Current trends for effective SEO promotion

Current trends for effective SEO promotion

Search Engine Optimization or as we used to say SEO — This is a fairly impressive set of measures aimed at improving the readability of an Internet site by search engine bots. This includes all work related to the prevention, minimization and elimination of technical errors in the structure of the resource and its content. SEO includes terms such as “promotion”, “increasing visibility”, “promotion”, “optimization”. At first glance, it seems that everything here is clear and uncomplicated, but you will think so only until you come across these works yourself.

It is especially important to understand all the subtleties and nuances of SEO for those who are just planning to launch their resource on the market, who would like to compete with other companies operating in the same niche. This is the only way you can create a truly worthy resource that will show itself as well as possible both from search bots and for ordinary users. You can read about why it is necessary to think about SEO directly at the stage of website creation and how to complete the upcoming work here. But now let’s look in more detail at how SEO works in principle and highlight its main advantages and disadvantages. Here are the TOP current SEO techniques that will allow you to achieve the desired results with minimal effort and time. So let's get started.

The nuances of SEO optimization: what you need to know

Surely each of you has already heard the concept of an SEO-optimized website. In this case, we are talking about the fact that you have a resource that will be convenient to use for users, and will also receive worthy approval from search bots. So, on it people will be able to quickly and easily find the information they need about your products and services, and the content presented will exactly correspond to their request. In turn, for search engines, a high-quality website – this is the one that meets their requirements, is easily crawled and indexed.

The task of creating such a resource is assigned to SEO specialists. That is, with its help, a website is created that inspires trust among guards, who, in turn, help members of your audience find your portal, service or product and, accordingly, place an order or perform some other targeted action. We would like to immediately draw your attention to the fact that this work will require a lot of time and effort from you. In addition, they will not be cheap, especially if you plan to involve a third-party specialist in their implementation. And no one will give you guarantees in advance that in a week, 2, a month, or even in 3, your site will be in the TOP. But still, you must understand that without these events you will not be able to see your resource at the top of the search results and will not be able to provide a good organic traffic.

What SEO looks like from the user's side

To understand the features of SEO, it is important to understand how modern search engines work in principle. So, a person who is looking for any information, service or product enters the corresponding phrase into the search bar. So, for example, if you want to make tiramisu, you will most likely enter the phrase “Tiramisu recipe” in the search bar. or “How to make tiramisu”, “Ingredients for tiramisu” etc. The system will process your request and send out a fairly large number of pages containing a list of sites where you can find information of interest to you. And now judge for yourself: will you go to page 5, 10, 20 to read the recipe, or will you still follow the first or second link? There is a high probability that you will choose option 2.

A similar picture will be observed with absolutely any sites, regardless of what market niche they operate in, what information or goods or services they provide. Practice shows that most people never go beyond the second search page. This means that if your site ends up even on the same third page, your chances of attracting organic traffic will be catastrophically low.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure that users see your site at the top of the search results. This is a guarantee that they will visit your resource. And if it turns out that the information presented on it turns out to be useful and interesting for them, and the product is of high quality and meets their needs, then they are highly likely to place an order, and you, in turn, will make a profit.

What SEO looks like from a search engine

The next stage of getting to know the nuances of SEO — determining its importance from the point of view of search engines. Let us immediately note that these works are performed by search bots, which are also called guards. So, before any site actually gets into the search, it must go through 3 main stages:

  1. Scanning. Here, search bots systematically go through all the pages of your site, identifying new material on them, following the links that you specified. You can independently indicate to crawlers which pages of your site they need to check, and which, on the contrary, should be bypassed. Manual settings are performed through specialized services designed for SEO specialists. One example of such a solution is Google Search Console.
  2. Indexing. At this stage, the guard is already paying attention to the content of the pages themselves. That is, he studies the topic itself, checks how the presented content corresponds to it. This is mainly done by analyzing tags. If it turns out that there are some deviations and inconsistencies in it, then the page is removed from indexing. This means that it will not appear in the search results at all. If everything is in order and site indexing is successfully completed, the crawler adds it into its own database, that is, into the index. This means that in the future it will display it in the search results if users enter the appropriate request.
  3. Ranking. This is the last stage of search bots working on your site, which involves sorting pages that match certain queries depending on their quality. That is, it is at this stage that a particular page of your site is assigned a certain position in the search results based on conclusions made by the guard himself after a detailed acquaintance with the presented text and graphic content, the reputation of the domain and the extent to which it corresponds to the wishes of users.

