How to organize the work of SMM promotion correctly

How to organize the work of SMM promotion correctly

Promotion of business in social networks — a promising direction, which is actively used by online stores, offline outlets, large retail chains, regional brands and many others. SMM-promotion — helps to achieve the desired results in this direction. social media marketing. A separate group of specialists is working in this direction, which is thoroughly familiar with the features of each of the social networks, as well as with the work to be implemented in practice. You can read about what SMM is, what benefits it provides for business, what difficulties you will face with such a promotion here.

Now let's take a closer look at how to implement SMM promotion in practice. In particular, we will consider which social networks should be chosen to promote a particular product or service. Let's get acquainted with the main tools and methods of social marketing. We will tell you what points you should pay attention to in order to evaluate the effectiveness of SMM promotion. We will also introduce you in more detail to such a tool as mobile proxies and tell you why you should use them in social marketing.

Choosing the right social network for SMM promotion

There are a lot of options for social networks that can be used to promote your product or service, but to start active promotion in each of them — not an option. The fact that your brand will be present in all existing — it is not a measure of success. The fact is that SMM – it's not just regular posting of content for the purpose of "if only it were." Social Marketing — this is a difficult and complex task, requiring a thorough knowledge of the features of each site. That is, it is not enough to prepare useful posts. It is necessary to adapt them to each of the platforms, the average age and preferences of active users, as well as the type of material, which for the most part is used on this site. Therefore, a more reasonable and expedient decision would be to choose one or two social networks and thoroughly think over a strategy for them.

One of the important points when choosing a site — assessment of the user portrait. Here are approximate indicators for the most popular sites:

  • Facebook. The predominant age group of this site — men and women aged 25-34 years. It is a universal network for organizing communication between people and brands. Here you can share photos and videos, news, create stores and meetings, sell goods within the platform.
  • Facebook. The predominant age group of this site — men and women aged 25-34 years. It is a universal network for organizing communication between people and brands. Here you can share photos and videos, news, create stores and meetings, sell goods within the platform.
  • Instagram. The overwhelming majority of users of this social network — These are people between the ages of 18 and 24. Allows you to post photo and video content in the feed, stories, reels. The last option— similar to TikTok. Users of this site focus on the visual display of the material, so there is no need for posts here as such. Moreover, the text can be transferred directly to the photo, which is guaranteed to attract the attention of the reader and make him pay attention directly to the essence of the post itself.
  • Twitter. This social network is mainly used by people aged 25 to 34 years. This platform – one of the few who introduced a limit on the number of characters in a post (280 characters). But, along with a short and fast post format, which has almost no brand advertising, this social network has its own niche culture. Memes and trends are popular here. You won’t be able to use a platform for direct sales, but you can easily and easily create an image of a progressive and creative brand with its help.
  • TikTok. The dominant age group of this network was approximately equally divided between 10-19 years old and 20-29 years old. Each of them accounts for an average of 30% of users. To say that this site is focused on children — it is forbidden. Recently, the audience of this social network is "growing up". Today it has over one billion active users. The main content that it hosts — These are videos of an entertaining, inspiring, educational plan. Direct sales here do not attract viewers. Therefore, SMM promotion in it should be more native.
  • Linkedin. The overwhelming majority of users of this social network — people between the ages of 21 and 45. The main direction of this platform— search for jobs and employees. Here you can exchange information related to professional topics, promote your employer brand, and communicate directly with job seekers.
  • Youtube. The predominant age group of this site – men and women aged 26-35 years. This is one of the largest video aggregators today, which contains content of any type, from professional blogs to show programs. But you need to understand that the entry threshold here is quite high. That is, in order for your videos to gain views, you will need to acquire good hardware, think through the script in detail, and perform professional editing.
  • Telegram. This tool is mainly used by people aged 25 to 45 years. This is no longer a classic messenger, but a kind of news platform. Here you can follow important events, view videos and photographs, even read lengthy posts on various topics, this platform will help you actively share information with customers, conduct surveys, respond to comments and perform a number of other works in order to form a community around your product.

And now, when you know which age group this or that platform is aimed at, you understand what content prevails on each of them, you just have to evaluate your audience. Set how old she is, what gender she is, what content she is interested in, in what format information is perceived more, as well as income level. You need to understand that even the highest quality content will not allow you to provide the desired coverage of the target audience if you make a mistake in choosing a site for promotion.

What tools are used in social marketing?

