Automation in SMM: the best solutions for professionals

SMM automation: best solutions for professionals

Any SMM specialist in his daily work is faced with the need to simultaneously solve a fairly large amount of diverse tasks. Here you do not have to wait for inspiration in order to create another post and publish it. All these works must be carried out strictly according to a pre-approved schedule. And we still have to endorse the results, determine what exactly attracts the most attention of the target audience, and adjust the previously developed strategy to this. All this requires a lot of time and physical effort from the specialist. And if it is still supposed to work on several projects at the same time, then all this would turn into an unbearable burden, if not for special automation.

Now let's dwell in more detail on the three main tools that any SMM specialist should always have at hand. With their help, the execution of work is greatly simplified and accelerated, as well as control over them, which frees up at least a little time for rest. We will also show you how to implement all this in practice without the risk of getting banned from social networks.

3 "whale" optimization of promotion in social networks

In order to achieve the set goals in promoting accounts on social networks, a specialist has to perform work every day, which can be divided into 3 separate blocks rather conditionally:

  1. Content shaping. Stories, text posts, releases, advertising creatives, contests, surveys — this is what should appear on the personal page on time and consistently along with text content. Graphic material must also be present here, which will significantly increase the efficiency of the work performed. Such an indicator as the involvement of the target audience directly depends on the timeliness and quality of the posted content. As soon as you achieve increased user loyalty, you will notice an increase in sales of goods, services and the prosperity of the business as a whole.
  2. Target audience. The maximum effect of all your actions, from posting to launching advertising campaigns, directly depends on what audience all this will be designed for. That is, you need to clearly imagine the portrait of your potential buyer and already set up impressions in the advertising account clearly for him. It is optimal, of course, to draw up a portrait of the target audience on your own, but this will take a very, very long time. It is necessary to monitor a huge number of people, to identify their preferences and needs. Therefore, many SMM-specialists choose a simpler solution — use of automated algorithms for advertising cabinets.
  3. Assessing the results of actions. An SMM specialist cannot do without analytics. It will be relevant even before the launch of the campaign, and at a time when advertising will already be running. Having real numbers in hand, you will be able to find out how effective the measures you have taken have been and, if necessary, you will be able to make adjustments to the chosen strategy. So, by analyzing the results, you can change the settings of the target audience, determine what kind of content causes more engagement and responses from users, and you can find out both the subject and the presentation format itself. By making the appropriate adjustments, you can significantly increase the loyalty of the audience, which will be reflected in the increase in the profitability of your business.

So what tools can a modern SMM specialist use to automate the same type and routine tasks and increase their efficiency? Consider the main points.

TOP-3 tools for SMM-specialist

The following technologies will help to significantly simplify work with content formation, target audience profiling, and performance analysis:

  1. Autoposting
  2. Parsing the target audience.
  3. Analysis of received data.

Let's take a closer look at all these tools.

Autoposting in the work of an SMM specialist

The modern IT market offers consumers, in particular SMM specialists, quite a lot of programs that provide automatic publication of posts at a given time. That is, you need to pre-form the content and specify in the program at what time it should be posted. Further, the system will perform everything automatically. But, there are programs on the market that, along with publishing posts, also offer a fairly extensive set of tools for optimizing many SMM processes:

  • Auto posting on platforms such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, VKontakte, Discord, Pinterest, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Viber, Linkedin. Thanks to auto-posting, you can systematize your work, build a strategy for further promotion in your personal page. Moreover, all future publications will be in your mind, which will allow you to evaluate their usefulness, the amount of advertising on the page.
  • Editing and customizing posts. Here, the functionality directly depends on the characteristics of a particular social network. But, such a function as Typograph is implemented in all sites. It will automatically place commas, hyphens and dashes, remove double punctuation, extra spaces and make even crude and rather illiterate text as professional and presentable as possible. It will also be possible to set up automatic deletion of a post in the interval from several minutes to weeks, which is especially important when working with advertising content that quickly loses its relevance. You can also quickly receive a notification about the release of a post in order to control this process, pin important information in the feed, mark a particular publication as an advertisement, make a comment inactive, add a link to a source of information or an image. It will also be possible to set up the simultaneous publication of both the post and the first comment. It is possible to post posts for paid subscribers, at the same time specifying the period of time after which this material will become visible to all network users. As you can see, there are a lot of tools for customizing post editing. Often, experts also use the addition of geolocation to the post, audio messages , photo or video, survey, etc.
  • Image creation and editing. It will be easy to drag and drop photos or videos from the browser directly into the field to form a post and edit them right there. A minimum of transitions will significantly save your time; daughter, you can also trim the timing, add stickers, text accompaniment, cover, crop. if you wish, you can use the built-in graphic editor and create the necessary image yourself.
  • Projects. If you simultaneously promote one company in several social networks, while performing cross-posting, then using auto-posting programs you can automatically adjust the image format to the requirements of a particular site. It will also be possible to add watermarks to the picture, protecting your content, UTM tags, create fields for stories and posts for each individual public and project. Changes you make will be applied automatically, so you can avoid mistakes and get confused in projects.
  • Using teamwork. If you are working with large projects, then it will be difficult to do without additional help. So, it will be possible to connect several specialists to the work, giving each of them certain access rights. The manager will take over project management, will not only schedule publications, but also work with the appropriate settings. The editor, in turn, will have full access to post scheduling, but the project settings will be visible to him only in read format. The observer gets read-only access to — this is an option for those projects that the customer would like to supervise. That is, he will see what you are doing, but he will not be able to make his own adjustments directly to the posted materials. All this work can be done within the same program, that is, it does not require the creation of separate accounts and access passwords.