Now, you understand how the search engine works and how important and responsible the work of an SEO specialist will be. That is, he needs to literally bring the site to perfection, making it useful for both search bots and people. We have already said that getting into the TOP — This is not a guarantee of high organic traffic and an increase in the number of orders, goods, and services. If it turns out that your resource is inconvenient to use for ordinary users, if they do not find useful and interesting information for themselves, then they will simply leave the page without taking the target action. And then all the efforts and funds invested in promoting the resource will be wasted.

What are search engine results blocks?

One more nuance that you need to know about in order to understand how search results work — so these are the blocks of this very issue. You've probably noticed that after entering a search query in the search results, not only a list of sites appears in some positions, but also blocks containing information without any number. That is, along with the coveted TOP, the results are also sorted by parameters such as:

  • Similar queries. This block will provide information in accordance with queries related to yours. It is built in the form of a drop-down list with questions and concise answers to them.
  • Extended snippet. Here the user is offered additional information in response to his request. Such extended data will be pulled directly from the page, the link to which will be located directly below the snippet itself. As practice shows, extended snippets increase user trust in a site much better than any other tool.
  • Carousel. Photos of actors, those brands or products that match your request and a number of other related products can be presented here.
  • Contextual advertising. These are direct advertisements that the system displays in response to user requests. It can be placed either above the search results itself, on the side of it, or below.
  • Knowledge graph. One block will display extended information regarding the question that the user enters, information about a person or object.

All these blocks belong to the so-called “zero” block. positions in the search results because they do not have their own number. The system displays them in order to provide the user with the broadest and most competent answer to his request. That is, if your pages fall into the “zero” search results, this will also help increase traffic to the site.

SEO Benefits

We won’t talk now about whether SEO is necessary for your website, because there will always be people who will say that optimization – it's just a waste of time and effort. But from our point of view, we still want to assure that absolutely any resource needs promotion. The only thing you need to understand is that getting a site into the TOP — This is clearly not a reason to relax. You must continue to constantly work with your resource, improve, perfect it, and make sure that it is constantly relevant and interesting for users. In addition, such work will be positively assessed by search guards.

So, the main advantages of SEO include:

  1. Improved profitability. Here it is worth mentioning the term attracted traffic or, as it is also called, organic traffic. That is, these are users who entered a key query corresponding to their interests in a search engine, received results and from there went directly to your website. In addition, these are the people who are really interested in your products or services, those who are ready to place an order. Therefore, we can say with confidence that increasing the visibility of your resource in search results, in particular its being in the TOP, will ultimately lead to an increase in your level of income.
  2. Improving audience trust. Practice shows that people do not trust advertising very much. This is quite understandable, because anyone who has a certain amount of money can run an advertisement for some product or service, including one of dubious quality. But the fact that this or that site will be at the top of the search results will tell the audience about how much effort and time was put into achieving such a goal. This is already a kind of reputation that no one wants to lose. In addition, a high-quality website (and this is the only one that can be at the top of the search results) will be truly user-friendly. It will be simple and comfortable to use, and will encourage people to return to it again and again, make new purchases, and recommend it to friends and acquaintances.
  3. Long-lasting effect. Compared to contextual advertising, which often produces results that are very limited in time, the effect of SEO optimization will last for a very long time. Especially if you put at least a little effort into this, in particular by continuing to work on developing your resource. That is, your page can be at the top until the requirements of the search engines themselves simply change.

As you can see, the advantages here are more than impressive. And they once again confirm the fact that absolutely everyone should think about SEO promotion of their own website. But along with these advantages, there are also disadvantages.

SEO Disadvantages

Of the negative aspects of SEO promotion, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Inability to get quick results. SEO — it's a kind of long distance race. That is, you work, invest money, effort, and you will be able to notice the first results in about a month, then two, and in some cases even after six months. That is, those who expect to get the maximum in a short time with the help of SEO often become discouraged, give up and stop further work. But this is clearly something that should not be done.
  2. Quite a high technical complexity. To create a resource that will fully satisfy the needs of both search bots and the target audience, you need to put in a lot of time, effort, and spend money. And you do all this for the future. And here the question itself arises: will you wait for this very prospect?
  3. No one gives a guarantee. Not a single SEO specialist, be he a super-duper professional, can tell you with 100% confidence that in a month your resource will be at the top of the search results and will be there all the time. Here you need to understand that the search engine is constantly in the process of improvements and modifications; their algorithms can change at any time, and quite dramatically. And this is something that can reduce the situation to “no”. all work done previously. That is, a site that was ideal in terms of optimization yesterday may already end up somewhere in the back of the search results today. Thus, one of the latest requirements that the system introduced into search algorithms was the need to adapt resources to work with various devices. Now, along with the desktop version, each site should also have a mobile version of the site.