The next step in SMM promotion — the choice of a tool that will allow the business to express itself as loudly and effectively as possible on social networks and on other platforms. Several options can be used here:

  1. Content management. Content — it is fundamental to your account. Regardless of what budget will be included in the promotion, the effect will depend on the content. Professional content managers will develop an approach that will be aimed at creating relevant, interesting and visually attractive content for your profile. That is, there will be no direct advertising of a product or service. Instead, the audience receives material that will be interesting for them to watch or read.
  2. Games and gifts. To increase the activity among the subscribers of your accounts, you can safely use a variety of contests. You create a competition, prescribe its conditions, indicate the date until which it will be valid, mark the day when the winner will be determined. Both your subscribers and new users can take part in such contests, since participants, fulfilling the conditions of this contest, will share your post. So you can attract enough representatives of the target audience to your page.
  3. Interactive content. There are no specific recommendations, except for one — distinguish your business from the background of other brands and encourage the audience to show any activity. This can be writing a comment or a review, watching a video or stories, as well as other moments that will help social network algorithms to systematically promote your content to the top. The very format of such content can be different, ranging from tests, challenges and up to animated pictures.
  4. Comment placement and tone of voice. Today, the overwhelming majority of people communicate not live, but via the Internet. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right format or the so-called tone of voice. It's about what style of communication you support, what language you use. In communication, it is important to form an image of a brand that not only provides any information, but is also aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation, is able to calmly resolve conflict situations, and respond even to negative comments. This is something that can increase customer loyalty to your brand.

Popular methods for SMM promotion

In some cases, the effect of all your work performed directly with accounts may not be enough to achieve your goal. Paid advertising will help to somewhat activate the personal page and give a new start to its development. There are several options here:

  1. Targeted advertising. This is one of the forms of Internet marketing, focused on certain interests and parameters of the consumer. Social networks track the activity of the target audience, paying attention to what posts you put comments or likes under, what you buy, what you save for yourself, which pages you subscribe to, etc. Based on these parameters, the target audience of a particular product is formed. This is how travel lovers get a selection of interesting hotels in the region they were interested in, and fans of online shopping — a selection of sales of your favorite brands. After the launch of such advertising, it will be displayed in the feed only of those people who are really interested in the proposed product or service.
  2. Advertising in communities. Groups in social networks, publics in instant messengers, mention of this or that account in stories — this is what will help members of the target audience to unobtrusively get to know your brand and the products that you offer. Here it is important to choose the right community in accordance with your topic. This is where your target audience will be concentrated.
  3. Partnership. It involves mutually beneficial cooperation between brands. Such a decision will allow to exchange the audience, to form the so-called news feed. This is especially true when it comes to bringing a new product to market.
  4. Working with bloggers. The overwhelming majority of the target audience believes real people. The friendly attitude of a brand and a blogger, an influencer and an opinion leader - this is what can give a good result. Thus, by associating with a famous person, you can personalize the brand and increase the number of subscribers.

Until recently, mass-following was quite actively used in SMM promotion. Specialists manually, automatically or using specialized services subscribed to a huge number of accounts with the hope that these people would subscribe to your page in response. This is how the illusion of profile popularity was formed. But now we will not recommend this method, as it gradually loses its effectiveness. If ordinary users see that a store has subscribed to it, then there is a high probability that it will simply ignore it and take no mutual action.

We suggest reading how to perform mass account registration using mobile proxy.

Checking the effectiveness of SMM promotion

Many specialists working in the field of SMM promotion compare social media marketing with a marathon. That is, this is a long-distance race in which it is constantly necessary to maintain a given pace. And here it is very important to constantly monitor the effectiveness of the actions taken in order to make timely adjustments to this strategy.

Among the main markers that should be used at this stage, we highlight:

  • growth in the number of subscriptions;
  • increase the number of unsubscribes;
  • number of people who reacted to your post;
  • number of views;
  • number of followers, likes, indicating the level of attractiveness of the profile;
  • average CPC;
  • Engagement rate: the number of followers who completed the target action in relation to the total number of followers on your account.

These options refer to advanced statistics and are mainly available to business account holders. In addition, they will help you more easily and simply set up advertising, select an audience, access information about the funds spent, company performance, etc.

Summing up

In order to constantly keep your business account afloat, it is very important to perform a number of actions at the required frequency:

  1. Every day, you should publish new content either in the feed or in stories, respond to comments, control parameters such as coverage, reposts, views, saves. It is also necessary to prepare content for posting "for tomorrow", set up targeted advertising, view current news and from the field of social marketing.
  2. Every week you have to make a content plan for the next 7 days, check the statistics of launched advertising campaigns, choose ways to promote SMM, update pinned stories. You may also need to revise the rubrication, in particular, to determine whether the existing rubrics are enough for you or whether you should add a new one.
  3. Every month you have to perform a comprehensive check of statistics for the past period, compare indicators with the previous ones, based on this, you should make adjustments to your own strategy and take steps to implement it.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the maximum efficiency of SMM promotion can be achieved only if you start working with several accounts at the same time. But here the problem is that social networks react negatively to such actions. They block pages that are accessed from the same IP-address, and often without the right to be restored. To bypass such restrictions, we recommend that you additionally connect mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service to work. Please visit to learn more about the functionality of this product . With their help, you can provide yourself with an efficient, secure and private online experience, including multi-accounting, with the ability to use tools to automate actions.

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