of all you should understand what the reason is. A person is not always ready to describe his comment in detail, especially if it is negative. You can often see messages such as “I won’t buy again”, “I didn’t like the product” etc. In this case, you need to understand what exactly happened and what exactly the person did not like. In this case, you will need to call the person to communicate. Let him know that you would like to know what exactly he didn't like about your relationship and that you sincerely want to fix it. Perhaps there really were some oversights and quite objective mistakes in your work, which the buyer pointed out to you. Which means — This is your chance to correct them.

You shouldn’t worry too much if you fail to smooth out or neutralize the conflict. The fact is that how many people — so many opinions. But, unfortunately, no company can make sure that absolutely everyone likes your product and level of service. But the main thing is that you did not leave the negative comments and the user unanswered, you tried to smooth out and resolve the current situation. Most likely, you will not be able to return a completely dissatisfied person to your target audience, but still show other potential buyers that you are always ready to make contact, maintain communication, know how to respond intelligently to objective criticism, etc.

But in any case, do not delete negative comments. The presence of exclusively positive reviews in the feed can also have a negative effect on user opinion as a whole.

Additional recommendations

To build long-term and friendly relationships with potential buyers of goods or services, use the following recommendations:

  1. Always be unique when creating your own content. This is what will allow you to effectively stand out from other companies and brands, and build a truly unique and easily recognizable image that will definitely reach your audience.
  2. Express your thoughts as correctly and directly as possible. Try to make all your posts look as concise and presentable as possible. Try to avoid slang and complex abbreviations when writing them. Everything you write should be perceived by people as simply and easily as possible. You must understand that the terms you use in your daily work may not be clear to your users. Perhaps there will be those who will go online to search for a decryption, but still the majority of potential buyers will simply leave your page.
  3. Use humor. We do not encourage you to make all your posts humorous, but we still must not forget that humor — this is one of the most effective tools to help you establish communication with people, including your potential customers. That is, you need to think over a manner of communicating with the audience so that it is as easy as possible and promotes a backlash. But the main thing here is not to overdo it, because too sharp jokes will not always be appropriate.
  4. Use the power of social networks to the maximum. We have already mentioned above that social networks today offer many different tools for working with user audiences. This means that you will have a lot of powerful tools at your disposal to set up communication with the audience, show them your professionalism and desire to make contact.
  5. Don't depersonalize your brand. Untitled posts are absolutely uninteresting to people. Potential buyers will be more active in contacting a real person, as we have already discussed above. Even if you are not yet ready to present the face of your brand to the audience the face of your brand, at least sign all your publications, make a reference to their authors, if it is not you.
  6. Try to provide responses to questions and comments as quickly as possible. We already wrote above about how long the audience is willing to wait for answers to their own questions or comments. But in any case, the faster you react, the better it will be: trust in your brand will gradually increase.
  7. Try to provide competent assistance. Once you have formed a portrait of your target audience, you will know what exactly interests them. Understanding the client’s pain — this is already half the success. Then it’s just a matter of deciding how you can help them with this. What will you get in response? Trust, friendly relations, stable orders, recommendations, attracting new visitors.

So what can you talk about with your target audience?

To ensure stable communication with your audience, you will need to constantly think through your posts and select interesting topics for communication. And here we also have some tips for you:

  • When creating content, always introduce who you are speaking to. This is what will allow you to make the most simple, understandable and lively posts. Even if it is a collective image of your target audience, a potential partner. When writing material, always ask yourself the question: will people understand me, did I structure my idea correctly, did I convey the information that I planned. Put yourself in the shoes of the people who will read your material.
  • Develop your own rubricator. That is, make a list of topics in which you are competent and what you think will be of interest to your audience. Moreover, you can launch a kind of interactive activity with these topics, inviting your audience to determine which posts they would like to see on your page. Once you have a list of topics in hand, you can develop a content plan based on them. Due to the fact that the trends observed in the modern market change quite often, it is not worth developing a content plan for the year. It will be enough to think through a publication strategy for the next month or two. But at the same time, still monitor trends and make adjustments as certain changes are observed.
  • Occasionally organize interesting online or offline events, come up with reasons to communicate with your audience, try to go beyond the banal posts that social networks are literally full of today. To be remembered, you need to be unique and inimitable in everything. And light entertainment content works best here. This is something that will allow people to slightly escape from everyday life and relax. If you provide them with these emotions, you can be sure that people will return to your page or community again and again.
  • Do not use standard photos from photocurrents. This is something that the audience has become quite tired of. Try to create your own materials. They may not be as professional, but still it will be your product, your solution, your vision.
  • You should not rely on news if you do not position yourself as a media channel. There are specialized sites for these tasks. All your news should be directly related to the activities of your company, the release of new products, promotional offers, etc. But posts containing expert opinion, on the contrary, can play into your hands. This is what can distinguish you from the same type of information that can be found on almost every social network today.

And the last thing I would like to draw your attention to in this block is that all the information that you publish in your communities or accounts should be meaningful. If it turns out that you really have nothing to say to the audience, then it is better to remain silent. This will be more correct than writing empty posts that have no meaning. That is, in any case, you must understand what you want to tell your audience and how the information provided will benefit them.

Take care of personalizing your own brand

The faceless image that you create around your brand on a social network will not give the desired effect. Again, we repeat that people are interested in live communication. They want to see who they are communicating with. Therefore, it would be useful to show not only yourself, but also your team, their interests, preferences. That is, it is necessary to make sure that the target audience sees you not only as a supplier of some goods or services, but as a person who lives an ordinary life and is interested in certain things.

So, periodically you can make some posts from the behind-the-scenes life of your company. For example, show how a coffee break goes and how your employees personally maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are sure that a video where your entire team stands in the plank for a couple of minutes will tell your subscribers much more than dozens of descriptive posts.

All your actions here should be aimed at showing your sincerity, simplicity and honesty, including to the business you are running. But in any case, all your communication with the audience must be truthful. People easily identify falsehood and lies. And believe me, if they see something like this in your communication, you shouldn’t expect further interaction with them.

Remove frames

If you look at the posts that are found today on certain social networks, you will notice that many of them meet some standards. It seems that they are literally written with the same brush. They may be useful, informative, but completely uninteresting. People are looking for something unusual and original. Something they haven't seen before.

Yes, posts with photographs and captions reach the audience well, but it’s clearly not worth filling up the entire feed with them. Consider creating interesting playlists and educational videos. Show your creativity to the maximum. That is, you must not only talk about your brand, but also make sure that the audience’s interest in it remains for as long as possible.

To summarize

Summarizing everything we talked about today, I would like to say that all your work with social networks — these are not only numbers and indicators that reflect the effectiveness of the developed strategy for promoting a brand on a particular platform. This is primarily about communicating with your audience. And to get the desired result here, follow these rules:

  1. Do not try to embrace the immensity. Focus on the social network where your target audience is most present and be active on it.
  2. Choose your brand voice and follow it consistently. In any case, the emphasis should be on simple and understandable language and confidential communication. The principles that you use when creating content should also be adhered to when communicating with the audience, when responding to their comments.
  3. Don't scatter into emptiness. Each of your posts should be truly useful and interesting. Let it not be published 3 times a day or even every day, the main thing is its content and how the audience will react to it.
  4. Talk not only about your products or services, but also about your team, about yourself personally. This is what will show your openness and sincerity. And these are the qualities that are very important today when contacting the audience through any online platforms.
  5. Try to avoid monotony. Show your creativity, extraordinary, creative approach. This is what will allow you to interest your audience, as well as maintain an established relationship for the longest possible period of time.

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