But still, these shortcomings should not make you give up. You should work on improving your website and making it actually profitable. And our selection of current SEO techniques will help you with this.

Current trends in SEO optimization

How fast and effective the promotion of your site in search engines will be directly depends on what tools you will use to achieve your goal. And here it is necessary to constantly monitor new products and trends. What was relevant yesterday will not work at all in practice tomorrow and will not bring the expected effect. That is why we have now made a selection of the most popular SEO tools, indicating how they work today and what limitations they have. The information received will be enough for you to develop your own promotion strategy, which will be as effective as possible and will give the desired result in a short time. We are talking about the following techniques:

  • Purchasing links. Another solution that is gradually losing relevance, although until recently it could be considered one of the key aspects of off-page SEO optimization. In this case, we are talking about links with the “sponsored” attributes. and "UGC". To place them on a third-party resource, it was necessary to make a certain payment. In principle, this technology still works today and provides a fairly good option if you need to attract traffic to your site in the shortest possible period of time. But it cannot be classified as long-term and stable. And the main reason here is that in this case the reference mass is manipulated, that is, its artificial development. This is a trend that contradicts the policies of modern search engines. Moreover, they have already learned to identify paid links. And if they are discovered, the owner of the resource will face pessimism.
  • Link exchange. This tool can already be considered obsolete. Its essence is that the owners or specialists of two sites agree among themselves to place cross-links, which would allow them to improve their positions in search results. But gradually the relevance of this solution is fading, although just a year ago link exchanges and other similar services earned a considerable amount of money from this. Therefore, it is clearly not worth relying on this option for SEO promotion.
  • Placing a link to your website in comments on third-party sites. This technology currently works partially. So, it can have a fairly good impact on the site being promoted if you place your links on really high-quality sites that have a direct thematic connection with your resource. But what is the difficulty here? In moderation. The fact is that administrators are required to check comments on publications posted on the site and immediately delete those that contain external links. Why did we initially select high-quality sites on the same topic? Yes, because the quality and relevance of the donor resource are very important. Search engines necessarily evaluate their authority. And if it turns out that your link will be found, let’s say, on a “junk” site. resource, will not have any thematic connection to your portal, then the system will not count it. That is, the promoted resource will not receive any benefits.
  • Imitation of user activity. Today this tool no longer works. All simulated user actions are perceived extremely negatively by the system. Moreover, they are classified as fraudulent methods, which not only will not bring any benefit, but can, on the contrary, seriously harm. The fact is that modern search engines, including Google, have learned to quite easily identify unnatural flows, which they immediately attribute to illegal manipulations. Yes, until fake user actions are detected by the system, you can get results from them, but it will not last long. And in the future you will face pessimization, complete deletion of the site from the index and, accordingly, from search results.
  • Purchasing someone else's trust domain. Today this solution works partially. Initially, it seems that drop domains can significantly help you promote your site. But when it comes to practice, a number of difficulties and problems arise. The fact is that drop domains can be linked to various services, which ultimately will negatively affect subsequent optimization and connection of tools in analytics. In addition, an artificial increase in domain authority indicators and other similar manipulations may simply go unnoticed by the system, but in the long term they can still negatively affect the site’s ranking and even lead to the search engine throwing it out of traffic.
  • Spam in headlines and content itself. This method, which was actively used not so long ago, no longer works today. A modern search engine focuses on texts that would be useful to the audience. Therefore, saturating your page with a bunch of keys and their unnatural shape will no longer give the desired result. Key queries today are also important for both people and search engines, but they must be included in the content in doses and be readable. search engines will quickly detect overspam, including in headlines and tags, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in position in search results, or even blocking of the site as a whole. Therefore, when filling the site with text, it is recommended to be extremely careful and, first of all, to ensure that the description of the page completely coincides with its content, so that the material itself is structured and corresponds to the topic of your resource. It is also important to add words related to the topic to the material: today search engines take into account the expertise of the material.
  • Using low-frequency keys when creating content. But this method today can rightfully be considered one of the most effective. Practice shows that creating pages that contain long, low-frequency queries gives very good results in practice. But at the same time, you must understand that such a solution is aimed mainly at a very narrow audience. That is, with its help you can attract exactly those people who are really interested in your products or services. Here's a little tip: bid on keywords that actually have some value to your audience. This is the only way you can get the desired result.