We examined all these features using the SMMplanner program as an example, which has proven to be excellent yourself when working with auto-posting. It will be enough for you to allocate just a couple of days in order to set up all projects for the next month and draw up a publication plan, and then the work will be performed automatically without your direct participation.

Parsing the target audience in the work of an SMM specialist

Collecting the target audience — one of the most important points when promoting accounts on social networks and the work of an SMM specialist in particular. A number of tools are also provided for fine targeting of the audience, optimization of the advertising budget. With their help, you can, without unnecessary impressions, select the target audience who will be interested in your products or services. Also, the work may include the selection of the most creative and popular posts, which will greatly simplify the daily work of a content maker.

These programs work quite simply: they collect data about the target audience based on predefined settings, generating a text file in CSV format or Excel. You can immediately upload it to your advertising account or download it, as an option for showing to the customer. One of the best solutions in this market segment today — Pepper.Ninja parser. It can be used to search for the target audience in such social networks as Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So, it can be used to collect hashtags on the social network that your contingent is following. The information obtained can later be used to create thematic posts. Thanks to this, there will be a tangible increase in user engagement.

This parser provides the most opportunities for those who work with the social network VKontakte. So, here you can use it to do:

  • Parsing the target audience according to your requests. As the main criteria, you can choose a huge number of parameters, including status, place of work, position held, place of residence, musical preferences and even religion. You can also work on thematic communities that are in the TOP of the target audience. Ready-made lists can also be additionally filtered by a large number of parameters, adjusting them to the specifics of the work performed.
  • Community parsing. It is enough to use keywords or links to a thematic group to find all those communities and events on the social network that suit your needs. You can also download the entire list of users in your community and use a tool like Audience from Chat. Thanks to this, you will have at your disposal a set of information about the preferences of these people. This way you can quickly and easily find out the interests of the target audience, which will make advertising more effective and targeted.
  • Parsing posts. It has never been so easy and simple to find the most popular posts posted both on personal pages of users and in thematic communities. Collection of posts can be carried out by key query, hashtags. As a result, you get a list of the audience of a particular post or survey.
  • User parsing. Along with collecting information about the target audience, this tool is also able to provide you with a detailed report on relatives and close people who are interested in your products or services. Here you can also connect additional sorting by gender, age, date of birth, place of residence. Also, the collection of information can be performed depending on interests and preferences. This can even include political views, attitudes towards smoking, alcohol, etc. But we want to immediately draw your attention to the fact that we are talking about collecting information that the user posted about himself in his profile.
  • Parsing an active audience. We have already said that this tool is able to collect an audience from the broadcast of discussions, communities. Here we are talking about collecting data about users who showed any activity, in particular, likes, wrote comments under posts, showed any other interest. The application is aimed at those people who consciously subscribe to the news of a particular community. This in itself will testify to you that they are interested.

You can learn more about all the features of Pepper.Ninja and the peculiarities of working with this parser here.

Automatic analytics in the work of an SMM-specialist

In order for a launched advertising campaign to give the maximum result, its effectiveness must be constantly monitored. So you can identify inaccuracies, problems in time and eliminate them, thereby increasing efficiency. Alternatively, you can use the DataFan service to solve the problem. With it, you can automatically monitor both advertising accounts and social networks. The program generates dynamic reports and allows the SMM specialist to independently choose a specific template for a particular task. You can connect to this service both personal accounts and communities from such social networks as Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, TikTok, as well as Telegram and advertising cabinets, including myTarget, YAN, Yandex.Metrika.

The program allows you to upload the collected analytics in the form of graphs or numerical tables. They will be simple in visual perception. You can also transfer them to the project manager, colleagues, and the customer. You choose the format that works best for you: PDF, JPEG, as well as working with Google Spreadsheets. That is, thanks to this service, your task will be reduced to familiarization with the finished documentation, while the program will take over the collection of all data and their systematization.

Summing up

Using automated software to promote your social media account — this is a necessity in the current realities. Without all this, you will not be able to work effectively, including simultaneously with several projects. Everyone benefits from this:

  1. SMM specialist. Significantly saves his time and with minimal effort receives the information necessary for work. What to do with free time— you decide. You can just relax, or you can take on another project, thereby increasing your income.
  2. Business owner. Attracting the target audience, increasing the level of its involvement without fail has a positive effect on the growth of sales of goods or services.
  3. Social network users. People find the information they need or products with minimal time.

But you must understand that any automated actions will be immediately identified by social networks, which will lead to an instant ban. And this means that all your efforts will come to naught. How to proceed in this case? Connect in addition to the work a mobile proxy from the MobileProxy.Space service. In this case, you get the stability of working with multiple accounts without the risk of blocking, a high level of anonymity in networking, reliable protection against hacker attacks, effective bypass of regional blocking (you can work with any social networks, even those that are currently prohibited in your country).

Click for more details on the features and functionality of these mobile proxies, current prices and choose the best option for your work. There is also a 24/7 technical support service, as well as a free two-hour product test.

With mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service, you, as an SMM-specialist, will significantly expand your capabilities, as well as automate most of the routine work without any risks. Use this product and see for yourself. Tariffs are more than reasonable, justified and directly depend on the chosen package: the longer the server rental period, the cheaper the day of use will be.

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