  • Use of satellite domains. Another tool that is quite outdated today. Previously, companion domains were created in order to artificially increase the mass of the link profile. Well, we have already talked more than once about how modern search engines treat such actions, so it’s easy to assume that you shouldn’t expect any effectiveness from this solution today. In any case, the search engine will quickly detect such actions of yours and will not take them into account in the process of determining the site’s ranking in the search results. Therefore, it is clearly not worth spending time, effort and money on creating satellite domains. A more reliable and proven solution would be to create high-quality content that is thought out to the smallest detail, which in itself will become an effective tool for attracting organic traffic to the site, which will help build the profile’s link mass.
  • Creating a separate page for each search query. This tool can also be considered old and ineffective. Moreover, such an action is increasingly considered by the system as spam and does not give the desired result. Again, we note once again that today the main emphasis is on useful and meaningful content. Such a decision will also be perceived by search engines as an attempt at manipulation, which can cause serious problems when promoting your site as a whole. That is, when optimizing your site, rely not on the banal stuffing of pages with keywords, but on the creation of truly useful, structured content.
  • Using content marketing. This is one of the few technologies that can rightfully be called “eternal”, because its relevance has remained at a very high level for a very long time. Yes, such work will require a lot of time and quite serious efforts. But this is something that will allow you to see impressive results in the foreseeable future, especially in the area of attracting organic traffic. The main task at this stage is to fill the site with content that will maximally correspond to the intentions of the user audience and the queries that they enter. You can improve the quality of the finished content by adding high-quality pictures, animations, infographics, and videos. But it is also important to understand that all this material should be a harmonious addition to the textual presentation and help improve the user experience as such.
  • Longreads have higher rankings. This technology is partially working today. That is, this statement can be called correct. But at the same time, small notes in the top results of even high-frequency queries show themselves quite well, regardless of whether they are informational or thematic in nature. Text length is still one of the ranking factors, but it cannot be called decisive. In any case, this material should be useful to the user for whom it is aimed. When you combine these parameters, you can get a truly impressive result.
  • Semantic markup. In principle, the tool itself works, but only if it is used correctly. With its help, you can improve the attractiveness of your snippets that are present in the extended results of Google search results, as mentioned above, making them more clickable. But today it is impossible to classify semantic markup as a direct ranking factor. You can also use it to help search bots better understand the content of your page, create a structured presentation of information and perform a number of other activities that will make the display in the data as a result of search results more attractive. In addition, it will help improve the user experience, in particular if you use it to convey specific information to the audience: detailed descriptions of the service, current prices, etc. It is recommended to use semantic markup when compiling reviews, testimonials, recipes and other similar content.
  • Creating a mobile version of the site. We have already mentioned above that today the site has a full-fledged mobile version — This is one of the important tools that has a significant impact on ranking. This is a completely understandable decision, because every day the number of people who find the goods, services and information they need through smartphones and tablets is very high and continues to grow. That is, your task now is to create pages that would be correct and convenient to work with both desktop and mobile devices. Having simple and clear navigation will also improve the user experience.
  • Adding a voice search option. This is a tool that is becoming more and more popular today. Users have already learned about its existence, appreciated the convenience for themselves and are actively using it where such opportunities are provided. To optimize your content for voice search, you need to use the simplest possible spoken language. There should not be any complicated terms or slang here. This is the only way you will be able to get a fairly good result. In addition, with the help of voice search, you can improve the user experience of the site, expand the semantics itself, adding additional words, non-standard wording, that is, what you lacked when forming the usual semantic core.

To summarize

As you can see, SEO as such continues to actively work and develop, opening up quite wide opportunities for those who are thinking about promoting their products or services. But there are many nuances here that must be taken into account. It is also important to constantly monitor current trends in order to understand which tools are working today, and which, on the contrary, have lost their effectiveness, or may even worsen the position of your resource in search results.

In addition, it is very important to constantly monitor the SEO promotion process and analyze the results of the actions you have taken. This is the only way you can understand which of your actions will be effective and which, on the contrary, – No. And you can’t do this without additional tools that automate these tasks, speed up and simplify them. And at this stage, mobile proxies from the MobileProxy.Space service will come in handy. With their help, you can ensure unlimited use of platforms that automate and structure data. You are also guaranteed free access to sites from any country and region of the world, high anonymity and security of your online work. And all this without the slightest risk of being banned by search engines.

To learn more about the functionality of mobile proxies, current tariffs and terms of cooperation, we suggest following the link https://mobileproxy .space/user.html?buyproxy. You will also have a 24/7 technical support service at your service. You can also take advantage of a free two-hour test to make sure before purchasing mobile proxies that they fully meet your needs. We also suggest studying payment terms, current tariffs, terms of offer and other related issues.

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